Positively Pregnant


It’s 10 days past ovulation, and I know it’s still early. I lie in bed for a while and tell myself not to get discouraged if the test is negative because most tests are not positive until 13-15 dpo. Finally I get up and unwrap one of my cheap internet strips. I pee in the cup, dip the stick and wait.


And then I went on to have a jar party for breakfast!!


If you aren’t familiar with the TTC forums, like the ones at Fertility Friend, you’d be surprised about what a huge online world it is. I didn’t participate too much, but I read a lot of forums to absorb as many real life experiences as possible. In the trying-to-conceive world, many women go to every extreme to try to see a faint line on a test 8 days past ovulation. This is too early for 99% of tests to be positive, but they test anyways. Since one women had gotten a positive that early (likely a miscalculated ovulation), it gives hope to the rest and crazy “POAS addicts” are born. I am not claiming to be exempt from this – I definitely got a little crazy at times examining tests in 10 different lights, and yes, even Photoshopping them to see if a line appeared under dark exposure and high contrast.

I had read about debates between first morning urine (FMU) and second morning urine (SMU) on the forums. The women there all had different times of day that they swore by. Some proclaimed that they always got darker lines in the evenings, others got the darkest lines the second time they went to the bathroom – after breakfast. Because some women swear by SMU, I took a second test that morning.

And I saw pink!! A second line. Well, not really a line – more like a smudge. But having stared at tons of tests that were stark white, I recognized something was different.



10 dpo Wizels

[I have to pause here and give a major shout-out to my pregnancy BFF Caitlin. Caitlin was my confidant, and we talked online daily to discuss my symptoms and thoughts on what was going on. Having someone to chat with was so helpful emotionally – in the good times and the confusing ones. Caitlin and I continue to chat daily about pregnancies, and I’m so thankful for our friendship!]

So of course my first reaction when I see a pink smudge is to take a photo and email it to Caitlin!

“Do you see it!?”

She said she could – just a little – but that I should go take an expensive test because these cheap strips are so hard to see and can sometimes produce evaporation lines and false smudges.

So I broke out one of my super expensive FRERs – First Response Early Result. These are the tests that the women in the TTC forums consider to be the golden standard. They are fast and provide clear results. With shaking hands, I took the test expecting more stark white.

BUT – THERE WAS A LINE! A REAL LINE!! Clearly visible!

10 dpo PS

This was the point in the day that my breath caught in my throat and I knew: I was pregnant.

And not only that – I was going to have a baby. After multiple squeals – both in my house and in Caitlin’s G-chat window – I couldn’t stop smiling.

Now don’t get me wrong – I knew there was a chance (at this point still days before my period was due – about a 50% chance) that the baby “wouldn’t stick,” as they say. But I had no choice but to hope for the best. Getting pregnant for the first time was still a huge leap forward: Matt and I could biologically conceive. While other things could still go wrong, the answer to the “are we able” question was now answered. There was a good chance that the tiny ball of cells inside of me would grow into my first baby, and the thought made me love it already.

Up next: The Two Week Wait

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  1. I hate that your posts are all pre-written and spaced out…because I know you have them all ready for me to read, but you’re making me wait! This is now the first blog I check every morning!

      1. This blog is like a book I keep wanting to turn the pages to! I love it! I obsessively kept checking last night to see if you had a new post up yet! LOL! Im crazy.

    1. I totally agree! I check multiple times a day. Not crazy right, even when I know what the end result is? 🙂

      I didn’t get my + until 12dpo. I tested with a FRER on 11dpo and thought I was out because they are supposed to be so super sensitive. I tested on 12dpo just for fun with a cheap test and saw the line but AFTER the time expired because I sat it down and walked around, did other things. I tested again later that day — both FRER and cheap test and two lines appeared! It was our first month trying and Fertility Friend and ovulation strips really helped since I ovulate late as well. Due end of October!

  2. I also got a positive at 10 days dpo…my chart clued me in with an uncharacteristic 2nd temp spike. I am interested in your next post…I always thought “the two week wait” referred to the waiting between ovulation and postive results.
    Also, I have to say…I enjoy being able to relate to this new blog. Although my postive pregnancy tests feels like a life time ago…not 28 weeks. 🙂

  3. I am really loving your new blog! I think it was a great idea to start a separate BERF blog. Although not ready for a baby quite yet, my husband and I would like to try in a couple of years and this is getting me so excited for that process!

