One Is Fun

Mazen is so much fun these days, as all my friends told me ONE would be. Getting to one was kind of like planning a wedding: you really love the process and the details and all the excitement and then once the wedding has come and gone you think: “Wow, I am sort of glad that’s over!” I am definitely excited to have another baby someday, but I’m also thrilled that walking and talking and playing are all just around the corner.


At 12 months, Mazen can say “night night,” “Hello” (he-row), “ah” for cat and lots of Daaaaaa-das. We think he is starting to say other words, but they are still hard to hear at this point. He says a word that sounds like “this” or “yes” a lot, often when he points, but I can’t figure out what he’s saying. He also says a very enthusiastic “Mmmmmmmmm!!” when he is hungry! He can sign “all done” and “milk” and “more” (using my hands) but we’re still working on some of the others. He has applied “all done” to things other than food too – he’ll sign it when he’s finished with a toy or game or doesn’t want to do something anymore. It has been very convenient!

Maze-9760 Maze-9810

He has also started to show us that he knows things by pointing. He can point to his tummy, nose, feet, diaper and ears (although not always perfectly). He can clap when something is exciting. He can also point to animals and babies in books, but not always. He knows the cat in “Clip Clop!” He clearly understands language. When I say “Are you ready for your bath?” he heads to the bathroom, and I get a strong “Mmmm!” when I ask him “Are you hungry?” or “Ready for lunch?”


We are still nursing before both naps, but I have experimented and dropped one feeding a few times only to add it back the next day. I’d love to get down to just morning + night nursing soon. Since he has learned the milk sign he now knows how to ask for milk. He doesn’t ask for it that often, but there have been times when he has outside of our normal routine and I haven’t known what to do. I’m not that eager to feed him more frequently, but at the same time, I think it also might just be his sign for thirst in general so I often give him water and that seems to satisfy him.


He has taken 4-5 steps at a time and is getting so good at standing up on his own in the middle of a room starting from a squat. He seems a little timid about walking (and the crashes that go with it) so I think it will be a slower process to go from crawling to running than I originally thought.


I can tell that he really enjoys the company of other babies, and we’re getting to the point where a day at home just with mom is a little boring. He really seems to like going to the gym child care and playing there, and loves his friends when we go to meet ups. He doesn’t love the stroller as much if he’s not in the mood for it, so sadly our walks have shortened and gym visits are back up again. This makes me so sad because I would walk all day in the fall weather if he would be willing!


Mazen has started to become a pickier eater, which I hear is totally normal. His favorite food of eggs is now pushed from the tray. He is really into blueberries and halves of cherry tomatoes these days. And he has yet to turn down cheese, so I’d proclaim that he’s favorite food. He also seems to really like yogurt and bread. We get him to eat veggies in frittatas, things like No Bull Burgers or in ravioli or smoothies. The boy still loves meat and gobbled down BBQ the other night. It’s kind of strange: I would expect him to have a narrow palate of foods he likes, but he seems to want diversity. He gets sick of a food and when we present something new (like pumpkin this week!) he gobbles it down. He sure keeps me on my toes. He loves to offer me food now as well!


We are still napping twice a day, but that ebbs and flows. Some weeks he takes two 2-hour naps and other weeks he seems to not really want to nap or seems OK with just one. I’m actually looking forward to going down to one simply because it will open our day up so much. I haven’t been able to go to Pump or story hours at the library and things because of our naptime in a long time. I will miss all the work time though! Lately I’ve been putting a few books in his crib at naptimes and he will read for a bit and fall asleep. It seems to work better than trying to sooth or sing him to calm and then putting him down – he just stands right back up! He seems to be the type of baby who needs to settle by himself. Mom is too exciting.


He got his first haircut recently! Kiddos with curly locks looks so cute with longer hair, but with his straight hair it just looked unkempt. Love it now! Dada did a great job while I made silly faces and provided crackers.





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  1. What a fun summary of 1 year! My little gal who was born a few days before Mazen is doing all the same things and it sure is fun! I agree about wanting to cut down on nursing, but it’s so hard to do. So, I’m going to keep up our at least 4 feedings a day for a little while!

  2. Hi Kath! I am a new follower of your blog here (a few weeks) and I must say….I LOVE how you give all the details of pregnancy and motherhood! My Husband and I are starting to try for our first this fall, and I love coming here and reading your experiences. You are slightly “crunchy” like me, and it’s nice to relate to. Mazen is a doll and I hope I’m half the great Mom you are! xox

  3. Hi Kath!
    Long time, no comment (sorry!). Can’t believe Mazen is one. I hope he had a joyful day 🙂
    My little one, a few months younger than Maze, tolerates our longer stroller walks better when I stop and let her out quite a bit.
    We’ll meander for a while and then I stop and let her out to crawl, sprawl out, be held to explore a meadow or touch the leaves on a tree or dip her toes is puddle or creek. It becomes less about a workout for me (like it was when she was much younger) and more about sharing the experiences with her. Then, she’s more content to be buckled up and rolled about.

  4. He is too cute!!!!

    Maybe a push bike for walks? My son absolutely loves his! It isn’t as easy as pushing a stroller and gets stuck on big sidewalk cracks but still works really well for long walks.

