Nursery Tour: One Year Later

Here was our nursery just before we brought little Mazen home from the hospital:


And here it is one year later:


By request, here are some of the things we have loved about our nursery and some things we have changed.

Our color scheme and décor I still really love.{Although I will say I have considered painting the walls bright white recently…!} I changed the bedspread from a white duvet to a blue quilt for the summer, and like the quilt a lot more because it shifts around less than the duvet did. I also swapped the huge sham and small throw pillow for a more practical gray lumbar pillow. It’s great for reading in bed or nursing.


I swapped out our gray lamp for the red one because it was easier to turn on and off in the wee hours of the night. The gray ones are now our master bedroom lamps.


The biggest change is the night stand. At about 11 months Mazen figured out how to open the drawer and that caused the night stand to be really tippy. (We hadn’t bolted it to the wall because it was so light.) Also, the top had gotten really cluttered, especially since we used it for our wipes storage. The table below was Karen’s and was living in our attic. It was the perfect solution! The only drawback is that it totally clashes with the wall color. Maybe I’ll paint it someday.


It has tons more space on top and not one but two shelves underneath. I have actually thought about getting a big low dresser to go here for more drawers and an even bigger bed-side surface space, but I think this is good enough for now.


M loves to pull out this drawer and hide trinkets and his toothbrush inside. It’s a much better height for him.


On the bottom shelf I have a bin full of our bedtime books. It’s easy to pull out and bring onto the bed so we can dig through them and find the best stories. I found these burlap bins at Homegoods.


Another huge change is that we no longer use our changing table. When Mazen started to roll, it was too dangerous to have him up there, bolts and straps and all. We went through a short time of changing him on the floor until we realized…


That the bed is the perfect solution! He can roll off but he still has a soft bed to roll onto. And I can keep the floor space open and the wipes and things on the night stand. I also find it much easier to change him from the base of the changer – the angle is easier to manage.


Having a bed in our nursery has been THE BEST thing we could have done. I’m so glad we decided to keep it in there! I lie down to nurse all the time. We read stories snuggled together. I change all of his outfits and diapers on the bed. He loves to stand at the window and look out. We also slept in the nursery during the horrible four month sleep regression, and the bed was a life saver for our sleep quality. It will become Mazen’s big boy bed someday in the future too. I really can’t imagine where I’d do all of this if we didn’t have the bed in there.

Since our changing station has moved, the dresser serves as an open space for laundry folding and holds the changing pad when we are using the bed for other things. It also houses the sound machine.

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The crib has been awesome.





It’s on its lowest setting now. We have been nothing but happy with the crib and mattress purchase. I still don’t know if the organic mattress was worth the price tag (and never will) but I can say the mattress is holding up just fine and barely feels used a year later.

I added breathable bumpers when M started to roll around. They might have been unnecessary because I took them off to clean them on the front and he hasn’t ever gotten stuck. In fact, he likes to play with the crib from the outside so I haven’t put them back on.

We bought this crib wrap for the front when M started to chew on the crib. Sadly we have some permanent teeth marks so buy this before your child starts teething! We bought this gummi rail for the sides where ties wouldn’t work. I’ve been happy with them both, although I haven’t taken the gummi off to see how it does on the finish. The front tie wrap is great because I can throw it in the wash if it gets gross.

Lastly, I had to take the crib skirt off when we lowered the crib. It was custom made by my friend and it didn’t fit anymore. Sad, but I kind of like the open look too.


Nap toys! We still use our aden + anais blankets for sleeping. He loves them. And my mom got him these little dolls (without buttons or anything) from Amazon.


Did you notice that the paintings changed order in the first two photos? One night I woke up in a panic thinking about that heavy lion frame crashing into the crib and on top of Mazen if we had another earthquake. The next morning I swapped it with the lightweight bike canvas just to be safe ; )



Before we had nice flags hanging in style by their lonesome:


And now they have ugly cords tangled throughout. We mounted the video monitor on the wall, which has been priceless to have, but it sure isn’t pretty to look at!



