Like Father, Like Son

Word on the street is that Mazen looks like his Uncle Andrew! Others think he looks like Karen. And lots think Matt! I’ve had many-a-comment that he has my nose and chin : )

What do you think?

Here is Matt a few weeks old – I think Mazen definitely has his eyes. Mouth too?



And Uncle Andrew! Definitely see the similarities from M’s birthday.



And just for fun – Matt with preggo Karen in 1986!


And one of me rockin’ the 80s baby look!


And here’s Maze!


I wonder if he will look more like us when he’s older – here’s a taste of that!



And cute Matt!


28 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Son”

  1. It is crazy how people take sides on who the baby looks like! ….Everyone days our little one looks like his dad—they don’t see a smidge of me in him. Which is a tad bit of a shock – since I carried him for nine months and gave birth to him…
    Either way, they are truly adorable! 🙂

  2. Absolutely adorable, but I have to agree he looks like Matt, right now…looks change. My daughter has been a spitting image of her dad and for the last month suddenly she is taking on my looks…you just never know. Congratulations!!!

  3. I’m a photographer and I love seeing those old pics of babies! Especially your glamor shot! But also as a photographer I am confused. You posted some pictures of your newborn taken by a professional but you put YOUR watermark on them and you didn’t credit the photographer. This will make people think that you took those photos and that’s just not right. I am guessing just a mistake but wanted to let you know since I noticed.

    1. Thanks for bringing this up – I am asking my photographer what she would prefer I do. (She gave me full permission to post them to my blogs, but I did not consider a watermark at the time).

    2. I believe she only watermarked the ones she took as KERF, the professional ones looked blank to me–perhaps a updated correction that is now there.

  4. Adorable! I have to agree, he looks a little more like Matt right now, but that can change any day. Has Karen aged even a day since her boys were little?? She looks amazing!

  5. I see both of you in him. Sometimes when you post a picture, I immediately see you in his face. Then other times, like today over on Kerf, the picture of him looked like Matt to me. So, I think he’s a combination of both. 🙂

    He will definitely change, too. My oldest son was a spitting image of his dad when he was born and even into the elementary years but now as he’s much older, he looks more like me. 🙂

  6. Mazen is such a neat blend of both of you! Thanks for sharing the pictures, you guys were such cute kids…that explains Mazen’s amazing cuteness! 🙂

  7. I see Matt! So cute! Also cute that Matt was a toe-head as a wee one. So was my husband! Wonder if Mazen will be blonde turned brunette too? Fun!

  8. both of my kids were born looking like my husband, i feel like most babies do. I read once that its a primitive thing so the dads know the kid is actually theirs, haha. We know the baby is ours obviously, it came out of the mom! My oldest still looks like him but my 1 year old looks like me now.

  9. Both! So cute and looks like each of you depending on which picture I looked at. In my 19 month old’s room I have a newborn photo of him, his big brother, my husband and me. Fun comparing all the funny little newborn faces!

  10. As a baby, he totally looks like Matt! But looking at the one of you a little older, I can definitely see a stronger resemblance. Looks like the best of both worlds! How fun 🙂

  11. Oh – I think he totally looks like Matt but definitely has your chin and coloring – and none of Matt’s fur yet!! Just curious – do you plan on keep blogging on here as a mommy blogger? I thought you mentioned you may not. I think we would all miss the Mazen updates now!

    1. My plan was to just see how it goes and only write about topics that excite me when I feel like it without pressure to post regularly, but I still have lots of ideas in my head!

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