22 thoughts on “Man In The Mirror II”

  1. You are such a cute family! It makes me so excited for our baby! I can’t believe how fast he’s changing.

  2. Oh he is just absolutely adorable!! You are such a sweet mom. I was watching my 9 mo daughter move all over the place (crawling, cruising, going up and down) and though-she was JUST learning how to hold her head up and sit up and…time goes so fast! And to think we did nothing to deserve such beautiful, happy, healthy babies. Precious gifts. You will always treasure these daily pics and videos of Mazen. I now back up all my photos of my daughter on an external hard drive whwnver i put them on my comp then I keep the hard drive in.our fireproof safe. I would go into mourning if anything ever happened to them!

  3. He is so handsome! I can’t get over those gorgeous eyes! I miss the days when Wrigley didn’t reach for the camera and just smiled, now I can never get a close up without cute little chubby fingers crowding my lens. 😉

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