The final episode in my bump series!!


Bump is gone.



And a little lump is in its place in the big wide world!


These photos were taken when Maze was 4 days old. I’ve been shocked at how fast my body has gone back to normal.

Within minutes of giving birth, my stomach was a complete mush of skin, but it was mostly flat.

Within an hour the numb spot under my ribs had feeling again. I could roll over in bed.

Within a few days I felt like my old self again.

Within a week I could button my pre-pregnancy jeans. [Although – disclaimer – they looked terrible!!]


My pregnancy weight gain is a bit fuzzy because I wasn’t weighing myself before and there is a huge discrepancy between an October weight on one scale and the doctor’s office in January, but from my 8 week appointment to 40 weeks, I gained 21 pounds on the official medical record. I’d say total I gained about 23-25 pounds total. On delivery day I was only up 18 (thanks to loss of amniotic fluid). As of this week, I was 2-5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I’d definitely like to lose a little beyond that and get my body back to a shape that I feel great in, but I’m not even going to think about doing anything specific other than healthy eating and lots of walking for at least a few months. My body is being pushed to the limits already with sleeping and nursing, so I don’t want to add anything that would make it harder to enjoy being a mom. 


How else am I feeling physically?

Well healing down there has been slow, but it gets better everyday. I haven’t been brave enough to look with a mirror, but I can feel my stitches and at 10 days postpartum the swelling is almost done. LOVED the numbing spray they gave me in the hospital as well as the Tucks pads. Must haves for new moms! Also thought it was funny when Matt asked me about a week out: “Why is there a plastic bottle on the toilet?” Ha. My bleeding has slowed a lot, but it’s not totally gone yet. Very manageable though. And now that I feel well enough to go out on walks, I’m feeling very much like my old self. After a week of hobbling around, I can walk normally again. No running until at least 6 weeks, but I’m already SO curious to remember how running without a baby inside of me feels!

Breastfeeding hurt way worse than I ever thought it would. I think my nipples just had to totally toughen up. And even though Mazen is so tiny, I’ve been amazed (heh) that he has learned new things already – like opening his mouth wider like a baby bird! That has helped our latch a lot, and it’s something he evidently learned on his own. I was wearing the Soothies pads in my bras 24/7 and a friend told me they actually prevent healing because they are moist. I can’t walk around topless because that hurts too much, but I have found that SLEEPING topless is a great way to air dry for a bit. I think doing that for the first time was a turning point in our breastfeeding success. Although I was surprised to wake up leaking in the bed : ) I have a set of cotton washable breast pads, but I’ll leak through those in minutes, so I have been wearing the disposable ones full time. The leaking and let down is an annoying part of breastfeeding that I wasn’t all the way prepared for. I also desperately need some good bras. I’m SO GLAD I bought a few nursing bras before he was born or I would be in panic mode right now. A lot of you told me to wait, but I even wish I had bought 1-2 real bras and took a chance on sizing because these sleep bras are just not cutting it with the support. On a mission this week to find some.


I barely remember what it felt like to be pregnant. I remember how hard it was to roll over and my rib pain and the feeling of little knees poking out of my side. But I’m shocked at how quickly my memory of how it felt overall has faded. I do miss it and feel sad when I think the journey is over, but at the same time, I’m glad to feel normal again. I am still in awe that the baby I am holding right now is the same one that grew inside of me all that time.

  Foodblog-4917 IMG_5545

I’m glad he’s here : )


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  1. I tweeted this as well, but the Bravado tanks are really a great transition piece that will still provide you great support. I go up to a D/E/F when first nursing and even then I feel supported in their tanks. You order them by bra size and they have a real bra inside instead of a flimsy shelf bra. Something to consider if you think your size will still be changing a bit.
    I’m also super jealous of your flat flat belly!!! I must say though, I’m 3 weeks postpartum and my belly is the flattest at this point than it has been with my other pregnancies (this was my fourth), so I really am happy with my progress so far and have to remember that every body is different 🙂

    1. I second that! I cant say enough abut The Bravado Bras and Tanks (I think I lived in the tanks for 2 months, and wore them still at 1 year postpartum for sleep). At first I was wary to spend that much, but their bras and tanks were probably the best pregnancy money I spent.

