Motherhood Part 3

-Matt declared one night at dinner: I love Carter’s! It took me a minute to realize what he meant, but he was referring to the baby clothes brand. He reports that their clothes fit Maze so well, and now that I’ve paid attention to his outfits, I have to agree. Our favorite pieces (that aren’t custom) are Carter’s.


-I am loving stroller walking so much, and according to the BOB manual, we are not too far off from being able to use it. It says with pediatrician permission upon head control evaluation (Mazen has had really good head control since birth) we can walk with the BOB at 8 weeks. I can’t wait to exercise with it! I only wish we didn’t have to wait for 8 months to run, although perhaps with ped permission that could come sooner too.

I don’t go shopping for myself very often. It’s hard for me to spend money on clothes when they seem so much to be wants more than needs (most of the time). However, baby clothes are very necessary, and since it’s getting cold fast, I don’t have time to wait for consignment sales. But moving forward, I need to be smart about stocking up for the following seasons/years.

Luckily these were all 30% off!


-I have given a cloth diaper or two a test run. Some prefolds + covers that I have (I only have 2-3 newborn size diapers). To be honest, I didn’t like it. The diaper was sopping wet when I took it off and hard to handle. The poop stained it (although I did not dry in the sun). I think I’m just going to have to jump into cloth 100% when our BumGenius diapers fit and give it a really good fair chance before I draw any real conclusions.

-The speech recognition feature on my phone always seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. It rarely gets my whole sentence right on the first try. However, now that I have lost the use of one hand, I’ve been using it a lot more and loving it!! So much faster than swype text or thumb typing – even if it takes two tries to get it right.

-When Matt uses the Baby Connect App at night, he often leaves me a surprise photo. They are so cute, and it’s a fun bit of entertainment in the lonely middle of the night!


-When I first nursed Maze at the gym, we had a pretty rough nursing session. I used to think, after getting all sweaty in a workout, that my poor future baby would have to breathe in my post-workout stink while he nursed. And now I’m doing it! Do you think this is what was bothering him? Another thought/concern was that some of you have mentioned lactic acid buildup in the milk, but since this hasn’t happened when I’ve been out running, I’m not sure if that’s what it could have been.


-Maze loves his pacifiers once he crosses moods from playtime to “I’m sleepy.” I have bought about 5 packs of 2 on Amazon so we can have a good stash. Of course a handful have already gone missing. He liked the Soothies at first, but these Avents are his favorite now because they actually stay in. He has a harder time keeping the Smoothie in his mouth. I needed a good place to store them all and when this sweet box came with Seamane’s birthday present, I thought it would be the perfect spot. Pretty to look at and functional too!

-The blackout curtains seem to be working well. We’ve had several crib naps and I do think the darkened room makes him sleepier and calmer. Keeping them as is for now!

-How on earth does Maze get lint between his fingers just hours after a bath!? It is always there and always black/navy blue in color. It’s like he secretly sticks his hands in a basket of yarn whenever I’m not looking. That and dirt under his fingernails. Where does it all come from!?

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  1. I love carters too, their clothes are cute, comfy and at reasonable price, and they always have sale going.

    I need to get those Avent pacifiers to see if it can avoid me putting soothes back every 15 min at 3AM!

    I want to go for stroller walking too. You’ll use BOB with the carseat? have you heard/read about not to keep the baby in the carseat for too long, like no more than 3 hrs?

    Matt is so kind to take those pics for you to see it later… those moments are priceless and precious! 🙂

      1. I have the Bob, too, and never bought the car seat adapter. I started walking with my daughter in it with an extra head support pillow (the u-shaped kind like you also see in car seats) around 8 weeks, and she did great. I love the little window in the canopy so I can peek in and see how she’s doing without stopping walking, too.

        It’s such a great stroller for exercise or really anything – so easy to steer. It’s a little big for indoor stuff, but I take it through the grocery store or drugstore when we’re out walking and doing errands pretty regularly.

