Nursery Update: Big Boy Room

I have been itching to redecorate Mazen’s room for some time now. Probably as early as the moment I realized that my vision for his yellow + gray nursery never really turned out how I imagined.

As a reminder, here’s what we started with:


Here’s what his nursery looked like right before he arrived:


Here’s what it looked like one year later (and here’s the post about that!)


And here’s what it looks like today!


I’m in the process of slowly turning our house into a beach house. I’ve declared it my favorite style (bright, relaxed, comfortable). While the changes in the main house have been subtle, I decided to carry the nautical theme into Mazen’s room and give his décor a bit of an overhaul. I didn’t spend that much or change any of the big stuff, but the key pieces made a huge difference in the look and feel of the room.


The biggest change, of course, is the wall color. What was once a minty green is now bright modern white! And I love it.


I added new linens and curtains and moved around the artwork and furniture a bit. Here’s what it looks like from the doorway:


My favorite piece in the room is the ropey lamp that I found in Target’s Threshold line.


As a reminder, here’s the before! A red lamp I bought fresh out of college that had seen better days.


The new bedspread from Land of Nod has whales on the underside!


On top I had this pillow cover made through Etsy to fit the insert we already had. I love the pop of red – it is small but it really brightens up the room



Check out that octopus – also from Target! The burlap bins I bought a while ago, but they were Homegoods finds that work so well in the open space of the nightstand.


I used to store toys in this box in the basement, but it works so much better as a book cart in here.



If you look closely, you’ll see the Young House Love octopus hook on the shelves! I was going to hang it, but I actually like it as a decorative item even more. The paper mache M was made by blog reader Heather!


We use the bed as a changing table (which works perfectly) so most of the time you’ll find the matching changing pad on top.


But when I tidy up, it rests back on top of the dresser.


These curtains were sitting right under my nose for the longest time. I was searching for grommet curtains (the easiest to open and close) that were blackout but also over half white/light with some navy. I had already checked Pottery Barn Kids and overlooked these, and when I saw them on Pinterest I thought they had to be custom made. When I clicked through to the blog that featured them, she had a source guide and I found them on Pottery Barn! Grommets, blackout AND nautical – SOLD! They even tie in the burlap color on the bins and anchor print!


Here’s a reminder of what the old curtains were like – blah!

I splurged on a crib sheet that I really didn’t need but just wanted. I used to think $24 or so for a sheet was a lot (and it is when you have to buy 1,000 baby things!), but now that I know how much use they get and how happy these whales make the room feel I say go with the sheet you want most in the long run.


We moved Mazen’s crib 90 degrees and the room now seems to be so much more spacious. The rocking chair looks so much better over there than squeezed in by the door where it used to be. We also swapped rugs around in the house – Mazen’s stained chevron rug is now in the basement, the cushy basement rug is in the living room and this kitchen living room rug is now in here. I think it fits so much better.


I love it. Mazen likes the whales. We are all happy with the updates!

Where’s That From?

See some of my inspiration on my Baby Pinterest board!

Stripe + whale quilt

Whale crib sheet

Blue dot changing pad cover

Burlap wall anchor

Octopus wood wall art

Rugby stripe curtains

Anchor pillow cover

Ropey lamp

White pin tuck sham

Rocking chair

Wooden book crate

Paper mache M

Young House Love octopus hook

32 thoughts on “Nursery Update: Big Boy Room”

  1. I love the beach house theme. I want to redecorate Aiden’s room now too. The jungle animal theme I was set on didn’t turn out the way I wanted either. It made the room brown and kinda dark. I love the bright white colors too.

  2. Looks great Kath! Looks like your rooms make the same progression as mine – sometimes it takes living with it for a bit to figure out exactly what works. Those curtains are from PB or PBK? I can’t find them but want to pin them to remember to buy next time I get a coupon.

    Oh! And I am obsessed with the Land of Nod sheets. So expensive but so worth it. We’ve had 3 sets for 2+ years now and they are still in almost perfect condition when other crib sheets have had to be tossed.

    My favorite piece in the room is the anchor pillow. Lovely accent!

  3. Does the crib position make it easy for him to crawl onto the bed and up to the window? Just scary seeing so many toddler window fall stories in the news.

  4. The wall color is SO much better! It looked like a sad hospital color before. Love the sheets, too!

      1. P.P.S. (Off-topic!) My daughter and I are headed to Cville this weekend! Any fun, kid-friendly things going on? Have you visited Skyline Drive and/or Big Meadows? Curious if the meadows area is worth the drive with an almost-3yo who hates car seats?

        1. Exciting!! I haven’t heard of Big Meadows, but I’d say to stick closer to Cville. Blue Mountain Brewery is gorgeous in the country, has great pizza and beer and is kid friendly. Can get crowded though! If you’ll be here on Friday, check out Fridays After Five. It’s downtown at the pavilion and free. The Discovery Museum downtown is great for some indoor time too. Have fun!!

  5. Did I miss a link to the adorable artwork with the giraffe and other animals? My son would love that! Oil brats on these room redesign, it looks very relaxing.

  6. Cute theme! Have you considered taking the bed out and making the crib the focal point of the room, or do you still use the bed a lot? You might love the space you have once the bed is gone!

  7. It looks great! So bright! I’m in the process of changing my 21 month old to his big boy room and can’t wait. I also have a green nursery and I’ve pretty much hated the green since we did it haha this time I’m keeping the walls a whiteish/cream so it’s nice and bright and then accenting with color! Love the whales 🙂

  8. Adorable! We live less than a mile from the beach so I’m a big fan of the beach house feel too. We have enough sand in our house to feel like a beach house, lol. The red looks great and so do the whales. I may have to check out the Pottery Barn link for blackout curtains. I’ve wanted some white ones forever too. Why are they so hard to find?

  9. Me thinks you should do an accent wall or something! Like thick navy stripes. Love his sheets!

  10. I feel like such a bad mom…my son is 3 and I still haven’t made him a proper “big boy” room!!! Actually, we have been talking about it as of late but have just been too busy! Good thing he doesn’t know what he’s missing, lol!

  11. Beautiful! It looks like such a grown up boys room. I love the nautical theme and beach house decor.

    You really have a knack for decorating. 🙂

  12. catching up on these posts after a busy june. 🙂 looks great and love the wall color! nothing like a fresh white wall as a canvas.

    so I don’t think it looks bad at all, but thought i’d mention it. i worked at pier 1 back in my college days and dealt with those beds quiiiiiite a bit. if the flaked off look ever bothers you – you can just use a regular ol’ brown marker and color it in/wipe it off with a paper towel and repeat until it looks naturally blended. they have “stain” pens too at home depot, but a regular brown marker works just fine. just an fyi!

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