  2. Your son is so adorable! My daughter is 7 weeks old, and I also had a much easier time with recovery than I thought I would. From what everyone told me, I gathered that I would be bedridden and incredibly sore for at least a week, but that wasn’t the case – I could walk normally within a week (even with stitches), and actually went for a short run after 2 weeks! I know its a very individual thing, but I’m definitely telling my pregnant friends not to worry so much about the post-baby recovery. We have horror movies playing in our heads, but really, our bodies have an amazing (heh) ability to adapt and heal. Also – don’t be afraid to bust out a mirror! I was afraid to, but I finally did and was surprised by how normal everything looked 😉

  3. Excellent post. You look wonderful!!!! Our bodies are truly amazing, right? I had twin boys 2 years ago and lost 40 pounds in 6 days after delivery. I was STUNNED at how quickly my body recovered. You are a great role model for pregnant mothers….take care of yourself, eat well, move and don’t get too hung up on the scale. 😉

  4. That is incredible that you are so close to pre-baby weight already! It’s miraculous what a body can be put through for 9 months then bounce back within a week. I’m sure your overall health and wellness before + during pregnancy helped the speedy recovery time. What an inspiration!

  5. Wow Kath! You look great! I know I am going to be jealous when I look in the mirror a week after birth and can’t button my pre-pregnancy jeans. Oh well. I loved Mazen’s birth story. I am going to make my husband read it. I think it will give him a better sense of what to expect in a few months. So happy for you!!!

  6. I love the tshirt nursing bras made by Bravado for Target. I have owned some expensive nursing bras in my day… these are just as good!

    The leaking will subside (at least some) as your body figures out how much milk Mazen needs and your supply regulates… another couple weeks probably. It gets better!

  7. He is just so darn cute! 🙂 It looks like he’s trying to smile in that first picture.

    Isn’t it amazing how our brains help us to forget the pain of childbirth? The numbing spray you mentioned sounds great. They didn’t offer that to me, although that was 18 years ago. (haha) I did, however, have the plastic bottle. 🙂 Too funny.

    You look amazing already for just this short time. I’m sure you’ll lose all of the weight and more.

  8. Mazen is adorable! And you my dear, look tremendously awesome and fit, all the more amazing esp. since you just had him!! Go excercise and good nutrition during your pregnancy!!

  9. That picture of Maze at the very top is adorable…he looks like he’s saying “Hi blog friends! Nice to meet you!” And he looks so much like Matt!

  10. Kath this is a beautiful post and thank you for sharing the journey of all of this with us. I know you said in the past you may wind down Berf. Soothies, Tucks, leaking…oh wow, the memories 🙂

    I am so glad that you’re feeling much more like your old self and you look amazing!

    I couldn’t run til about the 1 year mark. I just felt too full and bouncy and it was the only year of my adult life where although I wanted to run at times, not wanting to run was a stronger desire than wanting to run, if that makes sense. I broke in my BOB with hundreds of miles logged walking and it was great! I could really focus on the baby, nature, and then one day when it felt right, I just eased back into it. Glad to hear you’re taking one day at a time and just doing what feels right in the moment. Congrats, again!

  11. As a health nut, especially during pregancy myself, I’m so proud of your healthy body and how well you did. You help give other pregnant women hope that you really can be “all baby” as long as you stay active and healthy during pregnancy! You look amazing and glowing. Well done!!!! Good luck with the nipple soreness, learn to love your nipple cream is all I can say to that!

