Motherhood 6

-I’m pretty sure M has a layer of white downy hair growing in under the black locks he was born with. Matt was blonde as a toddler, and I have been blonde my whole life (my dad said I was a strawberry blonde for a while). So I think there’s a good chance M has blonde hair – at least as a little boy. We shall see!


-When I think back on my birth story and all of its details, including the positions I labored in, I’m now kind of embarrassed. I remember before labor thinking “how will I not be shy about giving birth!?” and then during it I remember thinking “I could care less about modesty right now!!!” But now that it’s said and done, I’m back to feeling modest. Remembering the positions I was in with no clothes on makes me feel funny.

-One tip we’ve learned to help M get to sleep – softly stroke the skin between his eyes downward. When he is drowsy, it almost helps him close his eyes.


-We are now the proud owners of a wipe warmer. The wipes were once great room temp in September, but now they have a chill to them. I wouldn’t want them on my behind! So I splurged on the warmer and feel a lot better about winter diaper changes now. (I’m not sure I would recommend the one I bought though…the wipes aren’t that warm and they don’t dispense out very well).

-On the topic of sleep, we’ve been getting pretty consistent nights of 4-5 hours + 2.5-3 hours. One feeding, and about 7 hours of total sleep, sometimes closer to 8. We used to get 4 + 2 + 1 + 1 but I learned that in the morning hours he often will stir, make noises, grunt and even lightly cry, but if I give him 10 minutes to chill he goes back to sleep. I used to pounce on his every move. So 1+1+1 turned into 3! M still goes to bed pretty late (10-11) but we are working on moving this up – and trying to follow his cues too. He’s so alert from 8-9 that if we try to put him down he won’t have it. I’m hoping gradually changing this will help.


-Where do you store all the pacis? They always get lost around the house. I finally bought a few more and corralled them all into this cute little box on his nightstand and now I can always find one!

Babyblog-8468 Babyblog-8470

-I look forward to the day where I no longer have to wear breast pads SO MUCH!! What a pain.

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  1. You may find that he naturally moves his bedtime earlier without any major effort on your part. My daughter cluster-fed from about dinnertime til midnight for her first couple months, then gradually spaced out the feedings a little, and then pretty much all of a sudden started letting me feed her and put her down around 9pm. I don’t remember doing anything… it just seemed like over the course of 3-4 days she went from having an evening nap to going to bed for the night around 9-10pm and sleeping 6-8 hours. (The actual time may not be as early as you’re going for, but the difference was big – 9-10 instead of 12-1.)

    On the breast pads… you may be stuck with those for a while. I was also a major leaker, and my supply settled down after a while to the point that most days I just needed one pair during the day and one pair overnight, but it wasn’t until she was a year old that I could actually use the nice washable pads I bought before she was born – up until then it was disposable or nothing – I always soaked my clothes with the cloth ones. Hopefully your body gets with the program a little faster than that!

    1. We’ve been able to move his bedtime up, but it’s been to our disadvantage because now he’s sleeping while we’re awake and up earlier in the night! We’re just not sure what to do now… He was definitely tired early last night, so we’re not forcing it or anything, but I would like my 5 hour stretches back [this post is about a week late 🙂 ]

    2. I’ll agree re: bedtimes. Our son was going to bed that late and slowly but surely worked his way up to an earlier bedtime. Plus we did some Ferberizing and he’s now able to go to sleep on his own, which makes a HUGE difference (gives us more time at night to unwind).

  2. Hi Kath, I don’t know what you’re using for nursing pads but I really started feeling better when I started using cotton reusable pads from la leche league. They are so much more comfortable then disposables and I never ever had any leak problem at all. Just thought I would share 🙂

    1. I’m still leaking through those : ( I really just want to be able to nurse away from home without fumbling a pad around! Such a hassle to juggle things.

  3. Jackson is my wild haired child- EVERYONE comments on his wild hair, plus it’s long. I just can’t imagine cutting it now though! …..I like Bamboobies nursing pads- they hold enough for me but I’m guessing I don’t have quite the soaking that you do…… Hope the sleeping things work themselves out 🙂

  4. I’ve found the Medela disposable pads to be fantastic – all of the moisture is pulled away completely and I never feel wet or “leaky”. But you’re right about nursing in public – where do you set the thing when you take it out to nurse??

