One Year Ago

His birthday is September 7, but our lives changed last December 9 – the date on which I am pretty sure he was conceived.

Happy Day Mazen Duke. We love you!


7 weeks




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  1. I’m sorry, I’m a fan otherwise why would I read. But, and so sorry there is a but, this post really turned me off. It’s way too much TMI and unless I’m wrong, not a date that is usually celebrated in such a fashion. The word that came to mind is Why?

    1. Not sure what’s TMI about reliving 40 weeks of pregnancy? It was a life changing day for our family (and I was definitely not intending to focus on how it happened at all)

  2. Love the progression pic, I wanted to make one too. Which program did you use?

    I think I know when we conceived Sofia too, it’s really a special day! 🙂

  3. Fabulous idea! I adore your blog posts and feel negative feedback comments should just be given ‘the elbow’ ! You continue doing what you’re doing, enjoying your family and sharing the love 🙂

    1. I’m just trying to have a little fun here!!! This is not supposed to be a serious topic! It’s just the date when our lives changed.

      1. Madi – I think they see Kath’s statement as a stance pro-choice or pro-life (which by the way I totally did NOT get – I didn’t read that far into the comment).

        Generally speaking, public figures/business owners/whatever won’t make their political persuasions known as it could potentially deter customers from patronizing them (see Chik-fil-a).

        Again, I didn’t get that motive from the post, but who knows? Maybe now I’m reading too much into RochGirl’s comment! 🙂

  4. Kath, love you, but this is way tmi and also feels like it would be more appropriate for an ultra right wing or religious blog. Are you saying life begins at conception? I know this is your birth blog but this feels in poor taste to me. You have said before that you wouldn’t comment about things like Mazen’s diaper rash to protect his privacy. I am just imagining him googling and reading this when he’s older and cringing.

    1. Should we not celebrate wedding anniversaries because I’m pretty sure most husbands and wives…. Every human knows their parents had sex… Just count back from your birthday. This post is supposed to be a sweet “one year ago our lives changed” and nothing more. I already wrote about this when I shared my cycles.

      Life Day was a poor word choice, but for the record I can assure you it says nothing about my political views.

  5. Celebrate everyday that brought little Mazen into your life, cherish every moment….. For heavens sake people it’s their first child.

  6. Wow! Don’t know why so many people are making such a big deal about this! Congratulations on Mazen’s ‘first year’ 🙂

  7. How do you not see the inherent political argument you’re making with this blog post? Celebrate every day of Mazen’s life that you wish, but when you have a public, sponsored, money making website you should consider how tactless you come off. Just some friendly advice.

    1. So you don’t think that people who make money from their work can express their opinion? Honey, it’s called being a “writer.” Have you ever read a book?

      1. I do not understand what is objectionable about “life day.” It is a beautiful concept. People who are troubled by that do not want to consider why they are so troubled. I wish you had kept the original wording.

        1. Seriously…it never crossed my mind that it was “political” (I am pro-life and my hubs isn’t …neither one of us picked up any hidden meaning to your post). I wish you didn’t change your wording bc of a few bullies!

  8. huh. life day. that’s an interesting day to celebrate. I think some people are saying it’s tmi for public consumption given that you’re putting it out there for Mazen to someday read(or his peers) oh hey, that’s the day my parents had sex and conceived me.No one reeaaally wants to have that image, esp, when he’s a teenager.

    1. “no one wants to really have that image”? — really? I would think that we are all adults here. I can’t believe so many of your readers (Kath) are squealing over this post. I remember my fifth grade “Growing up Feeling Good” assembly about sex. Not even fifth graders were this immature.

  9. Congratulations! Special day for your family! Moms like to think about special days…and thinking about each and every one that helped to make Mazen who is is special and fun to think about regardless and completely aside of political beliefs. Enjoy!!

  10. I didn’t take any offense to your blog entry. People are so quick to judge. Why can’t we all be positive. This is a happy blog.

  11. Wish I could say I can’t believe the comments but I’ve been reading long enough to know how much people love criticizing you. Haters! Last week I commented that I was 4cm…well little dude decided to come a few days later at 37 weeks exactly. Water broke in my sleep, checked in hospital at 8cm and baby came right out an hour later – 2.5hrs start to finish. I hesitate to tell my birth story b/c I know how gloaty it sounds for a first time mom! I got the natural birth of my dreams and am so glad you posted “TMI” throughout your pregnancy b/c it helped build my confidence that I could go sans drugs. Anyway, love following your journey!

    1. Kristi, I know what you mean. It feels like if it’s not hard or challenging then you shouldn’t talk about it. For some it comes off bragging. I have two girls, 22 months and 3 months. They both started sleeping through the night 9-6 at 6 weeks. Yes I am breastfeeding, no I have never read a sleep book, or sleep trained. Just the luck of the draw! Wish people felt comfortable discussing about all sides so moms/ parents know what might happen!
      Kath-Mazen is beautiful!