        1. I love the carseat adapter for our BOB and felt comfortable running with him in the car seat it at 8 weeks. It was no rougher than a car ride.

  2. Maze is getting so big and is adorable! I totally agree on Carter’s! For the first year my son lived in their clothes 95% of the time. I think they just fit the babies so well. Now he’s two we really love Crazy 8 clothes. They seem to be a little higher quality and don’t wear out quite so quick for the active toddler years. Plus when their clothes go on clearance it’s cheaper than some of the second-hand stores!

    We could only use cloth diapers occassionally. He leaked through every kind we bought within a couple hours, so we were going through a ton a day and a ton of outfits. Plus the poo diapers were really hard to deal with. I’d usually put him in a disposable until he went, then use the cloth ones. It’s tough because I love the environmental aspect of cloth diapers, but it is a big committment to use them exclusively.

  3. I love Carter’s too! The clothes seem to fit better. Thankfully the onesies seem to run long because my girl is long and skinny.

    We’re using the BumGenius Freetime diapers, which I love because they’re so easy. There’s only been one minor leak in the three weeks we’ve been using them. The only bad part of using cloth is how puffy they are! I have to size up in pants so that they fit, which leads to lots of pant/legging rolling. Also with how the Freetimes are snapped in the front (to shorten the rise), they create an odd bulge in the pants that we can’t do anything about. All that extra puff makes my girl’s legs look short.

    I hate the funk that collects in neck folds. It smells gross and is hard to clean. I always feel bad when I have to hold Lucy’s head back to clean her neck because it’s such a sensitive area.

  4. Buy the car seat adaptor already!! It’s only $50 or so and you can run with them right away! Worth the investment for sure…

      1. Ask your ped! Mine said it was fine to run on smooth surfaces with the infant adapter. She mentioned that some people have bumpy cars!

        1. Bob said it was because the adapter made it top heavy for tipping. That said, anybody that runs with it I’m cool with it because I think the chance of the tipping is really slim. It’s not like you run without your hands on the handlebar! I’m just happy to power walk without it for now but I might get it later.

          1. We’ve run with our son in the infant adapter in our BOB since he was 4 weeks old, with ped approval and never had a problem. We’re half marathon training so he gets a LOT of time in it and LOVES it. Passes right out and snoozes like a champ and it allows my husband and I some much needed “us” time and endorphin buildup. You’d reallllllllly have to try hard to tip that thing over (we’ve tried using a weight not the baby obviously and it doesn’t tip). We just go super slow over uneven pavement and bumps or Jackson’s little arms fling out like “whaaaaaaa the heck was that?!”

            Also about nursing after working out, occasionally my son will get fussy with it but I’ve heard something your milk can actually taste different to them. Who knows? I just give him a pumped bottle after a workout, pump and save for later the workout milk.

            1. I’m just trying to be cautious because, you know, if I said I was running against the BOB manual’s recommendations half the internet would be on my case. I’m going to see if a friend has the adapter that I can borrow for a few months. It would be really nice to get out there and run with him!

              1. I’ve run with baby in the carseat on smooth road, in my mind it’s not any different than riding in the car. You don’t have to tell the Internet everything. 😉 That said, I’ve come to prefer just waiting to run when Dad is around to stay with the baby, it is so much nicer to just wait and run without pushing anything.

                As someone else said, CD’s do need to be changed more frequently than disposables. I hope you’ll still try EC too! Do I remember you said you were going to wait until 3 months? This is Baby #3, my third cloth diapered kid but the first we’ve ever done EC with and I have to say, it is awesome! We’ve been ECing since birth and he’s 4 months old now, it’s really starting to click with him and we catch at least a couple pees each day, some days are better than others… it feels so intimidating at first, but it is surprisingly easy when you get the hang of it. I still put him in a cloth diaper, a prefold with a snappi and take it off as soon as I notice he’s wet (if I didn’t catch him in time, which happens a lot!) because you don’t want them to get accustomed to sitting in a wet diaper at all. If early PTing is what you want, EC is the way to go. I’ve got a couple of real life friends who EC’d their kids and they were done with diapers shortly after their first birthday!