  5. So cute I love it! We are just around the corner for 1 and I’m really hoping our sleep habits improve as well, we are still struggling with being put in the crib awake, I know he has the capabilities of putting himself to sleep because he does it at daycare, but he knows mom is a sucker! I’ve tried CIO, but it has been REALLY hard, now that he is standing it makes it harder. Should have done it sooner.

    How did you serve the pumpkin to M? Spoon feeding or do you place a glob on the tray? Also, what kind of raviolis do you guys like? I tried some from Trader Joes and they were supposed to be cheese but the filling was very strange. Graham hated them. Would love an update on food, I feel like we get into a rut of chicken, broccoli and peas. We had an egg allergy so that has made it a little harder too.

      1. Wow your whole foods makes fresh pasta? Ours has the fresh but packaged kind, I will have to see if they are made in house.

    1. Stacy – my 3 year old has an egg allergy, so I don’t serve eggs to my 1 year old either! We’re doing a lot of the foods that Kath is offering I’m sure. My 1 year old loves beans (any kind like chickpeas, blackbeans, navy beans, etc.), ground beef with a little seasoning, LOTS of veggies and fruit of course, potatoes (lots of sweet potatoes!), quinoa pasta, whole wheat pancakes, bread and waffles, and oatmeal bake (which she just LOVES).

  6. My niece is very good at signing “all done” too. One day she was playing in the living room, paused, signed “all done” but then kept playing with her toy. We weren’t sure that she really meant to sign all done until a minute later when we started to smell it. She was “all done” pooping! Funny girl!

  7. Aww, so cute! Not having a kiddo of my own and being the youngest of my siblings (and cousins), I’ve been fairly clueless on the developmental process of babies… how long they breast feed, when they start forming understandable words, when crawling leads up to walking, etc., so I’ve enjoyed reading about how Mazen has developed over the past year. Thanks for sharing his (and your) story 🙂

  8. Happy birthday to cutie Mazen! He’s adorable!

    I think it’s great that you still get to take two naps a day! Soooooo jealous – I wish I could take one nap! lol

  9. Is he throwing any tantrums yet? My little girl is the same age as Mazen and has hit the same milestones and him. As of last week she started throwing tantrums and it makes me sad, I know it’s just a stage but it’s also a reality check that she really is a toddler now.

  10. I have a daughter the same age, and I thought I would share a trick. Now I don’t know if this is RD approved, but I give her frozen peas straight from the bag. With her teething, she has loved having something cold. They are small so I don’t worry about choking and a super fast way to throw in a veggie.

  11. My little one is approaching the big O-N-E and I’m both excited and sad. This first year has been challenging, humbling, exhausting, and the most rewarding experience of my life. I used to look at my close friend’s daughter who is 6months older and say, “I wish mine would let me put him down” or ” I CAN’T wait until he can do this or that.” My wise friend reminded me not to wish it all away because they truly grow up so fast.

    Each stage has it’s challenges and rewards so try to enjoy where Mazen is presently! He’ll be walking and talking soon enough 🙂

  12. It gets ever funner! I always thought kid were less fun the older they got. When they’re babies they’re so cute, dependent on us,etc. I have to say now that my son is 2 1/2 I’m having a blast! We crack jokes together and he makes me laugh all the time!!!!

  13. He’s doing so well! One has been my fav age by far and in my opinion it only keeps getting better (Clara is now 16 months)! And you will love the one nap!! While the number of naps reduced from two to one, the duration of that one nap increased for us. Some days Clara will sleep 3+ hours straight! Means I get a nice big chunk of time to get work and other house tasks done.

  14. My son (nearing a year in just a short couple of weeks!) seems to be okay with nursing less these days, although I never deny him if he wants it (he just raises my shirt or roots on my chest to let me know). My soon-to-be three year old daughter, however, is pretty consistently asking for milk, though it’s been winding down for about two months. I don’t know if it’s due to gender or personality, but I think it might be easier (sadly) when Aiden weans than it’s been for Olivia. I’d say just go with it if he wants to nurse outside your schedule. Perhaps he’s craving the milk. It can’t hurt, that’s for sure!
    He is so cute!!!

  15. Oh my gosh! He’s darling. I can’t believe he is one already. I feel like it wasn’t that long ago that you were waiting (and willing) to go into labor. I guess my baby is 6 months old already too. Time flies.

  16. We live in Brooklyn and spend A LOT of time out and about walking, running errands and on adventures since we’ll all go crazy if we spend too much time indoors and we don’t have a porch or yard to hang out in. Our 16 mth old is used to being in the stroller several times each day, but I think it helps to have pit stops that are fun for him. We’ll either go to a park right away, then I’ll run a few errands or later in the day after his nap, I’ll get the errands out of the way first, then hit the park on the way back. It helps as they start to understand more to be able to say “after the store, we’re going to the park,” etc. I’ve learned how to be fast in the store and limit the amount we do while out and about. He also likes going to get a treat like smoothies or a muffin, so that helps, too. Just some thoughts to help you enjoy those fall walks. Congrats on your first year together! It just gets more and more fun!

  17. I know it shouldn’t be at this point but it is amazing to me how quickly our little ones grow and change! We just saw you less than two months ago and it’s amazing how much more grown up Mazen looks now!

  18. He is so cute! I can’t believe he is already one! My baby Charlie is 9 months, and this post is making excited for all that is to come! Boys are the best!

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