Mazen Duke Week One

It’s been six months and we had yet to edit any of the video footage from Mazen’s first week. I suppose I was waiting for some chunk of time to make a really nice video. Um, maybe that will happen when Mazen goes to college?! So instead, I sorted through the dozens of videos I have and strung together some clips. No music or pretty sequences – just some real life footage of our first week at home.

Coming up next: The First Three Months video

29 thoughts on “Mazen Duke Week One”

  1. what a wonderful video! thank you so much for sharing it with us! 🙂 I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little girl! 🙂

  2. Ha, I’m in this video! That’s me in the purple shirt walking behind you at the farmer’s market. I remember seeing you there, but didn’t want to interrupt the first family outing. Sorry I got In the shot!

      1. I live around the corner from that market and go every Wednesday when it’s in season, so probably not too slim 🙂 I do remember how happy you three looked though!

  3. So sweet and a great reminder to me to get on the video thing! We’ve taken a ton but haven’t done much with them. And my sweet Sammy is almost a year old- where does the time?

  4. So cute, thanks for sharing with us. My son is 3 months and I’m already nostalgic about his newborn days too! This brought back some memories! Love the little baby squeaks!

  5. aww, Kath that is so sweet. What a great way for you all to look back at how much he has grown. He will treasure it forever and so will you. They grow so fast, and time goes so fast. This is a great thing to do.

    P.S. Does the fresh air thing really help him to sleep better?

  6. That…that’s so hilarious re: CM’s comment above. What are the odds?

    Anyway, this is so cute!! What program do you use to edit your videos?

  7. I was hoping it did. I know C’s would have loved to hear it worked. She is not sleeping well but I guess 5 shots and teething will do that to you.

  8. I suddenly got sad this week thinking that we don’t have any videos of our 3.5 month old. Although there wouldn’t be much to see in the first 2 months – he slept like 22hrs a day lol! It is crazy how fast they change and how quickly you forget all the little things they do!

    1. Yes, you do. Exactly alike.

      That’s a great video! I love all of the baby sounds. Look how much he’s changed in just this short time.

  9. I adored your video! Mazen is so sweet. Now I’m super excited to hold my daughter, Caroline Niziol’s baby! I wish I had footage of her at that age. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  10. I think it’s so cool at minute 1:13 how he’s demonstrating the crawl and root reflex that all babies have that will help them crawl up the mom’s tummy/chest to fine the breast—it’s SO clear that’s what he’s doing there!

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