                1. I DO want to try it! I need to read up on the tips. That’s great you’re having luck! He pees almost every time we take off his diaper for a bath, so I do notice a pattern. Just have to catch it!

                  1. My daughter is 19-months-old now and tells me every time she has to poop. She sometimes pees on the potty, but mostly only by chance, but I haven’t changed a poopy diaper in weeks! And I didn’t do any EC, she just came this way. 🙂

                    I’ve also read on Kelly Mom that nursing after a workout is no big deal and that the baby might actually like the saltiness of it. Seems kinda gross now that I type it out…

                    1. Same sort of thing here.. no EC (I was kind of interested but never got around to it) but my 18 month old started announcing when she’s pooping (and sometimes peeing) last week. She’s not always interested in the potty, and so far it’s usually a during or after-the-fact announcement, but hey, I’ll take it! It’s at least nice to know immediately that she needs to be changed.

            2. Ditto. Ran with both kids in the BOB with the adaptor at 4 weeks old and they did great. Just tried to staynon smoother paths.

              I have nursed a million times post-workout and neither seemed to mind.

  5. Cute clothes!!

    I wouldn’t worry about one bad nursing session at the gym being a sign of anything other than maybe that you were both in an unfamiliar location and not as comfortable as usual. I nursed my daughter right after working out, before heading home from the gym, for months, and she never cared. I’ve read that the lactic acid thing is kind of a myth, so I wouldn’t worry about that. (There may be some scientific truth to it, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read that you’d have to be working out really hard and long before there’d be enough for most babies to notice or care about. I do know of long-distance runners who have successfully nursed their babies at a stop during or immediately at the end of a long run without problems, so I doubt that a normal gym workout would be an issue.) And, gross as it sounds, I bet Maze doesn’t mind your sweaty self at all. You probably smell even more like yourself to him.

  6. I love Carter’s! They fit well, wash up well and last a long time. We used to go to a nearby Carter’s outlet store and got some real deals there.

    I use my voice recognition on my phone all the time. It’s kind of funny, though, because sometimes it will fill in a word (that is sometimes bad (haha) so I have to really review it before sending. But I love it!

    The picture of all the clothes spread out and Maz in the mix is so cute.

  7. I always felt bad feeding my son right after a workout. Lactic acid build up never seemed to bother him (and I don’t think it happens instantly after a work out but I could be wrong) though, but I would use a wet wipe to clean myself up a little bit before he latched on.

    Carters brand is one of my favorites too. I just wish baby clothes weren’t so pricey for the short amount of time they wear them. Small Wonders (from Kmart) is pretty good too and not as expensive.

    I personally never ran with the car seat adaptor and waited until he was in the seat part. Do what you feel is right.

  8. I also hate buying clothes for myself, and try to stick to Goodwill for environmental and moral reasons, especially since the expose a few years ago about child labor being used to make Gap/Old Navy clothes. 🙁 Places like Goodwill and yard sales are GREAT for baby clothes, since babies outgrow each size in a few months, most are in good condition. If you make it down to Richmond there’s a great high-end consignment shop, Clover, where I’ve gotten super high-end organic outfits for a fraction of retail prices! I’m also lucky that between all my family and friends with babies, we’ve gotten so many hand-me-downs that I’ve only had to buy a few things here and there for my one year old.

    Have you tried Natursutten pacifiers? My daughter loves them and they are 100% natural, which I love.

