Mazen’s Hideout


In our basement family room, tucked under our stairs we have a little finished space for storage.


In the years past it has held everything from old paint to horseshoe sets to beach chairs to extra baby toys. And now it’s a fun little hideout for Mazen!


I cleaned up the walls, which were terribly scuffed, with a magic eraser and some extra paint. If my name was Sherry Petersik I might have put some some wallpaper or chalkboard paint, but for now the simple walls are just fine. Maybe Mazen and I can decorate it together some day. Or perhaps it will become a space where he is free to write on walls ; )


I filled it with some animals, books and toys. And I finally found a good spot for that fluffy rug I bought last year!


I love that it has a light – with a baby-height light switch!


So far Mazen seems to dig it. He loves walking over the threshold, and I bet in the years to come he will bring friends in to play all kinds of imaginary games : )


22 thoughts on “Mazen’s Hideout”

  1. Best idea ever. I had one of these as a child, but it was just a crawl space in the unfinished attic. I can’t tell you the number of adventures my brothers and I had in there! Awesome job Kath!

  2. Our kiddos are the same age and have hit all of the same milestones and I’m curious if Mazen has started hitting yet? My daughter is in daycare and thinks that if she wasn’t in daycare then she wouldn’t be hitting. I would love to see a post on this. Right now I’m telling her that it isn’t nice to hit and setting her down but she still laughs.

  3. Love it. Love the whole idea. We have this kind of space too but with a full size door. I am not sure what to do with it but right now its our Christmas/Cleaning supply closet.

  4. I love this space! I hope my little one has a space like this in the near future. : )

    By the way, this reminds me of Harry Potter and his cupboard under the stairs. Love it!

  5. That is awesome! I wish we had a space like that, even though it’ll be a while before our guy should want/need a place that like.

  6. Reminds me of the cozy space from the children’s book, “Don’t Touch My Room.” (pretend it’s underlined) Cute!

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