    And about your post from a few times ago – I was also shocked to hear that a newborn could go a few days without a BM – our little 2.5 week old guy goes ALL day!

  5. I don’t remember exactly how old he is, but the 4-month sleep regression is a real doozie. My daughter wouldn’t sleep worth a darn during that stage (and it lasted about a month for us, but lots of other parents report it can last only a week or so.) Anyway, I wish I hadn’t bothered worrying about a sleep schedule until that was over. Once we got through that, she began sleeping 7:30-7:30 and still does at 19-months. I’d focus more on the routine now – get a really solid bedtime routine going and stick with that. It will help you get through the 4-month regression if he has one. On that same note, the book The Wonder Weeks was really awesome. It discusses all the common fussy stages and how to help you turn them into leaps forward.

  6. It wasn’t until around 10 weeks that i could stop using the nursing pads for leaks… but even now when his feeding get erratic, I will sometimes leak as my milk comes down. (For example, he went through a regression/growth spurt at 3.5/4 months and went back to eating 3-4 times a night when he had been down to 1-2. Once that stopped my supply had to even out again.) I have found that firmly pressing on the breast he is not nursing from will stop the leak. i HATED nursing pads too! Hopefully you’re almost there.

  7. Oh man, we are totally at the 4+2+1+1 stage (though 4 is a stretch most nights… 2.5 to 3 is more like it!).

    I wanted to say that last night we gave Noah a bath around 7 and then did a little infant massage for the first time- he LOVED it! He was cooing and totally chill! Then we put some snuggly pjs on him and I read him a story while I nursed him to sleep… he was in bed and asleep by 8:15! You might want to try massage with Maze if you haven’t already. 🙂

  8. Don’t feel embarrassed about your birth story! For people like me (due with my first in March) it was extremely helpful!

  9. Our little one is five months old now but when she was Maze’s age, she went to bed around 10-11pm also (such a killer because my five year old is in bed by 8pm!). I was told by a friend to gradually try to get her to bed earlier and earlier each night by ten minutes but I couldn’t seem to “train” her to do so, so we just let her be. She now goes to bed anywhere from 7-9pm (depending on how much sleep she gets during the day) and its been amazing! I think Maze will change on his own, like our daughter did. I think an infants circadian rhythm just takes a bit longer to fine tune itself.

    I thought I needed a wipes warmer too but found that its easier to just run the wipes under warm-moderately hot water before changing the baby’s diaper.

  10. “softly stroke the skin between his eyes downward. When he is drowsy, it almost helps him close his eyes.” – One of my first yoga teachers about 15 years ago would do that before shivasana, basically gently pressing on the third eye and what a peaceful shivasna I would have!

  11. For his age that is some GREAT sleep. Way to go. My baby is 6.5 months and we are just now getting 8-9 consistent straight hours at night. Sleep has sure been a journey for us. I would say that at his age, don’t stress about an earlier bedtime. Continue to follow his cues and he will get there. At 6.5 months Clara is pretty consistent with a 7:30 or 8pm bedtime but prior it was way later!

  12. It always seems like once you get everything figured out it all changes. As soon as my kids slept well consistently they started waking up again in the middle of the night. Mine are two and four and we still have wake ups sometimes! We use the rubbing between the eyes trick too 🙂

  13. My son is 3 months old and goes to sleep at 5pm since daylight savings time. 5pm!! Which means we’re up and ready for the day at 5am. I’ll gladly switch schedules 🙂

    1. Really? It does make sense. Do you have a suggestion for cloth wipe solution that might also inhibit bacterial growth? Would that maybe counter balance the warmth? That’s probably out of nurse scope of practice, but it’s my next thing to research : )

      1. Does he react badly to the cold wipes, or do you just think he will? I only ask because I spent a lot of time worrying about how my daughter would react if I just squirted her with room temp water, and then I finally tried it and she didn’t care at all. We use cloth wipes, and we keep them dry, either squirting her with a spray bottler or getting the wipe wet with a squirt bottle (if it needs to be more soppy wet to clean up poop) and for the last 19 months we’ve been fine with just room temperature water.

