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Of all the press releases and pitches that fly into my inbox, I am most interested in those related to organization. Does that say anything about my personality?! I am a very organized person, yet I am always looking for the next best thing.


Thus, Cozi was recommended to me as a way to organize the chaos that comes within a family. Now that it’s not just Matt and me, we have more to juggle. Mazen isn’t into school, sports or extracurriculars yet, but I can totally imagine that managing a household of school-aged children would need quite the organization system. Cozi simplifies all of that chaos into a user-friendly, clean format that can be shared among family members online or via mobile device.

Memberships are free, and there is a premium version called Cozi Gold that is ad free and offers more features. Cozi gave me a Gold subscription to share the inner workings with you all.


When you first log in you can see all of the different categories you can track: events and appointments, to-do lists (and chore lists!), grocery shopping, meal planning, group messages, and even a journal.


Starting with the calendar, I entered in our appointments for the week. You can see at a glance who is involved with each event thanks to a color coding system. This isn’t as necessary with a baby, but imagine having 5 children and needing to know who goes where when. And this would be especially helpful if some are young and find tracking their color easier than reading a jumbled calendar. There are different views too – from day to month. And you can easily print your calendar to post on your household bulletin board too.

Weekly Schedule

You can also change everyone’s color, which I did after the fact:

Change Colors

Just like in Google Calendar, you can enter events by writing in plain text: “Mazen Doctor Tuesday at 2pm” and it auto formats the event for you. That was my favorite part! It was really easy to use, and I didn’t have any glitches. Lastly I loved the layout of the calendar – big dates and bolded events – plus my meal plan built right in!

Top of calendar

If you have access to a sports schedule or your spouse uses another kind of calendar you can also import calendars with Cozi. I don’t know if I could get Matt to actively log in everyday, but I could easily get his work calendar integrated into the family’s.


I put our meal plan in too. It was nice to have everything all in one place. I ended up changing our meals around a bit in real life, but that’s just me. It was still nice to be able to match meals with days.


Right in the program you can find tons of recipes and quickly add them to your meal plan with the click of a button. PLUS it adds the ingredients to your shopping list! For those who are strict meal planners, this would be so handy.


I didn’t need very many groceries this week because I had just been to the store, but I kept a tally of things I would need for my next trip as we ran out of them. Very nice because when I sit down to make a grocery list for the week I always forget things we ran out of like ketchup.


There is room for different store lists if you shop around too. I made a separate one for Target! It was really easy to use and check off in the store from my phone.


You can also assign to-dos to other family members. How handy! Imagine a chore list divvied up between siblings or a honey-do list easily nudged over. I assigned Mazen the task of putting away his toys, but unfortunately he did not follow through : )

ToDolist options

Another reason this would be an amazing app for families with a lot going on: messaging. I sent a message out to my family members about dinner. Mazen checked his plastic cell phone and confirmed that he would be to dinner on time.

Dinner Message

Lastly but not least, there is a journal feature. As someone who blogs, I loved this. Blogs are hard work to maintain, but this journal was simple and a good reminder to jot things down during the day. Sometimes you just want to remember something about each day that passes, and this is a great solution for busy moms and dads. You can even share the moments via email to grandparents and friends.


I currently use Google Calendar to keep myself organized. I do my meal planning on a chalkboard in the kitchen, my to-do listing in Gmail, and my grocery listing on paper. So I really did like how this consolidated everything into one command center. I found the mobile app very handy to have with me at all times. The bottom line: there’s no way your family won’t be organized with this system!

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This post was sponsored by Cozi.

12 thoughts on “Organize With Cozi”

  1. Sounds like we have a similar system of keeping ourselves organized… I love my Google Calendar! Cozi sounds pretty awesome, though! My husband probably won’t use it on a daily basis, but if there is an app, he could easily check to see what, if anything, I have going on that evening. I really like the meal planning feature, too! I try to be a fairly strict meal planner for dinners, so your description of it is really appealing and it would also give my husband a heads-up for what we’ll be eating (I’m the sole chef in our kitchen). Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I’ve been looking for a good app that will do similar sorts of things. Important things to me are recipe database and NUTRITIONAL information. It would be great if I could get it to coordinate w/ my calorie counter & exercise log too 😉
    I am going to give this one a trial run and see how it goes.

  3. This is a little unrelated to your post but do you use the Target Cartwheel app? If not, you should. It’s free and they have offer for 5-10% off Method cleaning products right now. I’m a bit obsessed with the app. 🙂

  4. I just found your blog while searching tips on how to get my 7 month old baby to sleep through the night. Believe it or not but I actually do have 5 kids and baby number 5 is the only one to give me so much trouble at night. I can’t wait to try this new app since I’m always looking for ways to keep up with everyone. Thanks for all the great tips!

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