Mazen At 13 Months

One day he was ONE and now he’s far beyond. 13 months feels so far away from the big first birthday!


I feel like we have truly gone from baby to toddler this month because Mazen is a real toddler now. He toddles around on two feet nearly 100% of the time. I haven’t seen him crawl in a while, and that makes me sort of sad. I miss his komodo dragon crawl : ) With walking, though, have come new freedoms. We can now go out in the backyard and actually play. We can go downtown and he can get out of the stroller and walk. Yes it’s more tiring to have to chase him around, but it’s also a nice change from having to carry him all the time because the ground was too dirty for crawling.

With walking also comes SHOES! I bought these Robeez (in size 18-24, which are big but work) and they are GREAT! No more crying. I think he even likes them. They are very easy for him to walk in, and they stay on. One day he even pointed at them and said “Sheez.” Cute.

Tantrums have been a whole new can of worms. M is very much into climbing – stairs, his high chair, a box – and he’s not very steady yet. Thus, we have to tell him “no” a lot when we’ve had our fill of back-breaking spotting. With the word “no” comes a head-banging, back-arching tantrum. I just do my best to support his body while he flails about so he doesn’t hurt himself and ride out the storm so to speak. And my gosh I am soooo tired of changing diapers holding him down with one hand! I wish I could explain how important diaper changes are to his wellbeing.


Mazen continues to be a picky eater and changes the foods he likes daily. Sometimes it’s frustrating to figure out what he wants to eat. Where do you find the balance between a short order cook and having them go hungry? Isn’t he too young to understand the whole “this is what you get. eat it or go hungry” concept? I think so, but I don’t want to be starting bad habits by getting him whatever he wants.

He has surprised us by eating broccoli and zucchini with gusto this week. He still loves cheese and bread. He was back on eggs for a week, but now he’s back off again! Feeding my baby has been one of the biggest challenges of parenthood, in my opinion.

He sure loved the bites of ice cream I gave him at the beach!


We are down to one nap, which I LOVE. Especially when he sleeps for 2-3 hours!! We’ve had a handful of days like that, and they are pure bliss. But we’ve also had our fair share of 1 hour naps, and that not only sucks for me, but M tends to be grumpier those days too. He generally sleeps 11-12 hours a night now, which is great. 7:30pm to 6:30am is typical.

M is learning to play by himself better than he did a month ago. Especially after a meal he will play for a good 20-30 minutes until he comes to whine at my feet for a while. I play with him and then it’s almost time for another snack to get rid of the crankies. I’ve been able to be a little more productive when he’s awake because of this and can do the dishes and things after a meal, but I still get down and play with him for a good portion of the day.


He’s been getting bored more (I think) with our house, his toys and his mom, so more than ever a daily outing is important. Luckily our gym’s childcare is a great way for him to burn some energy and socialize while I get my workout done, so that’s usually our morning activity. In the afternoons after naptime we sometimes go for a walk, run errands or just play in the yard. I am hoping to start up some more kids activities soon – Little Gym, story time at the library and things. He’s just getting to the age where these will be fun for him.


Mazen has been generous with his “Mamas” lately, and I think he really knows that’s my name now. Matt sent me a voice text through Voxer when I was out the other day of Mazen going “Maaa ma.” I must have listened to it 10 times <3

M has developed this hilarious cheesy smile that he does from time to time. It’s a huge eat-to-ear, teeth showing grin and makes me laugh.

Matt taught him to high five, and he loves to shake his head no, especially at other kids. He is obsessed with Matt and gets sad on the days when Matt leaves for work before he wakes up. Whenever our door chimes open he rushes to the door thinking it’s Daaaaa-da.


He has really started to show signs of attachment to his puppet cat, Pumpkin. He carries her around with him and even hugs her when it’s been a while since he’s last seen her. And he laughs hysterically if we put Pumpkin on our heads and say “Where’s the cat!?!?”

Mazen really understands a lot of what I say these days. He knows things like “It’s time to take a bath,” or “Where is Pumpkin? Go find Pumpkin” or “Are you hungry?” He has started talking more in a funny jumbled language, so I imagine more words are just going to start popping out soon.

He knows the sign for bread now too – here’s the first time he did it. We didn’t realize the “seashell” in front of him was actually bread someone had been feeding seagulls. He’s like “BREAD. GUYS. LOOK!”

Weight: 26 pounds baby!

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  1. Such a cute little guy! I can totally relate on the diaper changing thing, it requires an immense amount of strength to hold my little guy down and change his diaper at the same time! You just want to say, do you think I really want to do this either?! But all the other good stuff like being more interactive so makes it worth it!