    I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying cloth diapers! We’ve used pre-folds and Thirsties Duo covers from day one (well, the first day we got home from the hospital at least lol) and we love them. One big thing is that cloth needs to be changed much more often than disposable – every two hours even just for wet diapers – that’s one of the big benefits because it reduces the risk of diaper rash with the frequent changes (in a year of cloth diapering we’ve never had a diaper rash!). Have you tried soaking the poopy diapers in Oxyclean before washing them? That helps as well with stains. And of course you have to dunk any solids in the toilet before washing. I really hope you give it a try; cloth diapesr are so, so much better than disposable for so many reasons. On top of the environmental reasons (they take 550 YEARS to decompose!) they contain so many dangerous chemicals including dioxins and sodium polyacrylate, which is what caused toxic shock syndrome in tampons – sodium polyacrylate is now banned from use in tampons because the health risks were so great, but it is STILL in disposables – scary! To me the mild inconvenience of having to wash cloth diapers is a small, small price to pay to avoid having those toxins pressed against my daughter’s skin 24 hours a day for YEARS. Especially in the first six months of life, when it is the most important, because newborn skin is much more porous and topical absorption of hazardous chemicals is a real risk.
    (Okay, getting off my cloth diapering soap box,lol!).

    1. I totally hear ya and agree with you. And I’m definitely going to give them a fair chance when his regular ones fit. We are using the seventh generation brand so I hope the chemicals are reduced.

    1. I’m going to try them first, but I will absolutely donate when we’re through. I already gave about 1/3 of them to a reader who needed them.

  9. If you get a head positioner, like a Snuzzler, you should have no problems putting Mazen directly into the Bob. We put my son into our City Elite at 1 week for a walk and used the Snuzzler to keep his head secure and had no issues – he loved how snugglly and soft the Snuzzler was! We still use it occassionally and he’s 5 months old and doesn’t technically need it.

    Also, not sure how much Mazen weighs, but I would bet your BG’s fit him at 2 months old. We started using our BG 4.0’s at 2 weeks! My son was only 7.5 pounds and had super skinny legs at the time and they fit him fine with no leaks, just snapped down the smallest rise. Also, newborn cloth diapers is SO easy!! You can just dump everything (poop and all!) into the washing machine and it all comes clean! Breastmilk (and formula) poop is completely water soluble. Literally I just shake our wet bag into the washer and that’s it – super easy! I don’t even touch the diapers at all. I’d give them a try soon because once he starts food, it’s going to be a different story!

      1. I pull them out when we’re changing his diaper actually – it just makes it easier for me to turn the wetbag upside down over the washer when I’m starting the laundry. I figure I’m already getting my hands dirty during the diaper change by wiping, etc and then I don’t worry about it during laundry time.

        1. I never took the inserts out. Normally the washer spun them free, I did double check that they all came out as I put them in the drier.

          Some will get stained, and since you can’t sun the out between every use, you just keep using them. There is a little bit of a yuck factor you have to get over if you are going to use cloth — between holding a pee soaked diaper in your bare hands and flipping solid poop into the toilet and swishing/rinsing the diaper, it is not a neat or clean process. But once you figure out which diapers you like, it woks. (I used prefolds with covers and sized Fuzzibunz)

  10. I used and LOVED the Haba pacifier clips. They are wooden and BEYOND adorable! In fact, I saved them all in my girls memory boxes 🙂

  11. I nursed both my kids after workouts and I noticed what bothered them the most was the sweat. Even though I’d wipe off most of the sweat, I still sweat for a bit after the workout. They hate the wet against their face. Also, I am currently nursing my 5 month old son, and I notice that he gets a little hot from nursing – a lot of work for them? I assume that since working out makes me overheated, and then he’s also getting hot that the heat from both of us is uncomfortable? By the time I switch boobs, he is usually not fussy any more.

  12. I love my BOB! I used it WITH the car seat adapter for running from 9 weeks until 5 months or so, which was approved by my pediatrician. (I ran my first half marathon at 5 months PP.) It does create a higher center of gravity, so you just have to be sure to run with it on a very stable surface.