The toy baskets are now filled with even more toys!



The rug…


I haven’t been very happy with the rug. It was inexpensive from Urban Outfitters. I don’t like that it always looks dirty!! It has tons of little pills in it that look like dirt specks, and it collects dirt from shoes really easily. And when M was younger and spitting up all the time, the water marks from the spit up and clean up took ages to come out. If I were you and I were setting up a nursery I’d get an indoor/outdoor rug like the ones that Ballard Designs has. Easier to clean! Thumbs down on the rug : (


The chair gets a thumbs up!


While I only nursed it in a handful of times (the bed wins every time) it has been great to have when we have a visitor. Matt often sits in it while I nurse at bedtime and others sit in it when they hang in the nursery with us. I use it sometimes if I am comforting Mazen at night or need to rock him a bit. M loves to bang on it. I couldn’t have asked for a better chair for these purposes – it’s compact, rockable and comfy.


Our drawers and closet are pretty much the same. I’ve moved things around – what used to hold burp cloths now holds shoes and socks. But nothing really to note. I do sort of wish I could take everything out and make 2 rows for hanging clothes. I put all of his clothes in a drawer by season and they do get a little jumbled at times. But it’s just easier to put shirts in a drawer than to hang them up, so I haven’t made the jump to try that. Still very glad I took the closet door off and used a curtain instead.


Speaking of curtains, I did swap out the white ones for blackout curtains early on. I still miss the white ones, but the blackouts are good!

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Gotta run – tantrum alert!!


38 thoughts on “Nursery Tour: One Year Later”

  1. No one ever shows their nursery AFTER. It’s always before – when it’s clean and shiny and happy. But yours still is! I love this idea of the post and reflections on the products. Good to know about the U.O. rug. Have often wondered about their rugs. I remember you putting this nursery together like it was yesterday Kath. And it was about 18 mos ago on some of this stuff. Wow! 🙂

  2. Great update! I have been a daily reader on your blogs for YEARS! I love all the great tips and advice you give on BERF and KERF and I thank you for all the time and energy you spend! I’m coming out of the wood work now 🙂
    We have a couch in our nursery and we debated taking it out when we were changing the room from extra bedroom –> baby room but I’m SO glad we left it in! Great for all the reasons you mentioned above! And too bad about the rug – it’s so cute! Can’t believe Mazen is a year! He’s such a cutie! 🙂
    -Sammy @

  3. We have a king single bed in our baby room and it’s been nothing but awesome, especially when we started bed-sharing at six months old. We also do the majority of our nursing on the bed as LO grew too big to nurse in our chair.

  4. I have to admit, I’m somewhat jealous of this, lol! When we had both of our kids we weren’t so crazy about transforming their rooms…it had something to do with the expense but also the fact that they grow so quickly so we figured we would wait until they were 2 or 3 and design a proper toddler-friendly room. Don’t get me wrong, my kids rooms are cute and simple but not full-out baby-fied, lol! A part of me regrets this, but a part also knows that I can make up for it when they get a bit older!

  5. I have the same issue with the rug in our nursery. How do you clean Mazen’s rug? Dry cleaners or did you take it to a professional rug cleaning place? I know the one we have in Clara’s room is too big and can’t go in our home washing machine.

  6. I love that chair. My hubby and I love the Eames chair and have considered it for our nursery (little one due March 2). But after talking to some other moms, I don’t think it would be comfortable for a nursing chair. We were going to try out some chairs at Land of Nod during our visit to Seattle in November. Still like that chair though. There might be room in the nursery for it as well but it carries a pricey tag. I wish we had hardwood floors to put a rug on. Our apartment is all carpet. Boooo.

