Motherhood: 3 months

-Sometimes M makes a face that reminds me of his newborn self. A little grimace or big yawn. His face has changed SO much, but his personality is still shining through.



-I’m really enjoying reading to him and remembering all the books of my childhood. My grandmother gave me a big selection she found used, and at my baby shower they gave me a handful of food-related books, so we’re starting off with a great base of picture books. Recent favorites: Green Eggs & Ham and The Polar Express. I do have one gripe with the Grouchy Ladybug: is all this “you wanna fight!?” stuff a little violent? I love the concept of the book (a grouchy ladybug encounters bigger and bigger animals) but couldn’t she have another mission than fighting them all!?

-I hate snaps. Why do so many baby things have snaps? Zippers and Velcro are great, but snaps are almost worse than buttons!


-I have an ongoing gamble with the clock. We have been putting M down around 8:30/9 and on a good night he sleeps 4-5 hours and on a not-so-good night he sleeps 3. When I hear him start to stir, the first thing I do is look at the clock since I never have any idea how long I have actually been asleep. I’m always hoping for a 1, 2 or 3 but occasionally I see an 11 or 12 and know it’s going to be a long night.

-He is soooo cute when he cries, although I never want it to last. But that little face!


-It amazes me that baby breath always smells good. I know it’s because they’re not eating bacteria-filled people food, but you’d still think after 5 hours of sleep….but no! My sweet baby is made of sugar plums.


-M has really started to talk more and he forms his lips so carefully and then lets out a really long “ohhhhhhh” or “ahhhhhhhh.” You can hear some in this video!


-In the movies, parents are always going into their children’s bedrooms to tussle their hair or kiss them while they are sleeping. While I would LOVE to do this, I wouldn’t want to risk waking up my lightly sleeping baby! Do older kids sleep more soundly than infants?


-Lord of the Rings!!!! Mazen’s favorite toy is his interlocking rings! Followed by his Octo-pirate


And his llama, which he actually hugs his arm around!


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  1. Read your heart out now! I loved that I could lay there and read with my little guy before he was mobile. Then there was a LONG stretch of almost a year that he wouldn’t sit still for more than a page or two! Such sweet moments reading books together…

    1. My son too! As soon as he started having the dexterity to truly grab, it was all over. He wanted to grab and eat the book. Now he grabs it and pushes it around the room. I still read to him, but sometimes we only get a page or two. I read its important to allow them to explore the book however they want…so they don’t associate reading with a power struggle with a parent. So, it’s board books only for now, no paper pages to destroy!

      1. It’s so funny how different our little ones can be! My girl was exactly the opposite. She was such a screaming ball of misery (and I say that with all the love in the world – she’s the best) until she was about 9 months old that we had to work really hard to make it through even a very short book. But suddenly around 9 months she started liking to read (and liking life more in general 🙂 ) and now at 18 months she wild about reading – can’t get enough and if finally patient enough to read Curious George and some others that are a little longer and wordier. So. much. fun.

        And I totally hear you Kath on the not tousling the sleeping baby’s hair. We have a light sleeper and even with her white noise on I find myself tiptoeing around a bit once she’s gone to bed. Sometimes she’ll sleep through anything and other times she’ll wake when a floorboard creaks in the hallway. But I totally romanticize the experience of tousling my little sleepy-head. Maybe when she gets older?

  2. i think my breastfed baby has breath that smells like buttercream icing, so sweet 🙂 how much does he weigh now? he is so deliciously chubby 😉

  3. So precious! I have really enjoyed watching his transformation the past 3 months. It’s hard to believe…time sure has flown by! And to answer your question, yes, older kiddos sleep much more soundly. All 3 of mine were very light sleepers. We tiptoed around the house often! But now that they are a few years older, we find that once they fall asleep it is impossible to keep them awake! Go figure!

  4. Dude, I hear you about the clock thing…I don’t have one on my side of the bed anymore (just my phone) so I always try to guess what time it is before looking over to Kev’s side. And it’s either a YAY! It’s 2:30/3 or EFF, it’s only 11:30/12…

  5. He is just SO cute! Seriously twinning with mom! BTW, love the striped onsie 🙂

    I’m glad to see you’re transitioning into cloth. I got a few different styles (AIO, prefolds, pocket) cloth diapers and was SO excited to use on baby. Unfortunately, they weren’t for me. How has it been for you? I tried each style only to grow more and more disappointed (not only in myself, since I try to be more eco-friendly whenever possible) but in the diapers themselves. I guess its a matter of getting use to but I simply couldn’t even after washing and retrying each style several times.

    I’ve read about compostable diapers also, not sure if you’ve heard of those? I’m considering them but I’m a little nervous to spend the money (again) on something that won’t work for us.

    1. Ahhh, good to hear someone else didn’t enjoy cloth diapering. I did prefolds with a cover for a while with my first son and just never got the hang of it. I stopped feeling guilty about the disposables when I realized it just didn’t matter.

  6. Snaps are harder, it’s true, but you will appreciate the snaps on that diaper when he learns how to undo velcro, which will happen sooner than you might think. 🙂

        1. We went w/ all snaps BC I heard babies can undo the Velcro and curious minds tend to wanna ‘play’ in their little creations….