    We also use cloth diapers, but I started at 3 months, which was when I read from so many people that the one-size diapers really start fitting well. I wrote about it here, with a bunch of great links: In the meantime, have you tried disposables from the Honest Company? They’re a little pricier than store-bought (I think), but eco-friendly and the prints are so cute! (FYI: Did you know that 7th G dyes their diapers that sad sack color to make them seem more “organic”?!)

    As for feeding after sweaty time, it may have simply been the environment, especially if he did fine at home after you ran. Maybe have a bottle ready at the gym? (I hate pumping!) I am super-duper sweaty after running, and neither that nor any lactic acid issues (even after the really long runs) ever bother my daughter.

    Take care! 🙂

    1. I just discovered Honest last week! Why would 7th Gen dye their diapers. The audience that they’re targeting would totally see right through that.

      1. I didn’t know this either! It seems they are quite transparent about their use of dye though…

        The color of disposable diapers is typically achieved through the addition of color pigments to their inner and outer cover materials. This is also true for Seventh Generation diapers. While most designs on the market use pigments that result in a white color, we use a small amount of blended color pigments to impart a tan color to our diapers. The blend is proprietary to the supplier of the pigment. To the best of our knowledge, there are no known toxicity issues associated with the use of these pigments in our diapers. Without the addition of color pigments, these materials would be colorless, much like a plastic milk jug. We use brown pigments to help distinguish Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers from others in the marketplace that are bleached with chlorine-containing substances.” (under “scents, sizes, and ingredients”)

  13. The lint thing is spot on! I have a 7.5 week old and she does the exact same thing! It is also dark lint and she is almost exclusively in girly colors thanks to our generous family and friends (we didn’t find out the gender) so I don’t think it’s even coming from her clothes ;o) It’s been fun reading all of your posts here and on KERF since our babies are so close in age. You often articulate my thoughts exactly. Hope you guys are having fun!

    Also, I struggled a lot with the cloth diaper thing. Living in an apartment with the shared washer and dryer five flights down and no outdoor space for drying I decided we just couldn’t do it, and I’m an environmental engineer! While I can’t speak to the dyes/chemicals issue and actually that’s a bit scary, there are studies that show while disposables are definitely a HUGE solid waste issue, cloth carries a heavier electrical load and requires more water resources from all of the washing, even considering the manufacture of the disposables. There are all kinds of assumptions in these types of studies and I’m sure people will disagree but it at least seems plausible from a resources standpoint that the two options are more even than you might think and it’s a personal preference about what impacts trump others (i.e. water use versus landfilling).

    My goal: early potty training. I’ll let my naive new mom attitude believe that’s possible for now.

    Good luck!

      1. Good luck with that ;). We started training our son at 2 before our second was born and he was still having accidents right before his fourth birthay. Potty training has honestly been the most humbling part of parenthood yet! (my kids are 4 and 15 mo). Sometimes kids just have to be ready, much to our frustration. Sorry, just had to chuckle a little at your naivete at how easy you think it will be to potty train.

            1. I second that. Both of my boys were not potty trained until they were three years old. They just weren’t ready and showed absolutely no interest. My daughter? 15 months. Done and done. We didn’t do anything different, she was just ready and interested in the potty and did it. Good luck!

  14. Nice stash of onesies! He had a better wardrobe than I do! Because like you said, baby clothes are a must. Adult mama clothes, well, hard to justify spending money on clothes for myself when there’s tuition to pay and activities to register for and all that kiddo stuff that comes along!

  15. I used cloth diapers for all of my kids. One thing about cloth is that you need to change the baby more often than you do with disposables. More frequent changes=diapers that are damp, not sopping. I really think cloth is better for babies’ skin. My kids almost never had diaper rash and I always thought those gel beads in disposables were pretty disgusting.

  16. We love Carter’s too! Unfortunately, the sleepers are polyester and really tight when you go above 12 months size. So sad. I miss the cute sleepers.

