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Hi guys, it’s Mazen! Mommy just taught me how to type on the keyboard properly (I’ve been banging on it with my fists for months now) so I thought I’d tell y’all a little about the toys and joys in my life!

This is currently my favorite toy along with about 5 other trucks.


I really love to study the wheels down on eye level and see what they are doing. I can also name all of the animals in the truck and call Old Macdonald “I-O-I-O-I-O.” Mommy says I’m missing a letter.


When I was in Key West, I got to taste this stuff called Ice cream! I know the sign for it and call it “Ice.” It looks a lot like the “so” (aka snow) that was all over the ground when we got back from our trip. Mama says we can’t have ice cream all the time, but she gives me some of the Siggi’s brand push up yogurts that she freezes. She says they have less sugar than ice and that’s good, but I don’t know what that means.


Speaking of our trip to Key West, I wasn’t a very happy boy on our flights : ( Mama and Dada made me get up when it was realllllly dark out and I did great until 11am when I really wanted my crib and Pumpkin. I cried hard for 30 minutes (and made the other passengers mad) and then I fell asleep on mama eventually.

When I woke up I was really happy because we read my favorite book over and over and over. I practiced driving my cars on its pages.


I also love reading “Nite Oon” (Goodnight Moon) and Moon Bear – those are my favorites because the moon and I say goodnight before I go to sleep.

Mommy got some of these EZ Squeezes pouches to try for her blog. She puts my yogurt in them and I love them! Plain yogurt is my favorite. Mommy says I have to tell you they are easy to fill because of the side opening and don’t get water stuck in the flaps in the dishwasher. (I love to open the dishwasher doooooorrr!)


Mommy says I have started talking a lot more. I can type like a grandmother, but the words are harder to come out of my mouth in talking form. I did learn how to say stars, sky and truck this week. I also know all of my grandparents’ names and my aunt and uncle’s names too as signs.

I love to play outside and love it when KK takes me out on the sidewalk and Dada takes me to the park to play on the “sa-liiiide” and “sings.” Mommy took me to open play at the rec center this week and I played with a truck the whole time. Beep beep!

I really really really love Elmo and having him on my toothbrush makes tickling my teeth a little bit better.


I’ve been eating more snacks at my big boy table that used to be mommy’s when she was little. I really like doing big boy things these days.


Mommy got me some big boy clothes at a consignment sale this week. Look at my new green shoes!!! I can say “shos” and “sos” now too!




28 thoughts on “Mazen’s Lately”

  1. So So sweet… Nice job Mazen on the post, I loved hearing from you 🙂 Tell that mommy of yours she is one inspirational mama <3

  2. I love that little farm animals/truck set! I need a mommy translation: eeeee-ba? type like a grandmother?

    Poor little guy, flying isn’t much fun until you’re older! Glad he hung in there.

  3. So funny, my guy is 15mos and doing many of the same things as Mazen including my favorite – saying “Nite noon”. In addition to Goodnight Moon we also read Goodnight Goon which is a hilarious parody of the original.

    1. They are a little different but I like them about the same. Both are very useful. These are easier to clean but the others hold more at a time

  4. Hi Kath,
    I remember you showing some cute stuffed vegetables awhile back but I can’t I find the post. I have a friend who is pregnant and thinking of doing a veggie/garden theme for the nursery so I’, thinking of buying some for her. Can you direct me to where you found those? Thanks!

  5. Hi Kath! Been loving your blog but never commented before! It sounds as though Mazen is starting to become a picky eater? 🙁 I know I did not get a lot of education on this particular nutritional challenge in my didactic or internship work, so this was useful for me… As a fellow RD, I just wanted to share an approach to child feeding practices we use and teach parents at WIC from Ellyn Satter, also a Dietitian. She has named her approach the “Division of Responsibility”. She has authored several books on the topic but it is very simply outlined on her website: Maybe some of it will be useful for you. Good luck and keep blogging, I love it!

    1. I’ve heard about her approach in a talk a my dietetic association meeting – the parent picks the “what” and the child decides how much to eat, right? I have her book, actually, but I haven’t found the time to read it! I definitely should. I would call M a typical toddler, but he’s a pretty good eater overall.

        1. Exactly. The parent is responsible for what, when, where. The child is responsible for how much and whether to eat or not. I held off on reading her book myself until recently. It’s great, especially on specific things like the importance of conversation at the table and what that sounds like depending on child’s age, how exactly she recommends approaching new foods, recommending to have a “safety” food on the table, etc.
          Anyway, glad to hear he’s a good eater overall!

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