Motherhood Part 4

-You guys were totally right. Baby poop is most definitely NOT white. I think my misconception might be because the baby I cared for when I was in high school was formula fed. Is their poop different? I’m a bit surprised at not only how bright poop is but also how much it stains. I’ve learned to go hand-wash anything that gets pooped on right away or it might not come back out. Also, our pediatrician keeps warning me that “sometimes babies only poop once every 5 days so do not be alarmed.” Um, when will our baby do that? Because he poops like 5 times everyday.

SO glad we are past the point of babyhood that required white noise all the time. We haven’t been using it anymore and he seems fine. My ears have never been happier!


-There was a time when I wanted all of my clothes to be very tight. Not surprisingly, this was when I was my smallest. My mom used to complain that I wore everything too tight, and I hated shirts that were long and/or loose. Now – I’m quite the opposite! I would like my shirts to be as long and loose as possible. Oversized sweater shirts are my favorite pieces. My waistline is not something I’m wanting to highlight these days. I think this also has something to do with the fact that my boobs are huge so all of my old shirts feel extra short. {Although what was with the short shirt trend a few years ago anyway!?} I don’t want to buy too many things because I am hoping to get back to normal size sooner rather than later, but on the other hand, I’m wearing the same 5 shirts over and over :mrgreen:

-It’s too bad there isn’t some way to communicate a snooze button feature on a baby. I mean this in the most lovingly way possible. I breaks my heart when he cries out of hunger in the night and it takes me 3 whole minutes of crying to get all set up with my pillow, water bottle and things. Even worse if I really have to pee before we start!


-Women have told me over the years how as a mom you are often covered in poop, pee and spit up. It’s so weird how since Mazen is MY baby who came out of me, I’m not that grossed out by his accidents, boogers, spit-up and things. I’ve always said that the part of motherhood I am not looking forward to the most is when my child throws up, so we’ll see how I feel about that when it happens. My gut (haha) instinct is telling me that I will be so concerned by him being sick that I won’t notice the throw up as much as I think I will.

Note the wet spot!!!!


-I just added this Bravado! Bliss bra to my collection and LOVE it! The others I bought are great, but I needed something with more structure to go with my dressier clothes. This one fits the bill. Sidebar: I had to order a size larger than I normally wear in it. I also bought two new Moving Comfort Fiona sports bras in a size up. Much more comfortable than squeezing into my old ones, and great for nursing because they velcro down!


-After nursing, Maze always takes a 3 minute nap. He likes to trick me into thinking he’s taking a REAL nap, but he almost always rests and then wakes up wide awake to play.

Nursing is hard work, y’all!


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  1. Those Moving Comfort bras are THE best for nursing moms! I have several. Now if they could just come up with a bra for all that extra stuff around the waist….

    Also, the pooping does slow down–then you worry that he’s not pooping enough!


      1. Um… I’m jealous! Baby girl (16 months) still poops between 1 & 3 times a day, and was like 5 times a day till six months old. At least the major blowouts stopped around seven months though… Those were the worst! And yes Kath… I had to do lots of instant rinsing/treating or else…

        And spit up stains too. I never knew before I became a mom.

    1. I had really low milk production, so I always said that our son would save up every little bit of milk and squeeze the last remaining bits of nutrition out of it before expelling it. He went 11 days one time without pooping – and after 11 days of saving up… PEEYOOO!!! I thought my nose hairs had burned off after that one.

  2. Oh the things we learn 🙂

    I am totally with you on the shirts. After having my baby I hated most of my shirts and they all felt too small and tight (even though I actually lost weight after having my baby) and now I most definitely want them longer.

    Now that my “baby” is 15 months old I actually miss the smell of spit up.

  3. Yup, formula-fed baby poop is different – less bright yellow/orange usually, I think, and smellier than that of an exclusively breastfed baby. I think it often takes 2-3 months for the pooping to slow down (and for some babies, it never really does). Sunshine is great for getting the stains out, too – just wash the item and lay it in the sun while still wet. Even indirect sunlight (like on a cloudy but not totally dark/rainy) day will work, it just takes a lot longer.

