Motherhood 8

More thoughts on being a mom!


-I’ve moved on from My Breast Friend. Now that M is bigger, I actually prefer the Boppy. It’s more comfortable because it’s softer, and since he’s bigger I don’t need him to be as high up to be close to me. And to be honest, it looks prettier on the couch! So in the end, I’m really glad I had both, but I would say the Boppy is more versatile than MBF.

mazen5days0106 (393x590)

-Once I showered at the gym and forgot to bring a fresh pair of breast pads to put on after. It was almost as traumatizing as leaving the house without underwear! Luckily I made it home without any problems : )

-I heard on the news recently that the connection between a mother and baby had been documented in a study measuring electromagnetic brain and heart waves. {Don’t quote me on this – but I think this is the study?} Since Mazen was born, I’ve felt that we had a connection like Elliot and E.T., most notably in our sleep cycles. When we’re sleeping in separate rooms, sometimes I wake up in the master bedroom and don’t hear anything and while I’m lying there awake I hear Mazen wake up and Matt start to bring him to me to feed. I’m always amazed that I knew he was about to be hungry. When we sleep in the same room (which we do most of the time) we do seem to wake up together – but I’m never quite sure if he was already awake and a noise woke me up or vice versa!


-M has taken over nursing like it’s his job now. He is like a little kitten and makes bread with his “paws” on me. Pumping out that milk! He does the funniest things when he nurses – from his facial expressions (recently, smiles!) to the stretches afterwards to clasping his hands together and squeezing them! He doesn’t do Angry Bird as much anymore. Still have no idea what that was about!


-I am jealous that my child has longer eyelashes than I do!


-Matt and I suspect that, like me, Mazen is left handed. Is there a way to know for sure? He seems to just use his left hand more, and we’d say it’s his dominant hand. Of course we’re just watching him bat toys and suck fingers, so who knows if that counts!

-Speaking of hands, I am in love with M’s hands!! Not because they are so tiny and cute (even though they are), but something about how sturdy they are. And how he uses them. It’s hard to explain! They make me laugh.


-Can I just pause and say it: OMG HE WAS SO LITTLE!

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  1. My baby also started squeezing the breast while nursing it’s so cute!!!
    And I also envy her longer lashes! 🙂

    I no longer need any breast pillow for nursing because she likes to sit while eating, just like an adult! 🙂

  2. Just wanted to pop in to say that we were really anxious to know if our daughter was going to be left or right handed too. We are both left handed so were really hoping she was too! It seemed that way when she was M’s age, but now at 16 months, it’s very obvious she is right handed! She holds spoons and forks way better and more often with her right hand and same with scribbling with crayons. Oh well!

  3. About the breast pad thing: you can totally wean yourself off them. Every time you feel the tingle of let-down, and he’s not actively eating, cross your arms HARD across your chest. Do it also across the not-in-use breast when you get a let-down during nursing. Eventually, you stop spraying like a garden hose, except occasionally if you haven’t nursed in way too long and you get engorged.

  4. The interactions during nursing will just keep getting better – my son is 5 months and he loves to touch and explore my face with his hands right now. And sometimes I catch him staring at me so intently and lovingly it just makes my heart melt.

    We sleep in the same room too and I’ve wondered if we pick up on each others changes in breathing patterns as we move from sleep to wakefulness. I often “know” when he is about to wake up from a nap too.

    As far as the handedness goes, I’m pretty sure they say you can’t tell for sure until 2 or 3…

  5. — at 8+ months, we still use MBF 🙂 i can nurse without it but it’s still so much more comfortable with! a totally associates it with eating too and starts making this grunt/’mmm’ sound as soon as i snap it on.
    — i still maintain that i have never had a drop of leaking happen over the past 8 months! i guess my milk is just under major anatomic lock & key. i guess one benefit of never having as much of an overabundance as i would have liked.
    — handedness is not supposed to show up until age 2 or so. however, josh and i keep speculating a is left-handed, too (i am, as is my entire immediate family)
    — LOOOVE baby hands too. something about them looking so perfect but so miniature! a’s are so chubby now too which i think is the cutest thing.

  6. Hand dominance doesn’t actually emerge until 3-4 yrs old, once the child’s brain has developed a bit more and he/she can complete more advanced movements such as reaching across the midline of his/her body. It’s fun to notice/predict a baby’s hand preference but it can definitely change!

  7. Boys always get the best eyelashes!! So unfair 😀 My son is the same way.

    Our son did the “angry bird” as well. I always just thought it was rooting; Desperate, furious, intense Want-Milk-NOW kind of rooting. 🙂 I almost miss it.

  8. I’m amazed with his hands too (well and all of him.) Being a grandmother is every happy cliche I’ve ever read or heard!

    1. What a sweet comment from your mom! My mother can’t wait until she is a grandmother! My dad is very sick and my father in law passed away a few years ago so it’s sad to think that my children will never “really” know their grandfathers (even if my dad is still alive when I have kids he is just not the same person he was for so many years). BUT, I am so very thankful to have my mother and mother in law to be great grandmothers to my future little ones!

      1. My dad passed away in May, and its difficult to know that any future children my sister or I have won’t know him at all. He was a great dad though. I’m sorry your dad is sick – its all really terrible.

  9. Just randomly commenting to say I love this blog! I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my first, and it’s been SO helpful to have details on what being a mom is like, what’s helpful or not helpful, and just getting a feel for what I can expect. 🙂

  10. My daughter is almost 2 (what? how did that happen?) and still uses both hands pretty equally. She’ll hold the spoon, or crayon, or whatever, with her left hand for awhile and then switch to her right. We still can’t tell yet, but I think it normally takes awhile longer before you can tell. That said, my niece sucked her left thumb and my sister predicted she’d be left-handed and she is. That may be must a coincidence though.

  11. Kids don’t have *true* dominant hand till much later- think 4’ish years old. Till that point they are pretty ambidextrous! 🙂 …..isn’t the mother child connection AMAZING! I love his well I know my son- he’s like my other half….shh, don’t tell Matt, my husband. 😉

  12. Your final comment and photo cracked me up. My wee girl was born on September 17th; I was looking at photos of her first days yesterday and I couldn’t get over how tiny she was. I actually said the words, “I know she’s grown, but OMG SHE WAS SO LITTLE!!” She is also fascinated with her left hand, we catch her staring intently at it (but never her right hand), all the time.

  13. I miss those days. I had a hard time telling which hands my kids used most. In fact my oldest, writes and eats with his right hand, but cuts, and plays sports left handed, he even golfs left, batted left, and threw with his left. With the twins, one is all right handed and the other is all left handed. Both my husband and I are right handed, and the only one in the family that I know to be ambidextrious, is my dad, other than that both sides of the family are right handed.

    I am so glad that I stuck it out and breast fed the twins, it would have been so easy to give it up after the first couple of weeks, because it’s really hard to figure out. I miss those days so much, my favorite part of nursing was during they eating, they would look at you in the eye and just start smiling. So precious.

    Enjoy every minute. 🙂

  14. Hand-dominance can start to show up earlier than 3-4 years but I think it just depends on the kid. Our older daughter is clearly left-handed at 3 1/2; she began doing most everything with her left hand even before the age of 2, though. (I’m a lefty myself, as are both my parents). Now she says, “my other hand makes me scribble.” (-:

  15. Yes, I do so agree that there is a unique bond between Mama and baby. My little guy is 13 months and we are still very much in sync, despite us being away during the work days. He knows when I need him, and I know when he needs me.

    Yesterday when I got home from work he nursed for 30 minutes (which he hasn’t done in ages!) as if he knew that I needed some sweet snuggles with him.

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