  12. hi sweetness!
    Maze is so cute (he totally looks like Matt, you think? but maybe your eyes? i don’t know you are all 3 cute, so who knows!!) but i am amazed at the human body too. keep eating REAL food, girl! I really think you have done so well honestly because you were at a healthy weight to start with (many girls are underweight) and you stayed REAL the whole time. a little cake, a little veg, a little meat, a little bread or a lot of bread 😉 and that is a joy to see! i love your heart and your heart for Mazen is obvious. I think God is so creative in his making of human beans! 🙂 <3 hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. if you have a baby photo of you or Matt, please post it for comparison!! so fun!

  13. Good for you, Kath! Can’t believe how fast you seem to be healing and wonder how much the drug free birth played a part. I’ve had constant pelvic pain since around 15 weeks that makes it hard for me to do much other than moderate walking a few times a week. It’s discouraging at times but I also don’t want to wish away my pregnancy b/c it is such a special time and I know in the blink of an eye I’ll be where you are – holding this lil bebe on the outside! Congrats again!

  14. baby=adorable!!! and wowsers, you look great! i find it incredibly fascinating how different all women look after they give birth. you look back to normal to me (although I am sure you feel different!). mid boggling really! and i meant to comment on the birth story and thank you. i have read birth stories but for some reason after reading yours i feel like i really understand (as much as one who hasn’t had a baby can…) what goes on. not gonna lie-terrified! and i know this is tmi but does it really get back to the same size it was beforehand?!? (and i am not talking about the belly…) anyways (lol) i just want to come over and hold that baby!!!!

  15. The squirt bottle was a lifesaver for me! And the tucks pads and dermoplast spray! Ha! I used that squirt bottle for a solid month until all the bleeding subsided.

    I think others mentioned but your milk supply will regulate over the next few weeks and will adjust based on how much Maze is taking in for feedings. It’s a supply and demand thing. I remember wondering “Oh my gosh will my boobs ever chill out???” And they do, somewhat, but it just takes a while. Breastfeeding is hard work!!

  16. Wow, I hardly ever comment but have to tell you that you look amazing! Congrats on staying in such good shape throughout the pregnancy. And of course congrats on the cutest little Mazen!

  17. I’m so happy for you that you are feeling pretty much back to your normal self! 🙂 ….That squirt bottle is still in my bathroom- My episimoty was pretty hardcore and I wish I could say that I have healed that fast….. Did your doctor say to wait 6 weeks to run? Just curious- if it was a doctor call or a personal decision. Either way- I was just wondering………. I can’t believe that we have to wait 6 weeks to see a doctor to make sure everything is A-okay down south! It seems like such a loooooong time!
    You and Mazen just look wonderful- a perfect fit if you ask me! 🙂 {{hugs to the both of you}}

  18. Wow, you’re looking fabulous Kath!!!
    I’m not sure if it was already mentioned in the comments, but a friend recommended Bravado bras to me, I ordered 2 and they are soooo comfy (so far anyway…I haven’t actually nursed yet or used them postpartum since I’m still 7 weeks away from my due date!). I just got an email for a discount code and I’m thinking of maybe getting one of thier tanks…
    Hope you find something perfect!

  19. Hi Kath, I know it’s been said, but you look gorgeous! You are positively glowing with that sweet little babe in your arms.
    I know this might sound weird, but I saved that squirt bottle (washed it, of course!). My son now uses it as a bath toy 🙂 Repurpose and recycle!

  20. congratulations on Mazen…. he is beautiful.. i am currenlty 14 weeks with my first and i have to say… i am sad that this is your final post… i have enjoyed your posts so much and found myself checking every day to see if you had had him yet… perhaps i will start writing my own pregnancy blog as yours has inspired me and given me a few laughs along the way.

    good luck to you and your new little family 🙂

  21. I think people telling you “breastfeeding shouldnt hurt if they latch right” is one of the most misleading statements ever! I feel like its part of the reason new moms give up breastfeeding because they think their baby must not be able to latch correctly. I nursed one baby for 14 months and the second is 13 months and still nursing and each time if hurt like hell for a couple weeks! Honestly I would rather go through labor again than that first 2 weeks of breastfeeding pain, and both of my babies latched perfectly!