        YMMV, of course – just thought I’d throw my experience out there since I spent way too much time worrying about this only to find out that it was a complete non-issue.

        1. He flinched a few times. I’d call them cold over room temp like they were in the summer. I was anti warmer too until my hands were even shocked by the cold. But I do think a squirt bottle sounds like a good solution (ha!) do you just have water in it?

          1. Just water! On very rare occasions the bright, bright baby poop would seem to sort of stain her skin, so then I’d squirt a couple drops of baby shampoo on the wipe (getting it pretty soaked with water, too) and that would clean her right off. I never got around to making wipes solution, though, and never missed it.

      2. You can use tea tree oil.
        But just think about it: a warm, moist environment is what bacteria loves. Unless it’s hot enough to kill them, it’s a breeding ground.

      3. I make my own wipe solution (my son is 16 days old and has been using this solution since about day 5) and here is the recipe I am doing:
        3 cups of water
        1 tbsp each of sweet almond oil, aloe vera gel (natural stuff, not the blue goo), and baby wash
        4 drops each of tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil

        I really like it! It got rid of the diaper rash he was developing with his disposable diapers (or perhaps was combo of this + switching to our cloth diaper supply) and his bum is sooooo soft now. The whole room smells nice because of the lavender oil, and tea tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial of sorts.

          1. This is eaxctly what I do too but I use olive oil in place of almond oil, mainly because it is less expensive and I always have it on hand. My daughter is 26 months now and we have been making our own wipe solution since she was born. Now she even helps me make it!

      4. Considering nurses deal with things like infections, wounds, care of cath/port sites and issues of cross-contamination all day long, it’s insulting to say to a nurse that questions about bacterial growth on baby wipes are outside her scope of practice!

        1. I’m not being disrespectful; I’m just saying that I don’t expect her to provide me with a wipe solution recipe just because of FY the warning, but if she had a professional OR personal recommendation it would be welcome

  14. Its funny how envious we get of other moms. I’ve been envious of Maze taking a paci so well and of you being able to lead such a free lifestyle! But I haven’t had one leak, I need to learn to be thankful! 🙂

  15. What a great idea with the stroking gently between the eyes! I am going to have to try this with Edith.

    P.S. you should update your “Meet Kath” on the side bar to Mom of Mazen instead of mom-to-be 🙂 – it took me months to finally update mine and my twitter to say mom rather than mom-to-be

  16. Ugh the nursing pads, I had to use them the entire time I nursed both my girls. With my 2nd I finally learned to stick the one from the boob I was feeding on, in the bra on the other side with the other one..this was after my 19 month old became entertained by stealing them while I was feeding and wearing them like a hat more times then I would like to admit:)

  17. I think an earlier bedtime makes the baby sleepmmore hours in total. I put her down around 7:30 and her first stretch ismbetween 4-6, followed by 3 and 2-3, do in total she’s getting +10 hrs of sleep at night which is close tomthe normal range for a 2 months old baby.

    what time is M last nap in the evening?

  18. I used the exact same tactic for my son when he was falling asleep…worked like a charm! When I was getting him off his soother I would rub his head until he dozed off and the soother fell out. If he woke up I would simply keep rubbing his forehead until he fell back asleep…and he would forget all about the soother!!

  19. My husband said this dad used to pet his “catapillers” (eyebrows) when he couldn’t sleep as a child. Hubby sometimes does it to me when I’m restless or stressed and unable to sleep, I’m out in no time at all!!

  20. Haha, yes, when does the embarrassment wear off?!?! I have so many moments where I think back to laboring on all fours on the bathroom floor and thinking, oh my – what was I doing. Ha. I guess you do what you have to do.

    We also calm Wrigley by stroking his hair at the base of his neck when he is really having a hard time mentally letting go and sleeping.

  21. We discovered the SAME trick about rubbing the area between the eyes. Cool how parents all figure this kind of stuff out, huh?

  22. The point you are referring to between Mazen’s eyes is an acupuncture point I use all the time to calm people and help them sleep. Such a good and relaxing point!

  23. I put my son to bed very late (like 11pm) for several months. Then we gradually started putting him to bed earlier as he started sleeping better. In the beginning it feels like they’ll never go to bed at a decent time but now here I am with a one year old that goes to bed at 7:30pm. 🙂

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