  12. our baby’s “life day” will be on the 13th 🙂 when you love your role a mother, every little detail is worth celebrating! i think it is a wonderful post..its not like they are planning to celebrate this day with cake and balloons every year people!

  13. Tough crowd, Kath! You should write a post on how you deal with all these crazy people that comment on your blogs. I think people take things much to literally and need to lighten up.

    1. What about all the crazy people who lack critical thinking skills, Charity? You know, the types who agree with everything.

      For once and for all I wish people would stop trying to make the argument that disagreeing with someone makes you jealous/hater/crazy. Want to talk about lightening up? How about not name calling other commenters you don’t know.

      1. I would say that if you politely disagree, no one notices. But it’s those who disagree with snark and rudeness that are called jealous/hater/crazy

  14. I’m so surprised at the comments. Celebrating the day you made a baby is just like celebrating the day you met your future spouse. I think it’s sweet to honor a day that changed your life!

  15. Wow! Looking at those pix is striking. I can’t believe your baby is only a few months old and you have already lost almost all of your baby weight! You are A-Mazen. 🙂

    Happy Creation day to your little one. Whatever you want to call it!

  16. Wonderful post Kath!!! I think every mother thinks back to the day their baby was conceived. Tough crowd around here but: Happy Life Day to Mazen!

    Also, I don’t feel you should have to change the title of your post due to comments–stick your ground, you are a wise, woman/mother/blogger. I must say, I often don’t have the same viewpoint as you on many topics. However, this is one of the reasons I LOVE your blog–it makes me think and learn…no need for nasty comments!

  17. Life day, conception day, sex day, whatever you want to call it, I think it’s pretty cool. Sorry people are being picky. You are blessed. Enjoy every moment with Mazen!

  18. I remember thinking back when my girl was just a few months old at her first Christmas to how the year before she’d just been a bump in my belly. My first thought was “we had NO idea what we were in for!!” Still amazes me thinking back how very much a baby changes everything. Best, hardest job I ever had = being mom.

  19. Excuse my frenchish- but SCREW all these people with having an issue with this post! Why do they care? If they didn’t want to read about babies maybe they should just read your regular posts. I wouldn’t even give them the time of day to post their comments on here, and now I know why you were hesitant to have a mommy/baby area. You people are what’s wrong with the world. Keep doing what you’re doing, Kath! Beautiful post.

  20. How do you know exactly? something to do with your charting? (I feel like it would be hard to distinguish day by day but I don’t know much about tracking fertility)

  21. hahahaha only americans would read this and take political offence!! you were trying for a baby; the day that you realise it finally worked is a pretty cool thing to celebrate. congratulations!!

  22. Very cute post and definitely a day to celebrate 🙂 I love the last picture of Mazen – he has such beautiful blue eyes!

  23. Happy Life Day indeed!! I can’t believe folks are getting their panties in a wad about this. I guess I can see how some may think this can swing politically, but,when 2 people are trying to have a baby and start a family, these dates, the beginning, the conception… are important and will always be remembered. We tried for years, and I too know the date of conception and we celebrated it this past year, and the date we found out and all that. I am sure in 10 years, we may forget, but 1 year later, it sure puts a perspective on things! Enjoy every minute with your sweet baby and celebrate every milestone!

  24. Jeez why do people have to be so critical and negative?!? This is a happy blog and a happy post! Having a baby is the most life changing experience in the world and should be celebrated!! Congrats to you and your beautiful family Kath 🙂

  25. I wish I knew the exact day my son was conceived! I’m sure you know that you can’t put into words how exciting and special it is to think back to that day. Going about your business, not knowing that you created a life (now matter how you define when life begins – I’m not being political here) – it’s just SO COOL that you can remember that day.

    I must say, that of all the mommy bloggers I’ve followed, yours is one that will not leave Maze embarrassed about what you published. I feel that every post is done with taste – you don’t share too much, verbally or visually. This will be a fantastic way for him to look back at his first few years. Congrats to you for continuing to write and share despite unnecessary hurtful/hateful comments!

  26. OMG people–get a life! I thought it was a really sweet post, Kath! I’m pregnant now and I am pretty sure I conceived on Labor Day (funny, right?) And that day will ALWAYS be special to me. Man, people are way too sensitive!

  27. happy day to you, kath! i enjoy your blog and admire your patience in dealing with folks who are quick to judge and criticize based on your inspired posts. call it “life day”, “birth day”, or otherwise, its YOUR day and thats all that matters!