  4. I took 5 pregnancy tests (and all had two bright pink lines) before I even let myself get excited…haha. It’s such an awesome feeling, isn’t it?!

    1. I took 5 too, before I would even believe it. My husband refused to believe it until I went and got a digital test that said “yes” with a smiley face or something.

      1. Us too! I had the cheap Dollar Store tests (because really, they are the same and I was going to go broke buying the ones at Target) and had 3 positive ones. Still not believing it, the husband went out to buy the “good” ones. Two good ones later we were convinced 🙂

  5. I found out that I am pregnant last week and just took a bunch of pregnancy tests, so I am curious what made you think you were pregnant from one line on the early result test? Don’t you need 2 lines?

    I had one line about a week before 2 showed up. I assumed that meant I wasn’t pregnant (turns out it was just too early).

  6. Kath,

    Thank you so much for this blog. I feel like someone is navigating a scary space for me before I have to go in. Very brave and informative. Makes me excited for when it’s my turn!

  7. I absolutely swear by FRERs. By the time this pregnancy rolled around, I was so frustrated with squinting at the cheapies that we waited until 13DPO and broke out the good stuff right away!

  8. I am one of those crazies that got a + at 8DPO. I am positive of ovulation too.

    However, you could only see the second line if you held the test in front of the light at jussst the right angle.

  9. Love this post 😉 No one ever writes about the roller coaster ride that is ttc and the crazy “OMG YES!!!!” you feel when you see that second line. It truly can be addicting! And it is one of those feelings you only get to experience a time or two in your whole life. The adrenaline rush is unlike anything else I’ve ever known. I think that is why we all like to share our stories.

    With my son I didn’t bother to take a test until 13dpo (and it was immediately positive), but I was clearly feeling food aversions and nausea at 9dpo. So this time I took a test after a 5 hour hold in the afternoon at 8dpo (I’d had really bad lower back pain & gas in the days prior). I saw the lightest of *grey* lines. It pinked up at 9dpo. I only do FRER now b/c the internet cheapies, well you never know how sensitive they will be. Even the FRER lots vary a ton. I was amazed I got lines so darn early. Of course I’ve been so sick since, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

    Your cycles sound very typical for just coming off of birth control (albeit VERY frustrating!). I O’d late in my cycles at first too, but the longer I went the more predictable it became. There is a wonderful book called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler… I recommend it to any woman b/c you learn SO much about your body by reading it! Very empowering.

  10. I love the details and yes, those TTC forums have women who do every possible thing to see if they are pregnant…I remember being pretty astounded when I discovered them (which makes you feel a bit less crazy and “alone” during the 2 week wait…which seems like 2 years when you’re the one waiting)

    I remember showing the lines to my hubs being like, is there a 2nd line here and he’s like well yes, that’s means your not pregnant, right? And I was like, nope…congrats, that means we ARE pregnant. He was sitting on the toilet when I barged in his bathroom to show him my stick 🙂

  11. Kath, just chiming into say, like the others, how much I LOVE the new blog. It really is like reading a book, and dying to read the next chapter. Have you found any other pregnancy/ttc blogs that you like? Or other healthy living bloggers that shared their pregnancy like you are?
    Also, dying to know if you asked Karen and your mom (and dad) not to read this blog or particular posts? Sharing the sex stuff with my MIL would make me squeamish!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. This blog reminds me a lot of The Art of Making a Baby (prebabyblog.com). She’s already had her baby, but she blogged through her whole TTC/pregnancy stage. Definitely worth checking out!

    2. They are reading and it’s no secret that we have/ had sex! There is evidence! I’d never go into details though 🙂

  12. It’s such a surreal moment when you get that positive test, even when it’s planned. For such a primitive/primal thing, it certainly feels bizarre to be at the beginning of this roller coaster ride. I still haven’t gotten used to it (and don’t know that I will.)

  13. Nice you had a friend to talk to. It is so helpful! I wish more people would speak up because it’s so scary and confusing! I had a weird moment when I thought i might be–I was crying for no reason and am not really a cryer. Once I stepped back, I was like “This is really weird and so not me, something is up!”