  2. Awh he really has gotten so grown up looking! The word no is no fun but it’s great when they start being able to better able to communicate what they want and like! Before you know he’ll be running around after you! He looks pretty close to walking!

  3. He’s a cutie! My son is 10 months old, so I enjoy reading about Mazen to think about where he might be in the next five months. What is that little cart walking push toy? Do you have any recommendations for what we should get him as his first birthday present?

  4. So, so sweet! Crazy how much they can change in the blink of an eye, huh?

    I feel ya on the tantrums and epic fighting of diaper changes. I know every parent and baby is different, but one piece of advice I read about that has really helped us is using the word “uh-oh” instead of “no.” Of course, we still end up telling our little one “no” a lot. But for whatever reason she seems to respond to “uh-oh” better…

  5. what kind of things do you typically give for snacks? I struggle to think of things for my 1 year old that aren’t the store bought ‘puffs’ and the like. also, do you put M in his high chair for snacks as well as meals? I feel like my poor daughter is in the high chair the majority of her day between breakfast lunch dinner and 2 snacks!

    1. Typically yogurt, fruit, cheese, cheerios. Sometimes leftovers like sweet potato fries if we have them. A Mish Mash pouch if we are out.

  6. we love robeez but when the weather changes and you need something more substantial try rileyroos. Still flexible and soft, but they have more sufficient treads.

  7. He is SO cute. It’s so fun to watch them come out of their ‘infant shell’. It’s true what people say, it just keeps getting better. I’m with you on the food thing! So frustrating. It must just be a developmental thing because as I was desperately seeking answers on the internet, looks like most kids go through it. Some days I feel bad putting my daughter to bed ‘hungry’ but if she wont eat, she wont eat!

  8. Kath –

    You should try a ‘standing’ diaper change with your wiggling worm. Day care workers have success with this since they change so many diapers and the child doesn’t have to be in such a vulnerable position on his back. Basically, he stands with hands on the toilet seat or a chair for balance and you do the diaper change that way. Try it!

  9. Hi Kath,

    I’ve commented here and there before. I’m a pediatric dietitian and work with lots of picky eaters (I’m also a mom to a 3 yr old). One of the best philosophies I teach parents and use with my own family is by Ellyn Satter. I recommend her book, Child of Mine. She is also a dietitian and has written many books on how to feed kids well since the 1970s (without fights, without stress, without creating more problems, etc). I am a huge advocate of eating real foods as well as eating together as a family. One of the biggest “aha” moments parents that I work with have is that it is normal and expected for toddlers to be “picky” about what they eat. It’s a normal part of toddler development and goes along with all the other quirks of being a toddler (short attention span, wary of new things, are into something different every day, etc). The best you can do as a parent is offer them a variety of healthy foods (which you do!), be a good role model for eating how you want them to eat (which you are!) and make mealtimes routine, enjoyable, and positive. They learn what’s expected of them through routine and consistency in terms of how you respond to them. In other words, you can steer the ship in terms of what foods you offer them and no need to short order cook. At meals, always include one or two foods you know he really likes that you also feel good about (i.e. fruit or whole grain bread), so you know he will probably eat something and at least be happy about sitting there while you eat together. If he barely eats at one meal, the good news for you is that his growth is excellent so no need to worry about lack of nutrition/calories here and there. One other “mom tip” I’ve noticed especially before they can fully communicate– often after days that my daughter didn’t eat much I would find after the fact that she was cutting a molar or ended up coming down with a cold. It was like ooooooh, that’s why you didn’t want to eat! In any case, all the best to you- you’re doing great!

    1. thanks Stephanie! I actually have that book but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Someone else recommended it to me too

  10. I have a 15 month old who hates diaper changes. The trick that will change your life is to gently lay your leg perpendicular across his chest. Make sure it’s below his arms, so that he can’t reach down and touch the poo as easily. No rolling this way for the squirmy toddler, and two free hands for you!

  11. Lay him down on a changing pad on the floor like you normally would. Then, sit down at his side so that you are looking across his body (so, at a right angle to him). Place your leg that is closer to his head across his chest, so the backside of your knee is gently resting on top of his chest. His butt will be between your knees. Does this make sense? I wish I could draw you a picture! But I swear this works and even calms them down (as long as you are gentle, of course). Our friend who is an engineer/patent examiner and a dad of two came up with it.

    1. Makes sense! Thanks. I will try this. I have tried using my legs before in other angles but it didn’t go so well : )

  12. 26 lbs!! way to go!!! I was excited the other day because my 2 year old had finally reached 26.7 lbs. My one year old is 19 ish!