    1. I didn’t find my son’s poop changed color at all when we switched to formula. It changed in consistency and frequency, but the color is exactly the same on breastmilk and formula (at least for him – maybe different kinds of formula would be different?)

      I second using the sun to get out stains. They work for the cloth diapers and they work for clothes as well. Also, I found pre-soaking in Oxyclean helps a ton too!

      1. Agree. My daughter was EBF until about six months and then we switched to formula. The color may have changed slightly, but it was never white. In fact, I think FF poop is more brown and EBF poop tends to be more yellowish. At least for my kid.

  4. It is definitely crazy how we are not grossed out by our babies poop, boogers etc. My daughter was still pooping like 5 times a day until about a week ago. She’s 6 months old so I’m thinking the introduction to solid foods has something to do with that.

    One thing that has made night waking easier for me is nursing in the side lying position. Victoria sleeps next to me in her crib so when she wakes up I just scoop her up, lay a receiving blanket on my bed and nurse her. No setting up pillows or anything. She will fall back asleep while nursing so I just put her right back to bed after. It’s the best thing I’ve done!

  5. I know, the throwing up part is a big thing with me, I’ve such a phobia; even my little niece who’s now four which I mind 3-4 days a week is like having my own child sometimes and it honestly doesn’t bother me and it’s the only time it’s ever been that way so I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂

  6. Hehe yeah, YELLOW poo.

    My first son would only poop about once every week. So bizarre. I freaked out but was told that as long as he didn’t act like his was in pain because of constipation that I shouldn’t worry about it…so I didn’t. On a funny note, as soon as he started eating food he pooped at least once a day and still does, two years later. haha

    My second poops at least three times a day and he’s almost to eating food so we’ll see what happens then.

  7. It’s refreshing to see you admit you were wrong about something.

    Love reading about your adventures being a mother…Mazen looks more and more like you every day!

  8. I second the sunning of poopy items, it’s magic! Even when we lived in cloudy Portland things would look back to new!

  9. Oxiclean baby gets every stain out! I take soiled clothes and soak right away in a bucket with hot water and a scoop!

  10. I am definitely not looking forward to being pooped, peed, or puked on–as opposed to the legion of parents who I am sure are. 🙂

    That face at the end of your post, though. That is why we do it. Such a sweet-faced little baby. Enjoy every poop, pee, puke-filled moment!

  11. You are doing an amazing job as a Mom–I’m in awe! My first is just now 8 months. He is EBF and we started solids at 6 months. He still goes through at least two poppy diapers a day but it’s starting to taper off-although diaper changes are even less enjoyable (super stinky) once solids are in the mix, but I suppose it evens out. Thanks for posting your experiences. It’s always great to commiserate with other Moms dealing with the same things!

      1. Wow! Was this in cloth? It took me a while to get it right and not get leaks. We never have pee leaks in disposables and we’ve never had a poo explosion in cloth!

          1. Leaks in cloth usually mean that either the diaper is not snug enough or didn’t have enough absorbency so there was nowhere for the liquid to go but out. “Not snug enough” can either mean that it’s too big (i.e., there’s no possible way to get it snug enough around the legs) or that you just need to fasten it more tightly. If there’s not enough absorbency, you can either add a doubler/extra insert/etc or change more frequently.

            Now that my daughter is 18 months old, we get leaks occasionally because she doesn’t pee very often, so sometimes she holds it and goes a whole bunch at once, and the diaper just doesn’t quite have enough time to absorb it. I think this would be pretty unusual for a baby as young as Mazen, but I’m not sure.

          2. It can actually mean several different things. Leaks happen when either the diaper is repelling water (so they would need to be stripped, or if they are new, prepped, but you are using hand-me-downs, so one would assume that they have already been prepped), or in a pocket diaper, the insert is bunching.
            I have a friend who wrote an interesting article on the issue of adjusting onsize diapers for the company she works for.
            Here is a link

          3. We’ve been doing cloth for about 7mos now (my little girl is 7.5mos) and, overall, we’ve had a great experience. We started at 2 weeks with prefolds + Fuzzibunz covers, and then we switched to BumGenius AIO-OS at around 2 months.

