Hanging Toys

Two quick tricks I’ve learned. They seem obvious and simple, but they were real light bulb moments!



I had several friends tell me that the BOB car seat adapters made excellent toy holders for their babies when they were older. They must have Graco car seats because my Chicco adapter went all the way back and left no room for Mazen to sit. I was bummed to miss out on this.

But only until I realized that the red straps to secure the car seat can be clipped together to hold all kinds of toys!! This is even better than the Graco bar because it’s 1) moveable 2) un-do-able so you can slide toys on and use a larger variety without clips.

Now our toys don’t roll out!



I used to hang toys from the car seat handle for car trips. But they would always slide down or be too much in his face. That’s when I realized I could use my rings to hang toys from the garment hook and handle above. Now his monkey swings from the “trees” and he bats and him the whole ride.


Yay for toys : )

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  1. Those are great tips. I love Bob strollers they are my absolute favorite. They give lots of room, glide smooth with not many bumps, and you can steer them very easily. Another product that I have found that I love is the little lasso, it is for toys and sippy cups. The only downside is that you would have to have several to hold more than one toy. But it would work for like you said in the car. But I love the idea of the links because everyone already has those. Thanks for sharing

  2. That’s good you don’t hang toys on the carseat handle anymore while driving. Infant carseats are required to have the handle down for it to be installed properly! Kudos! Love the garment hook idea.

  3. Attaching the toys to the stroller strap is a great idea! We lost so many toys that rolled out of the stroller without my noticing. The hanging toys in the car, however, could be very dangerous in the event of an accident, so I would really urge you to reconsider that particular setup.

      1. the toys need to pass the “throw at the head test” how badly will they hurt coming at your head at say 45mph? the monkey not much, the rings maybe a lot. Just remember anything loose in your car will become a projectile going at whatever speed you are driving. the garment hook is not at all secure.

        also while your carseat handle can be up, you should never add anything to the carseat while its in a vehicle your manual should say that as well! toys fall under after market products!

          1. I bet your friend that sews could help you make some felt rings into a daisy chain which you could use in the place of the plastic rings, if you’re worried about the projectile factor. Then Mazen could still travel with his monkey friend 🙂

  4. Great stroller idea! I am going to try that with our Bob. Thanks!

    Also, I bet your friends who used the carseat afaptors in the Bob had 2010 or earlier models. The car seat holder wasn’t designed to go back all the way into the seat on the older models. I have the 2011 Bob w Graco car seat adaptor and it goes back into the seat too,

  5. When we had our carseat inspected at the fire station, they kindly reminded us to ALWAYS leave the handle in the down position no matter the manufacturer…also not use any after-market toys or devices such as the mirrors or sunshades.
    My son and his father were in a very serious accident last year and I can attest to the unexpected danger of seemingly innocuous projectile items.
    As for the strap on the BOB…brilliant! Just be careful so Mazen doesn’t get entangled in all that slack.
    Looks like he is a fun and happy baby 🙂

  6. Pacifier clips also work REALLY well – especially in restaurants or in their Bumbo chairs. Just fasten a toy to the Velcro end and clip it to their shirt (or the car seat) and bam! No more falling toys.

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