  14. Do you watch Friends (or did you?)? There’s one episode where Rachel goes to her doctor to see the baby in the ultrasound for the first time and she ends up crying because she “can’t see it”. That’s how I feel with the expensive test picture you posted – I can’t see the second line!!!! Waaah. haha!

  15. I got a line like you show on the First Response test my first month trying – and got my period later that same day. I had also taken an EPT test at the same time, which was definitely 100% negative. I had heard that a line, no matter how faint, meant pregnant and when mine was wrong I thought maybe it was too faint but it looked just like yours. Glad yours was the real deal 🙂

      1. I love love love the combined last name!!! Younger-Monson sounds like either a super academic name (Professor Younger-Monson) or a journalist. You know that name association thing….

        1. No offense to you, but I never really understood the hyphenated name craze. What happens should you have a daughter that follows in your footsteps and keeps her maiden name? Would her children have a thrice hyphenated name?

          1. She can do whatever she wants! Maybe her husband’s last name will be super common and simple and she chooses to take that. Maybe you feel differently because you took your husband’s name – or you aren’t married? For me in my situation with keeping my name, neither matt nor I could imagine not having our name a part of the baby’s

  16. Kath — you truly have a gift for writing/ communicating. Your honesty and relatability are unmatched in the blogging world. Keep up the good work. Congrats on your baby and two successful blogs!!

  17. I am so happy for you, Kath, that your TTC stage was so abbreviated! Rock ON!

    I do just want to make sure that other ladies reading this blog understand that simply tracking ovulation and timing intercourse does *not* ensure a speedy pregnancy. Kath’s situation was the best case scenario, because it was “all systems go” for both her and Matt. Unfortunately, many women can track and time for months and years until they are blue in the face without any luck due to underlying issues that need to be checked out by a specialist and diagnosed/treated.

    I would urge all women nearing 30 who have been trying for several months to get special attention sooner rather than later in case surgery, medication, therapies, or all of the above are required. As infuriating as it is to hear, the facts show that fertility diminishes after the age of 30 and rapidly diminishes after 35.

    You know your body best, and if you suspect something is up (irregular periods, missed periods, etc) don’t wait the “standard” 6 months or a year before really pushing to see a reproductive endocrinologist. After 6 months of trying and my doctor “not being too concerned,” I finally went to a specialist and ended up trying several different meds and procedures over the next year, needing uterine surgery, and, ultimately, getting pregnant via IVF.

    I guess my point is–this is a fantastic blog, and it will be so fun to see how everything develops with Kath’s pregnancy, but it’s important for readers to remember that Kath’s story is not representative of all (or even most) women’s experiences. Listen to your own body and do what’s best for you!

    1. …”I would urge all women nearing 30 who have been trying for several months to get special attention sooner rather than later in case surgery, medication, therapies, or all of the above are required.”

      It takes the average couple a year to conceive so I wouldn’t jump to see a doctor or think anything is wrong after several months of trying. If there is something obviously not right, that is a different story.

      1. Yep, an average couple has about a 20% chance every month if the timing is perfect, which it definitely isn’t always even when you think it is. I wasn’t totally clear–I did pretty much mean that women should push to seek special help early on if there are other factors too (like missed periods, other concerns, etc). But if you’re over 30, I wouldn’t necessarily wait a whole year before checking things out–just my personal opinion based on my experience.

  18. Eek, so exciting!! I’m sure nothing can prepare you for the feeling when you realize you are pregnant. Even if you’re trying and hoping, I am sure knowing will be surreal and amazing in so many ways. Congrats again!! Also, so good that you have Caitlin to talk to!

  19. WOW I’m surprised at all of the work, research, charting, taking tempatures, testing, etc that you did since you got pregnant SO quickly!!! That’s a lot of work. I don’t know how you find the time! I feel like that’s something that people do when they are having problems after they’ve already had “fun” trying for a while. But I guess you learned a lot about your body and cycle in the process.

    1. Well it’s all about perspective. I hope I made it clear that I didn’t start doing all of that because I felt that I HAD to. I did it because I wanted to and it was an incredible science learning experiment to getting a better idea of what was going on. I found it extremely fun and exciting to track and it didn’t feel like work at all. Maybe if things went wrong or if it didn’t work years later I would feel differently, but the way it happened for me I wouldn’t want to change it. I love knowing almost to the day which day we conceived.