            From my experience and from what I’ve read, leaks can be caused by:

            1. Size. Too big means the pee has space to run out the side (e.g. best absorbancy is achieved when the diaper is right against their body). Too small means there may be weird bunching and the legs and/or the waist. One time we had leaks over several diaper changes, so I adjusted the rise and the problem was solved.
            2. The diaper has reached capacity. All material has a max absorbancy limit; cloth diapers have a high limit, but there is still a limit. How long you can go between diaper changes can vary. When my little one is on an eating kick, I have to change her more frequently. Having said that, however, I know some have commented that you have to change cloth every two hours. Our experience has been closer to 3-4 hours. We typically go through 6-8 diapers a day, and it’s been like that since she was a newborn.
            3. The diaper’s absorbancy has been compromised, e.g. by detergent residue. A good quick test to see if this is the problem is to simply drop a bit of water onto the diaper. If it beads on the surface instead of being absorbed then you need to strip the diapers, a process that depends on the diaper.

            Anyway … just my two cents. Hope it helps.

            Good luck with the cloth. But remember that there’s no shame if you decide not to continue with cloth. It’s not for everyone, and you have to go with what works for Mazen, you and Matt.

              1. I have to put my 2 cents in… we’ve been cloth diapering for 11 months, and we’ve always used prefolds + covers, and we’ve NEVER had poop leak, and the only pee leaks we’ve had were due to user error (i.e. prefold not fully within the cover). We had pee soaking through overnight for about a week at 6 months until we added a hemp insert to her night diaper, and it’ll work for 12+ hours. It’s been pretty awesome, we’ve never had to clean poop off of clothes or anything else (even in the early first few weeks when there was copious poop with every feeding) except for the prefolds and on RARE occasions the cover. I feel like prefolds + covers get a bad rap and they have been fantastic for us! They fit our 5 day old and still fit our 11 month old with only the 2 sizes of Thirsties Duos (and the size 2 will fit until she’s ready to potty train). And another benefit is that prefolds are 100% cotton, (and you can buy organic cotton) unlike all-in-ones that have synthetic fabrics if that’s something you’re concerned about.

                I wondering who the heck told you that baby poop was white! White or red poop is when you’re supposed to call your doctor ASAP – white is a sign of serious liver damage and considered a medical emergency (and obviously red = blood)! Any other color in the rainbow is normal (although green + frothy or mucousy can be a sign of an allergy or intolerance, or fore/hind milk imbalance). I’ve found that different babies have different colors, independent of formula or breastmilk diets. My daughter’s early poop was BRIGHT orange/brownish, and my sister’s baby was dark, dark brown (almost black) and they are both exclusively breastfed. Of course when you start solids that baby poop is a whole new world of fun – expect adult smells/consistency/size, ha!

  12. I bought a few new Moving Comfort sports bras since I am now more than a full cup size bigger than I was this time last year. I love how supportive the Moving Comfort bras are.

    As for baby poop- E was doing around 4-6 poopie diapers a day and about 2 weeks ago (at 4 months) she is now about once every 24 hours, sometimes twice. It as a huge difference but a wonderful one.

  13. I think that you are looking very thin, Kath.

    I know the feeling about wearing little tees. When I got pregnant, I had to ditch them so fast because my breasts took up so much of the space. I hope that I can wear them again eventually.

  14. Formula fed babies should definitely not have white poop. Pale poops can actually be a sign of an underlying health issue…

    1. Yeah, that could be biliary atresia, the #1 cause of liver transplantation in infants. Or a problem with bilirubin conjugation.

  15. My FF’ed baby’s poop was never white, I wish it was, haha! And try sunning some of the stained things, it works great! Doesn’t have to be super sunny or warm out either.

  16. Hi Kath! I remember you said you want to wait a few yrs before #2. Are you planning to replace your IUD? How does that work with breastfeeding? Thanks!

  17. I was just wondering when thr white noise thing will go away too. she still sleeps well with it so I don’t want to take it off yet. how did you realize Maze was ready to sleep without it?