          I also read that snaps last longer and we plan to use our cloth w/ baby number 2 someday!!!!

          I do wish I had a few velcros for grandma to use when she is babysitting though!

  7. Maze looks just like his mama! My son is a little over two and he still makes faces that remind me of when he was born. Sometimes when he cries he sounds just like he did the moment I first heard him cry. I hope that lasts forever 🙂

  8. The only kids I know that are light sleepers are ones were everyone had to be quiet while they were babies.The ones who sleep well were the ones where zero effort was made to stay quiet, those kids can sleep through anything. Maybe try being a little less quiet so he gets used to some noise?

    I was just thinking about kids books the other day and want to search out the velveteen rabbit, such cute book.

    1. I just bought The Velveteen Rabbit for my 2 (?) year old cousin for Christmas. Kohls has the book and stuffed animal for $5 a piece and profits go to a childrens health and education organization. They have a few other sets to…Wizard of Oz/Aesops Fabels/Night before Chistmas/William the Prince.

  9. The sweet breath is soooo nice. It lasts as long as they are still nursing (and mine have all nursed longer than 3 years).

  10. Mazen is so beautiful! The second baby sleeps through everything, because when they sleep is the only time you can clean, vacuum, talk on the phone, etc. They get used to the noise of their big brother or sister coming into the room and going through the toy box, crying, playing, etc. You can train him to sleep through noise and motion too but it’s more difficult (for you, not him) to do. I just figured it was part of the “first baby” experience for me and my baby. It’s amazing how much easier and relaxed things are with the second. I can’t even imagine the third!

  11. I don’t know how some parents can go in while their babies are sleeping either! My babe is 16 months now and she wakes up pretty much as soon as the door opens. Last Friday, after the tragic shooting, my husband had worked late and hadn’t see her all day. He needed a snuggle and of course she was sitting up, wide awake as soon as he reached the crib!

  12. The sweet baby breath is also because they don’t have any teeth for the sugars to hang on to.
    He’s adorable. Best!!

  13. Clara loves those interlocking rings! At 7 mo old she still enjoys them – more now to chew on while teething, haha. Isn’t it crazy how much their face changes? I was looking back at newborn pictures of Clara and couldn’t believe it.

  14. My girls are 3 and 5 and just in the past year I have started always going in and kissing them and re-tucking them before I go to bed. My husband walked in when I was doing it and freaked out, he said “I never touch them just peek in and make sure they are OK”…now he is getting in on the last loves of the night too, he was still in the scared to wake them stage until I confessed I had been doing it for over a year:)

  15. Yeah, I don’t go wake up my daughter. Check in? Yes. She’s four and I NEVER went in and messed with her. She was a VERY light sleeper when either one of us is around, still is. We can drop things, vacuum, wash dishes, the dog barks – nothing. We crack the door open? She pops up in bed LOL.

    I have to say – I love the picture of him crying! I always thought it was mean to take her picture while she was crying until I realized that one day, she won’t look the same while she’s crying (I know you’ll get this lol), so I snapped a few. They still make me laugh. 🙂

  16. I think you have the explanation for his sweet breath backwards–breastmilk is full of bacteria and probiotics. If we adults ate more probiotic food (full of beneficial bacteria), we might have better breath too!

    I agree on the cloth diaper snaps though–velcro is definitely better when babies are little, but now I prefer snaps on my active 2 year old!

  17. I hear you on the clock.. I get really excited when Evey sleeps till 2 or 3 am. I feel like I have won a race….. And I am with you on the cloth. I love using them.. I HATE stuffing pockets. I need to buy some AIO’s. Cant wait to see the cloth post!

  18. Before having children of my own, I had never been around babies at all. When my daughter was 6 months old and sleeping through the night, my best friend flew in to stay with me while my husband was on a fishing trip. My friend woke up in the middle of our nightly 2 am diaper change and said, “I didn’t even hear the baby cry.” I explained she wasn’t crying, that I automatically get up every night to change diapers and she slept through every changing. She was shocked but I thought it was normal and everyone did it. I even did it with my second daughter and she didn’t wake up either. I could not stand the thought of my babies ever having a wet diaper. My oldest baby will be 10 tomorrow and my friend still likes to tease me about it.

  19. with regard to the sleeping soundly, we always put our kids down (we being, my fam) during regular household activities. If we kept it absolutely silent during sleepy time, the baby would get used to sleeping under those circumstances. The kids these days are put down while the men are watching a game and even when we have houseguests. they learned to sleep through it all… but M will sleep more soundly. Just dont be afraid to make a little noise.

    1. What do you do if they always wake up though? Is there just a training period where they do wake up more but are learning to sleep through?

  20. Its definitely not easy to start out of nowhere. And it will be frustrating if the baby wakes up and is so angry that he just cries, but he will eventually settle. Its hard to do, but if hes dry, and fed, and just plain old tired, he will fuss and eventually conk back out. It was hard on my nephew. He had a hard time “self soothing” but with time, he got used to it. And you’re the mommy, you gotta do what works best for you both. (its so hard to hear them cry, i know!)

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