  7. Very cool to do a one year update! We also have a twin-sized bed in my daughter’s room, and it’s been great for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. And at almost two years old, one of her favorite activities is still looking out her bedroom window from the bed! She’ll count the cars and houses, talk about the trees and squirrels and birds, and say “no people!” or “a lotta people!” depending on the time of day. 😉

    It’d be cool to do another update at two years… I found we had to make the most changes between 1 and 2 because of all of the increased mobility, larger toys, big riding vehicles, etc. One challenge for us is space, we only have 1300 sq without any huge living spaces (although luckily our daughter’s room is plenty big), and we’ve had to rearrange a lot of furniture because our girl needs room to RUN and play with all of her toys! 😀 Do you all have a playroom for Mazen’s toys?

  8. I bought the same rug after you initially recommended it and I hate it too 🙁 It’s very thin, flips up easily in the corners, and always looks dirty. How did you end up cleaning it?

    Also, do you put your cloth diapers in the diaper genie? We’ve never had a problem with smell until recently and I have wondered if the genie would help.

    1. I’m sorry you had a similar experience. I Really did like it in the beginning. I have cleaned it with vinegar and carpet cleaners and have only gottenmediocre results. We use the Diaper Genie for our nighttime disposables.

  9. Thanks for the tip on the carpet. Our nursery is 80% set up and I still need to buy a rug so I’ll check out an indoor/outdoor rug. Can’t wait for you to see it!

  10. Hi Kath,

    I have been reading back on your first trimester posts about the Unisom/B6 cocktail you used for morning sickness. I am in the throes of it now, and bought some today. What dosage and frequency did you use? Thank you so much–all your posts have been so helpful to me during these first few weeks.

  11. Kath,

    This post is so helpful as I am almost 29 weeks along and in the throes of putting together a nursery. I’ve been reading your blog and others for ideas and useful tips and think it’s such a great idea to do a one year update! Thank you.

    One other topic I’m wondering if you might be willing to address. Clothes. I know it’s very easy to get carried away buying cute baby clothing for newborns but it would be interesting to hear your perspective on “must-haves” for the first days/weeks/months.


    1. Good suggestion Erin. I felt totally overwhelmed by the number of clothes we had (and outgrew) in the first year. A good problem to have I suppose! As we move forward I’m trying to have less. He really only needs 7 days worth of outfits because I do laundry every week, so 15-20 is plenty. So I’d say err on the conservative side and get more if you need them on sale.

  12. Does Mazen sleep with a sound machine? I think it’s good for little ones to sleep with no extra noise so that they are used to bumps or other sounds in the night. They’ll be used to it when they need to sleep and there is no sound machine to use. My little one came home from sleeping in a noisy NICU and I could literally vacuum next to him and he’d sleep peacefully 🙂 Just my opinion.

  13. What kind of sound machine, and do you like it? We rely on static and used the clock radio when baby was in our room but now that he’s in his own room there is interference with the radio waves due to the monitor. I looked on Amazon and it seems there are bad reviews on some sound machines for this same reason. I have been leaving my phone in his room for a week now with a white noise app. I want my phone back! Any help is appreciated. Loved this post by the way 🙂

  14. Thanks! I had read the reviews on that one and seems like peple had issues with interference from other electronics in the room (monitor) but I suppose it’s going to be a little different for everyone.

  15. We will be transitioning our daughter into her own room in the next month or so. I think I just might try to shuffle things around so that I can get a bed in her room as well.
    Great tips as always!

  16. Hi! I just bought (what looks like) the same breathable mesh crib bumper and it looks like we have the same crib. I’m having a hard time attaching it to the crib because like yours, our crib doesn’t have slats on all four sides, just the long sides. How did you attach your bumper to Mazen’s crib? Thanks!

    1. The directions had a photo of closed side cribs that I followed. You Double back on the edges and velcro towards the center.

  17. Now that I’m planning a nursery for our first (a girl!) I’m revisiting some of your old posts. Wondering if you found the Hemnes to be a good size for a changing table or too small? Our room is on the smaller side so I’m leaning towards it.

    1. Yes, it’s been a great changing table. But now we just use the bed (he’s too big for it now). I think most parents of toddlers change on the floor/beds/etc due to mobility, but I could be wrong. But for the first 6-9 months it was great.

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