    I so agree about poop/pee/milk spit thing. they seem so irrelevant when the babynis healthy. sometimes i even feel proud when she poops a lot, that means she’s eating well and I’m producing enough milk for her, 🙂

  18. I never thought that the eating, drinking, taking supplements, pumping, ect that goes into breastfeeding would make me feel like I have two full time jobs!!! It is totally worth it but golly it can be tough!
    I was worried about puke too- as a teacher, I thought I’d loose it when my first kiddo puked. Within my first week as a teacher a little one puked ON ME! Truth be told, it’s always gross but my heart always is really concerned and it trumps the grossness. (that is if you make sure to hold your breath! 😉 )

  19. When my daughter was about a year old, we were waiting in line at the pharmacy after a doctor’s visit to pay for medicine for her. She was sitting in the front of the cart, and she suddenly started to throw up – I instictively reached out my hands and caught (most) of it. Another mom came running with something to help wipe up the floor and the cart, no qualms about wiping up my baby’s puke.

  20. I totally agree on the shirts too. Somehow I’ve never gotten back into a number of my old shirts. They just feel so dang short! (Even though my boobs got smaller than probably once I weaned). Don’t know what that’s about, but its been a wardrobe bummer.

    And nursing! Yes! It was SO much more work and time than I expected! Have no idea if FFing feels similarly time consuming, but BFing seemed to take up most of every day (and night) till My girl was like 8 months and well into solids and cutting back on nursing.

  21. You really should try sunning out those stains! I was always amazed at what the sun got out of our little girl’s clothes and cloth diapers. After drying in the sun (or by a window) they look brand new 🙂 Works on BF poop and lots of other stains too!

  22. I second (3rd, 4th, 5th??) The sunning! Its amazing what the sun does to poop stains!! I’ve never had to hand wash gto get stains out bc the sun will always get rid of it! Also, have u heard of bac-out?? After hearing tons n tons of good reviews, I bought some to try. Its supposed to get rid of ANY stain and prevent mold and other gross stuff.

    Have u given cloth another try?? Don’t give up!!! Its awesome, but it does take a little trial and error! I just ordered 6 more diapers–>including a cat in the hat one!! So excited!

    FYI, I’ve never had any luck w/ pocket diapers overnight, only covers + inserts works for us, but u will figure out what works for y’all in time 🙂

    1. We’re on and off depending on day (mostly home, mostly out), but I do like it. It’s not that much different then disp.

      What’s your favorite diaper?

  23. Glowbug pocket diapers are by FAR my favorite for daytime/day care. So cute and easy to use!! Flip covers are my go to for overnight.

    I’ve ordered some happy flute covers and pockets from the co-op I’m in and I’m excited to try them. I’ve also ordered some charcoal bamboo inserts to try! Weeeeeeee!!!

  24. Sorry I’m so late in responding to your post!

    I don’t have a baby (although we’re almost ready to start trying for one!), and I just wanted to share how genius of you to use that bra as a nursing bra as well! I just started jogging this past summer, and we went to a running store right before a 5k, and since I couldn’t find a decent sports bra at a normal clothing store since I’m so large chested, the saleslady at the running store suggested the same exact bra you have pictured for the 5k. I’m normally a 36DD-DDD, depending on bras, and this bra will be extra helpful when I start losing inches (hopefully!) in my chest area with weight loss. Plus, it’s so freaking comfy that I actually wear it to bed sometimes! And I just never put two-and-two together to use it as a future nursing bra because of the velcro straps and how easy they are to adjust!

    Love your blogs, Kath! 🙂

    1. Same here 🙂 I Have that exact same bra, recently purchased on Amazon when my boobs outgrew my old sports bras.. I’m 14 weeks pregnant and never even occurred to me those will work for nursing too. 🙂

  25. About future spit up….it gets worse as the kids grow older and eat real food. Picture a few more kids and a flue bug spreading through the family (at night of course)! There aren’t enough buckets and sheets in the house and it’s totally gross. I love all my kids but the two episodes totally grossed me out.

  26. Bravado bras=awesome!!
    I might have to invest in a couple of those sports bras once I’m cleared for working out (in 3 weeks hopefully!!)
    I totally agree about the shirts!! Maybe it is a big boob thing!? 😉

    Seriously, Maze is so darn cute!!

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