      1. Exactly! I felt like I was in torturous pain at first. Going on 6 months of breastfeeding though and it’s great now.

        I will say that I still leak sometimes! I think as my baby has spaced out her feedings, my body has had to adjust to that. My baby is 6 months old and I still do the disposable breast pads, because the day I forget to wear them I have embarrassing circles on my shirt.

        You look amazing, Kath! It’s obvious how well you took care of yourself when you bounce back so quickly, well done.

  22. I had a hard time giving up the squirt bottle. It was like my own little personal bidet!

    On the nursing bras, my one suggestion would be to stay away from under wire. I went that route and ended up with plugged ducts around the outer edges of the wire. Took a while to figure out that was what was causing it.

  23. Congratulations! He is a sweetheart, and you look great!

    I had an easy time with the weight the first time, but not so much with the second. I was in my pre-pregnancy pants and at my old weight 10 days postpartum with baby #1! With my second (now 13 months), I have 5-10 lbs hanging on, but I am still breast feeding 2-4 times/day and feel like the weight might be hanging on until I wean, because goodness, I still have nursing hunger, although the thirst subsided :). I was ambitious (crazy?) enough to start playing soccer again at 4.5 weeks postpartum, but I took it easy and subbed a lot, and I felt like that was OK while being careful.

    You might consider trying flat pressure on your non-nursing (opposite) breast to minimize let-down leakage. I got pretty un-inhibited about grabbing myself during the first few weeks nursing, since it really helped me stop dripping as much, ha… later on, if I got strong let-down, holding my arm across my nipple was enough pressure to calm it down. Good news is everything regulates after a few weeks to a couple months and there’s less mess :).

    Good luck with mommyhood!

  24. I leaked like a mad woman and the only thing that helped and that helped with healing were 100% wool breast pads. You wash them in lanolin (a natural healing agent). They are expensive ($25) but oh so worth it!

  25. Kath. You make me smile so much. It is such a joy to see and read about your new joy. Just my two cents-the nursing tanks from target are awesome. And destination maternity has great nursing bras. I wish u much happiness during this time. You r a special mama!

  26. I love that blue nursing shirt! Where did you get it? I had my son a week before you and this transition has been super powerful and fun! Congrats 🙂

  27. You look great, Kath! Being a mama totally suits you. And I love all the pictures, it will be fun to see how much he changes over the upcoming months.

    I’ve not had kids, so this has been an interesting learning experience for me.

  28. You look wonderful. Isn’t the body amazing! Although at 4 months post partum, I am still waiting for my stomach to stop being such a pouch (but I started preganancy overweight). Right now my pants are too big in the hips/thighs, but just right in the waist.

    I like Bravado’s stuff, but if you want more choices I have heard Nordstrom’s will convert any bra into a nursing bra for $10. I have yet to do it because there is not a store nearby. I have a bra from Hot Milk, and it is super cute vs. my boring Bravados and Gillian O’Malley tanks. I have some friends that rave about in place of a nursing tank, but I haven’t tried them yet either.

  29. Wow–you look amazing! I in NO WAY looked like that 5 days postpartum but I also gained about 50 lbs so that may be why LOL

    About the letdown and leaking–it will get better once your body starts to learn how and when he nurses. Two of my boys were “both side” nursers (about 20 min on each side at each feeding) but my third was a “one side” nurser. It amazed me how after a few weeks, my body learned not to let down milk in the side he wasn’t nursing on (and I wasn’t lopsided anymore). The whole feedback mechanism between mom and baby is so incredible!!

    I also slept topless for the first few weeks. I just got a big waterproof pad from the company I got cloth diapers from (Fuzzi Bunz) and laid that down at night–that way I didn’t have to change my sheets every morning 🙂 And I agree that fresh air is SO great for sore nipples! So is some indirect sunlight.