  20. I have a question. And, it may be a dumb one. I don’t know. I never gave much thought about going off BC (pills) when getting pregnant. But, how do people who miss a few pills in a pack end up getting pregnant? Just seeing how one’s body adjusts after going off and how it’s kind of a science, this came up as a question for me after reading these posts. Is going off pills vs an IUD different? Did you learn anything about this along the way?

    1. There are SO many people having sex around the country at any given minute, that I think it’s bound to happen in every way – missing a pill, etc. But the 20% stat seems to be what the science says. Although what I don’t know is if you use fertility tools like checking cervical fluid, temping or charting, or OPKs whether or not they are included in the 20%. I would think the 20% would be just random pregnancies by chance and not including the ones that are more planned, but I really don’t know.

  21. OK, this one made my cry..when you talked about loving that little bundle of cells. My mother in law always says that pregnancy is the most intimate relationship you can have with someone you’ve never met. It’s love at first sight and in this case, it’s a little pink line. 😉

  22. I remember when I took that first test and got a positive line (Also the FRER)!! I kept telling myself it was too early to get too excited (I was ~5 weeks), but I was SO excited to know that we COULD conceive!!! Its like half the battle was already won, WE COULD DO IT! (But I’m glad she stuck around 🙂 )

  23. I know you wrote this a long time ago now, but I’m just beginning to chart and measure everything in our attempt to get pregnant. This is super interesting and useful to read about somebody’s experience doing the same. I’m sure it can be challenging being so open about personal things, so thanks for putting yourself out there! I hope we get pregnant as quickly as you guys did. 🙂

      1. Just found out we are now pregnant! Will be going back to your past BERF posts for many things pregnancy now. This is a great resource for women trying to get pregnant and moms to be.

  24. I’ve been a reader for about three years and it’s been fun to follow your journey. We just found out I’m pregnant this week, so I’ve spent a lot of time reading your week by week posts! Thanks so much for putting so much detail in them…fun to have a place to relate to since we’re not telling other people yet!

  25. First, may I say Congratulations!! I used to read your blog a few years ago. Then I stopped blogging all together really. Goodness, how time flies, just came to your sight yesterday and see the good news, how very exciting!! I love reading your posts and appreciate all the time you have put into your post. It is very encouraging for me as we will soon start planning. Thanks!
    p.s. Were can I find that amazing aqua coffee mug with the ginkgo leaves??

  26. KATH!!! It was my DH’s and I first month TTC and I already got my BFP on 10DPO today! I tested with the Wondfo yesterday at 9DPO and saw a faint, faint pink line…and tested this AM with FMU with a First Response Early Result and had a very clear positive! Just had to tell you since I have been reading this blog from Day 1 and now I get to read it again all over again. 🙂

  27. Kath!! I’m 10 dpo and took my first hpt this cycle. I don’t want to get excited (who am I kidding I’m dying to go tell my hubby that we are pregnant!) just yet as I’m not 100% sure I see a line. I don’t know how to post pics on ff. Would you be at all interested in having a look if I sent it to you? Please don’t feel you have to say yes.

  28. Great article Kath, and congratulations to all the newly expecting parents. There seem to be so many factors which contribute to fertility and successful pregnancies. My area of interest is in increasing fertility and the chances of a successful & healthy pregnancy by natural and holistic means.

  29. This just made me so freaking happy.
    i have already had one miscarriage, and i have been praying for a baby. i mine looked exactly like this, and i got really upset because me and my bestfriend who already has a baby could see the line, and im still late on my period i look 3 more that look simular but can tell there is a bit of a line, i have my first apt. set up for the 8th im so excited.

  30. like that what happend to me the brand test is dep ‘n tell pregnancy test in watson on malaysia soooo faint line almost cant see but u will notice and im pregnant:)

  31. I’ve always followed your original blog (love it!!) but since TTC, starting lurking on here a bit 🙂 I find all of your posts so relate-able. I started charting a couple month ago and began actively trying TTC this month. I’m now in the two week waiting pool and I don’t know how I’m going to keep my patience!! I really feel like we’ve timed it just right and can only hope we are in that 20% group. Thanks for all of this awesome information and for sharing your experience 🙂

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