    Good milk mama and good eating Mazen!

  13. I love watching him grow! I love the video of him signing for bread. I can just see him saying, “No Mom! It’s bread! Not a shell!” So cute!

    Question…I have a 9 month old girl and she will often cry if someone else is holding her besides myself or her dad. Did you experience this with Mazen? I am a stay at home mom also, so she does spend most of the day with me. We do go out a lot and are around other people, but she isn’t necessarily being held by them. I just get annoyed because the usual response from people is that I need to get her out more. Just wondering if you experienced this. Don’t know what else I can do aside from passing her around to different people, which is not something I really want to do. lol

    1. He has gotten shier in the last few months. I usually don’t offer him to someone’s arms right when they walk in. He takes a little bit to warm up, but he generally will warm up and get used to the person. I think your daughter is probably just in a normal stage because even when I take M out he doesn’t get held a ton.

  14. I can’t believe Mazen lasted this long before getting bored of the house! My 10.5mo old is pretty finicky and does much better if we’re out and about all day (only coming home for naps). It’s been essentially impossible to go to any scheduled baby events like story time b/c they are at 9:30 – middle of nap! But we still go to the library and I let him crawl around the kid area, see other kids, and we get some books and CDs for car rides. You could also take him to a bookstore, they usually have kids areas with toys, etc. Des C-ville have a children’s museum? Our town has one and it’s basically an indoor playground with lots of different themed areas – pirate ship, grocery store, doctor’s office, etc. And you can buy a year’s pass for pretty cheap.

  15. Hi,
    I have a 12 month old boy, and just like Mazen he is obsessed with his “dada” as well. He says dada all day long. He knows Mama but its just not used as much. Now he does say it a little more, but dada still prevails, must be a boy thing, or just a stage (I hope) its still cute. Although we were the ones that carried them and did all the work growing them, lol. I also agree with you, feeding a toddler is the hardest thing out there. Especially when we want good real nutritious food. Thanks for all the great baby updates, love hearing about M.

  16. Wow! He is so grown up! It has been so fun watching him grow and change, especially since Mazen and my Clara are only a few months apart (Clara is 17 months). Some of Mazen’s development is getting me SO excited for what is ahead for Clara. She is delayed and so not nearly as advanced as Mazen. I simply cannot wait for the day for her to take a first step, say a word, expand her palate, etc etc!! Thanks for sharing his development with all of us!

    1. Most people have said he’s look like me from the start, but we all think he’s looking a bit more like Matt. Especially Matt as a baby

  17. About how much food per day is he eating? We have the same little 2 section green Oxo dish that I saw in some of your photos, and I fill up both sides for each meal. But, he is still nursing 5x a day at 11.5 months. I feel reluctant to drop his milk intake any further because I literally have no clue how much food a 1 year old should be eating. I don’t want to give him too much but I don’t want him hungry either, when he is taking much less milk.

  18. What a healthy happy looking boy! Just wanted to say that my girl was never great at indepedent play and seemed bored with all her toys too. I finally discovered the idea of invitations to play and sensory bins online, what a game changer for us! Really she was just needing me to make her toys entertaining for her because they weren’t engaging enough (even though they were good ones). I’ve learned she’s really into exploration, practical skills and loves sensory play. If I set her up with a big bowl of mixed dry beans and some scoops for example she’ll be tinkering forever, totally engrossed and enjoying herself, while also practicing practical skills. And I no longer have to be on full time entertainer mode. Fingerpainting herself in the tub with edible homemade paint was another big hit and easy clean up. There are lots of awesome mom bloggers with ideas for all ages out there.

  19. Hi Kath! If you haven’t seen it already, this site has some excellent tips on implementing Ellyn Satter’s division of responsibility in everyday situations, and in general some great advice and interesting reads on feeding, especially toddlers. As a mom of an almost two-year-old I’ve found it invaluable. (Sounds like you are doing great already, though!)

    On a side note, I so enjoy reading both KERF and BabyKERF – keep up the good work! 🙂

  20. He is so cute! My baby is now almost 7 months old and a lot of the info I’ve read about Mazen’s sleeping and eating is similar to his. When did Mazen go from 3 naps to 2 and then down to 1? Mine is still on three naps a day, but the third one is a cat nap and he fights it. Any info you can provide on yours??

    1. Around 8 or 9 months. ..I can’t exactly remember when. We just skipped the third nap one day and put him to bed earlierand that was the end of that!

  21. Have you read/watched The Happiest Toddler on the Block yet? I saw Dr Karp live and he demonstrated the Happiest Toddler stuff on a toddler in the audience and it was amazing!

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