    Sounds like you are doing amazing and thoroughly enjoying Mazen! I’m jealous since my “baby” is 10 🙁 Such a wonderful time in your lives!

  30. Kath, I rarely comment but I just wanted to say I am SO happy for you. To be honest your birth story freaked me out a bit and I found myself thinking, “ack, I could NEVER do that!” and questioning my desire to have kids someday…but seeing how happy you look and how precious Mazen is I can see that it’s worth all the pain. Your descriptions of pregnancy, birth and breast-feeding have been hugely informative and it’s cute to see you and Mazen together. I’m wishing you all the best!

  31. Once your boobs get into thier feeding rhythm you will be able to feed from one side without the other leaking. (I breastfed both my girls for well over a year.) I would also start pumping and freezing. (Bottles last a few days in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer or 1 year in the deep freeze.) The freedom that it gives you is completley liberating. Mine never had an issue with boob or bottle, they were happy just to be fed. I know everyone is different. So, you have to do what works for you. I know what it is like to feel so tired you think you are literally dying, so handing off the baby and a bottle to your husband and knowing that you have 3 hours of sleep ahead of you is a wonderful thing. (Also, pumping before you go to sleep, until you are empty is a good strategy for not waking up leaking.)

    Best of luck with all of it, the adventure has only just begun.

  32. I love how you wrote ” get my body back to a shape that I feel great in”. That’s what I want weight loss to be for me… not an obsession with the scale or an all-controlling desire to be thin, just the desire to be happy and comfortable in my body. Thanks!

  33. So glad to hear you’re feeling so good. Maybe it’s a c-section thing or maybe I’m just a lazy slug, but I definitely didn’t fit into my pre-pregnancy pants 2 weeks out. In fact, my girl’s 14 months now and I’m still holding onto the same 6 extra lbs I had at 2 weeks post-partum. Man, that’s really starting to get me down. I guess it’s time to actually do something about it.
    – I’m just still finding it really hard as a SAHM to find time to make a lot of healthy food my whole fmaily (including little one) likes and have time to exercise. Maybe I’ll never really fit comfortably back into my pre-baby pants, but being a mother will absolutely be worth it!

    On leaking – I know every body is different, but I had to wear nursing pads pretty much 24hrs a day all the way until my girl was about 6 months old. I’d have random letdowns during the day and at night. I also slept with a lightweight cotton bra on, and laid on top of a soft fold up towel most nights, particularly when I was nursing her lying down with high likelihood of falling sleep nursing. Those all seemed like minor inconveniences to me – but the BIG one was — THE PUMP! Man how I hated that thing. And I only worked out of the home 2 days a week – can’t imagine how full time workingmoms feel about them!

  34. You look fantastic! You’re a natural mommy 🙂
    I know in those early weeks when I was nursing (twins) I lost all my pregnancy gain and then some – it’s amazing how much fuel your body needs to make milk! You’re half my size and much more fit, so I’m not surprised you’re feeling nearly normal again. Funny how after 9 months (less really, because it took awhile to really start “feeling” it) that your old normal feels foreign now! Keep up with your usual excellent nutrition and hydration, bumped up with extra protein – you’re doing great. Even now that my girls are five, I can still vaguely remember that feeling when they were both rolling around inside me – miss it (but wouldn’t want to go through it again – those early months were too tough!) 😉

  35. Not sure if someone already mentioned this but I can’t say enough good things about hemp breast pads (the cotton ones never worked well enough). They absorb SO much and are super soft. My daughter loved to hold them while she nursed and was so attached that when she weaned I sewed them together for her as a lovey. Any brand will do, I think there are even a bunch on Etsy! Congrats and continued success with your postpartum healing.

