Motherhood: 4 Months

-I thought of a genius invention: a pacifier that is also a thermometer! It wouldn’t have to be super accurate (you could use a real thermometer if the paci indicated positive for fever) but it would just be a quick check. Luckily we haven’t had any fevers yet…


-I’m really surprised that Maze loves bath time so much. He seems to be such a firecracker in so many other things and lets us know when he’s done with a toy or nap with some loud crying, but he has yet to cry in a bath since that very, very first one we gave him. He has started splashing around and kicking. I actually took a bath with him in the big tub the other night and it was so fun to have him “swim” around!

-I found some Mac lip gloss I bought last year and was excited to put it in my lip rotation. Until I realized that you can’t kiss a baby with sticky lip gloss. It just got all in his hair. The gloss has since been tucked away for another era.


-Sometimes I read blogs on my phone while nursing and sometimes I watch a You Tube video of another baby (Cullen or Ada perhaps) and Mazen unlatches and looks around like “Mom, you’re supposed to be watching ME!” He has definitely entered the distracted nursing stage. Sometimes Matt comes home when he’s nursing and hovers over and says hi and Maze gives him the same look “Do not disturb!” He takes his food seriously.

-When Mazen is starting to get hungry if you go in to kiss him and your nose goes near his mouth, he might lick your nose. It’s the most hilarious thing ever!


-Something about this time of year is bringing back memories of one year ago and the horrors I felt before I got on some medicine. I normally can’t imagine what it’s like to be sick when I’m healthy, but I can sort of remember with this cold, dark weather what it was like to get waves of nausea all the time. I can also sort of conjure up memories of what contractions are like when I watch Call The Midwife on PBS. When those women moan, man I remember.

-I can’t believe there is any hair left on my head. I think I have lost a million strands since September. It seems about the same thickness though – puzzling!

-M has started rolling over, although mostly when he’s propped up a bit. When he’s flat on his tummy he doesn’t quite get how to get over his arms, although you can tell he’s trying!


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  1. There is a pacifier like that. I can’t remember the name of it but I know my sister in law got one when she had my nephew. Genius though!

  2. There are pacifier thermometers. I received one in a kit. It takes a long time though to get a reading. The kit also has this cool strip ou can put on their forehead and it gives a range so you know if there is a fever.

  3. Great idea on the pacifier thermometer, but lots of companies beat ya to it! (Google “pacifier thermometer”)

  4. The paci thermometer already exists… but it is an amazing thought! I almost passe dout when I saw it in a store for the first time, amazed at how brilliant it was!

    Love reading your motherhood posts!! Mazen is growing cuter every day!

  5. I think you’re too late to make money on that invention – I’m pretty sure that pacifier thermometers already exist. 🙂

  6. So I read your blog every time you update and just realized that I never comment. My baby was born August 30 so our babes are so close in age and I love seeing that we are going through similar things! My hair is coming out in handfuls too and my baby is soooo distracted while nursing too!!

  7. lol all the comments cracked me up….. did you know they already have a pacifier thermometer? 🙂

    Serious eater….I like that kid! 🙂

  8. The hair loss is such a strange side effect. I remember thinking the same thing, how is there possibly any hair left on my head??! I think it finally returned to normal at about 6 months postpartum. Hang in there. There is an end in sight!

  9. With our second I was in bed the entire month of February. That was 7 YEARS AGO and to this day when Feb rolls around, it’s like the air is different and I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. We still refer to Feb as: The Dark Month When Mommy Took to the Bed. 😉

  10. Wow, Mazen looks so big in these photos!!! I check your blog weekly, and now he looks like such a big boy 🙂

  11. Mazen is getting so big and SO ADORABLE! Everytime I see his pictures it makes me miss my kids being little :). And you are looking great by the way!

  12. I totaly hear you on the hair falling out. I also had and August 31 due date, he was born on the 2nd and I am seriously surprised I am not bald. I new that my hair did not fall out for a long time while pregnant, but I never though it was near as thick as it must have been for me to still have hair 🙂

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