  28. This is a great piece. I enjoyed looking at the progression pictures. I wish I had them for both of my children. Don’t worry about those narrow minded people. It is the day his life began! You are a responsible adult who very carefully planned a child. It is wonderful that you have all of these dates to look back on and if he does ever read this he will know just how much he was wanted and planned for. I am so tired of everybody having to be so darn PC all the time. It is always one way, theirs, and what about all of us who liked it the other way. Are we not allowed to appreciate the fact that without conception none of us would be on this earth!? How wonderful would it be for each of us to know that our mothers and fathers had planned so carefully for each of us. Enjoy every moment of your baby’s life! I did think you should have kept the original title; we are all entitled to free speech business owner or not.

  29. Aww Happy Life Day to Mazen (a day late 🙂

    People are so touchy and ridiculous! How exactly do they think Mazen was brought into existence? And if they do the math, he was obviously conceived in December!

    I have to agree, it is such a life changing moment! I think it should be celebrated, along with the day you get your first positive pregnancy test! Unless you’ve been there, its hard to express the elation that those two pink lines can bring 🙂

  30. As a woman who has been TTC for over 3 years, you bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to know what day the next baby was made and if we want to celebrate it, then we will. I get why you celebrated it, and I think it’s awesome!

    We know that my daughter was conceived on Valentine’s Day. Always thought that was kinda neat – a love baby for sure (she was unplanned, but very wanted).

    Happy ‘made’ day Maze! (LOL)

  31. I am due July 16, 2013….I am certain that my baby was concieved on October 19, 2012…..and we had SEX….beautiful wonderful baby conceiving SEX! I am going to buy a pillow on Etsy with that date and the reason for the date and put it in the nursery so my baby knows how freaky his or her parents are. So freaky we created a baby….and knew we did it and are so friggin happy. It is also going in the baby book too.

  32. I’m stunned at how sensitive people are! There’s nothing TMI or even remotely political about what you’re saying… Keep on keepin’ on, Kath. Love the Baby blog and think it’s AWESOME that you guys know when he was conceived!

  33. ALSO, even if you WERE being political, this is a personal blog about your life. Just like your readers, you’re certainly entitled to opinions, beliefs, views, whatever. Can’t stand to read some of these comments! That’s all 😉

  34. I’m sorry for all the negative comments you’ve received on this post. The date of your little one’s conception is a beautiful thing to celebrate. I’m a new mom, I get it! We went through some pretty involved infertility treatment to get pregnant so there is NO guessing when our little one was conceived…Christmas Eve, of all days! 🙂

  35. People leave the rudest comments on your blog! I get so annoyed for you. People would never say that to your face, and I’m not sure why there is even a discussion about you celebrating the day you conceived your beautiful son. You said nothing about sex, or about how it happened. Don’t let people who have nothing better to do make you feel like you did something wrong. I honestly never comment, and I hate adding fuel to the fire, but the comments on this post made me think, “REALLY?”

    I have to applaud you for not flipping out on people for being so disrespectful and childish. I don’t know if I would have the same patience you have.

  36. Some people are just looking to pick a fight. Honestly. This post is a political statement? Really? Gag. I also know the conception days for my children due to fertility charting. I think that is cool. Nice post.

  37. Kath, I am seriously cracking up at the people posting “TMI.” I’m 4 months pregnant and I love thinking about the day of conception, the day after which our lives will never be the same. And congratulations to you for celebrating such a special day!

  38. I think its important to remember that this is a public blog but Kath moderates what she allows and doesnt allow through. I think that its important for her to allow differing opinions on the site, or again, who is going to read it? People are fascinated by negativity. Look how many more comments are on this entry, how many more page views have been generated through this post and the negative comments that are not normally allowed. Keep in mind that this is a business, and Kath is attempting to make it as lucrative as possible.

  39. I have no idea how people could possibly interpret this as being nothing more then a wonderful post. Get over yourselves people! This is a celebration of her son, NOTHING MORE! And it’s absolutely ridiculous to even allude that she would want negative comments on her son’s post for business. Too many haters out there! Keep continuing to be positive and ignore them…you have a beautiful son & family!

  40. Great post! My god, you already posted your cycles…anyone paying attention could have figured out that information for themselves.

    Thank you for your honesty and a very eautiful touching post. Makes me want to have a baby too!

  41. Happy life day Kath, Matt and Mazen— l love your blogs and Am continually shocked at what bunches people’s panties, so glad you don’t let them phase you or influence your blogs. I think your daily readers ‘know’ you well enough to know your intentions.

  42. Two days ago, I found out I am pregnant. I have been reading your blog(s) daily for the past several years. Because I also used Fertility Friend, I am confident conception was December 1 for us. My husband and I live in different states from our families, so we are waiting to tell them via Skype near Christmas Day, just like you did a year ago. It is so fun now to look at pictures of Mazen and know that a year from now, our baby will be that old. I can’t imagine having a four month old next Christmas, but your pictures of Mazen help to make it seem more real! Thanks for all of your posting and authenticity.

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