  36. Dang girl, look at you already back in your pre-preg jeans! I was just sized for a nursing bra (w/room to grow), and I chose the Bravado Body Silk Seamless style. It is a bit pricy ($49), but I wore it today for the first time, and man, it is so comfortable! Very supportive too. Bummer to hear the soothies don’t help the healing process! I just ordered some on Amazon. Sigh. I also picked up some Bamboobies – washable bamboo nursing pads, but they have a waterproof backing. Not sure if the waterproof is really waterproof, but they are worth a shot.

    1. I wore the same bra today! Liked it a lot. And you can still use the soothies… Just use them for short periods of time… And put them in the fridge first!

  37. hi Kath, firstly congratulations and well done!! He really is a gorgeous boy 🙂
    You look brilliant and are a walking advert for the healthy lifestyle in pregnancy! I had to smile ALOT when I read your comment about your tummy being almost flat after the birth because I experienced exactly the same feeling……I had unfortunately had a ‘crash’ CSection after a 50 hour labour during which I didn’t dilate, but I remember waking up after the CS and feeling such excitement when I saw my flat tummy……aaaaaaaand next time I opened my eyes, I looked nine months gone again because of the post op swelling!!!!!! sigh……brought me down to earth with a bump, I tell ya 😉
    All good wishes to your little family of three, you have taken to motherhood like a duck to water, your son is a lucky boy to have a mum like you. x

  38. I can’t believe how great you look so soon. I have heard of people that fit right back into their clothes but never had really seen it happen to anyone I know. I definitely had to work for months to get back to prepregnancy jeans, especially after #2.

    The nursing will get less and less painful as your supply regulates, it doesn’t hurt at all later on. I’m glad Mazen is such a quick learner – smart boy.

  39. For pain due to latching and healing: lanolin!!! The Medela brand is my favorite. Just glib it on and it’s perfectly safe for baby! I never had nursing pain in the beginning (just immense throbbing and fever when my milk came in), but when I started running again, I had several bouts of plugged ducts, milk blisters, and mastitis that make it so painful to nurse. Lanolin really helps! Also, I’ve discovered in lieu of a warm cloth, a disposable diaper works so so so well as a compress! Nothing leaks from it! Just run it under warm water and apply to painful boobs right before nursing. Finally, get yourself some nursing pads! Charlie Banana and Bamboobies are my favorite. That will keep leaks from showing and lanolin from staining. Take care!

  40. You look absolutely wonderful! I think your philosophy towards moving and eating has definitely led to the postpartum experience you have had. As a 60 lb. gained in pregnancy woman, I can say that your BERF posts have been far more inspiring than any pregnancy books I read about healthy steps to motherhood!

  41. Hi Kath! Congrats, Mazen is absolutely adorable! I’m glad you are also healing so well.

    A note about breastfeeding: Although your body is certainly getting used to his rhythm of feeding, it doesn’t hurt to check in with a professional. I used the Similac feeding hotline for their third party lactation consultants multiple times and have really appreciated every interaction with them.

    Best wishes!

  42. I have to say, this post makes me a little angry. I am a petite girl, ate super healthy all through pregnancy, and worked out 5 days past my due date, only gaining 30 lbs the whole time. My son is 9 months old and my body is JUST now getting back to where it used to be. (Also, I breastfed for 7 months). I worked my butt off to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans – it was not even close to as easy as I expected it would be. Pretty much every.singe.woman I’ve ever talked to said it took MINIMUM a few months to look/feel normal again, with most agreeing that the ‘9 months on, 9 months off’ thing is true. I think that it probably made a lot of moms bristle to read this post, because quite frankly it puts a very unrealistic portrayl out there for other moms that are pregnant, or have just given birth. It’s a little strange you felt the need to humble-brag (“they fit!!! (but they look terrible…:-“) when so many women struggle with losing the post-baby lbs. I’m sure you probably won’t approve this comment, but just had to speak my mind.

    1. I’m just being honest. It took me by surprise. My body feels very normal relative, but it is no where near being back to normal.

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