    One recommendation for pacifiers, a Booginheads pacifier clip. My daughter loved a pacifier from the beginning and this meant we only have owned two and she’s now 14 months! Love these!!

    If we have #2, I can’t wait to use the Baby Connect app. It looks awesome and so convenient for multiple caretakers!

  17. I could have written a lot of these bullet points. Ditto on Carter’s, lint in hands and moved from Soothies to Avents just recently too. We did the same switch around this age with my older son too. Maze is so cute!

  18. I have been running with the BOB with E in the infant carseat for a few weeks now and she is loving it (and so am I). I am looking forward to when I can put her right in the stroller to job though.

    As for diapers I decided to go the prefolds route initially but I haven’t been a big fan of them. The same thing happens to me they become sopping wet. I have loved our fuzzybuns and bumgenius newborn size (which E still wears) and also a huge fan of Ones and Twos and Omaiki. I also just bought some bumgenius 4.0 that I’m looking forward to trying.

    As for the screaming at the gym He may not have been comfortable or your smell may have been strange to him. I have read that it’s best to wipe your breast off before nursing or shower and change your clothes if you can.

  19. Yay For Bob! We bought the carseat adapter on Amazon, but in a tricky way since we got it through Amazon with a 3-month return policy. So since he technically won’t need it after 8 weeks, we can return it!

    Love the idea if blackout curtains, I need to invest in those guys. Oh & I have the Avent twin electric pump…you think it might have the option of using batteries? Thanks for the tip I will research the little guy tomorrow!

  20. I am loving reading your updates!! I am due in April, so I am soaking it ALL in! Quick question- what BOB did you get (and sorry if you did a post already about it and I missed it). I just got the bob ironman off of craiglist for super cheap and am hoping it was the right choice for running and walks. Thanks!

  21. Love all the cute clothes, he will look sooo cute, for the colder months the onsies with feet are great for keeping warm socks on, just pop them on first.
    There is a generic shape, lambswool liner pad (Target have then in Australia) available for any pram or stroller, they are washable (wool wash liquid, woolcycle ) and keep baby warm and comfortable, my kids all slept on lambswool, so having one in the pram was good for easy nap time.

  22. Kinsley loves those Avent pacifiers too. Now at 6 months, she loves to grab them and these are the easiest ones for her to hold onto.

  23. You MUST shop a year ahead! Go to old navy, gap, target, carters, and shop for a season a year from now, in the right size (12-18 months?). We did that and it has saved us SO much money.

  24. I have a clothing question. I’m due in 10 days (!!!) & feel unprepared in what clothes we have. Our family keeps telling us not have a lot of newborn clothes & just start with 3 months (so we have a lot of those), but they seem so big. How did you & Matt decide how many newborn outfits to get? I love Carters clothes, but it doesn’t help when they say their newborn clothes go up to 8lbs. It makes me worried that our baby will be bigger than that 🙂 Thanks for your help!

    1. I would get about 10 onesies and some pants and just put him or her in those over and over again for the first month. You’ll be in 0-3 before you know it .

  25. i get that sometimes you feel the guilt when you buy yourself clothes, but it’s okay to treat yourself!!! plus, it’s good for the marriage when you look goooood.;)

  26. I bought 4 different CD brands because I wasn’t sure which ones I’d like, and I wish all of mine were the Bummies Easy Fits. They are fab! The insert is attached to the diaper, so it is like a cross between a pocket and an all in one. The minky is super absorbant, and super soft, and the insert falls out in the wash. I have 8 of them, and I want to slowly sell off my other brands and swap them out with the easy fits.

    Oh, and on losing the paci – we bought a paci clip (, and I just attach it to her outfit every day. I haven’t lost a paci yet 🙂

  27. The lint! Where does it come from?! My little guy is the same way and doesn’t want to open his hands to let go of it. Mazen is precious!!

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