I am writing this on my due date, a year later. A year ago I …

Ate a scuffin for breakfast


Rolled around on my exercise ball to encourage baby coming


Slathered on some of his lotions


Drank raspberry leaf tea and ate deviled eggs in his nursery


Ate pie for a snack


Went to Faith + Tate’s for dinner


And ate a lemon drop cupcake hoping it would put me into labor.


Little did I know I still had a long wait to go until….


My water broke on September 6!



Mazen was born 20 hours later






He continues to be a little ball of fire and the light of our lives!

Happy Birthweek Mazen Duke!

20 thoughts on “Remembering”

  1. Congratulations on Mazen’s Birth week!
    He is absolutely adorable.

    I am a newish mom (to a 3 month old), and I have been reading your blog
    since I was pregnant. I’ve really enjoyed your posts and they have helped
    to have a glimpse into what to expect as my little one grows.

    Thanks for sharing your journey and a HUGE congrats as your little one is
    nearing the one year mark! Great job^^

  2. Happy Birthday, Mazen! Thanks for sharing your journey as a family of three, joys and challenges…..a grateful reader and newish mom too!

  3. It’s so crazy how fast a year passes, my daughter turned one in July and will be 14 months tomorrow! If Matt does that “bounce” routine much more, he could call that his daily workout!

  4. Ahhhhhhh, love, love, love!! Its so fun to loook back at this post. I cannot believe its been a year. Mazen is adorable!! Happy almost first birthday:)

  5. Aww, I’m getting sappy just thinking about yours (and mine in a few months) turning one!

    Haven’t seen Faith and Tate on your pages in forever!! Do they still live in Cville?

  6. I was due on Aug. 27th… 8 days later and I’m still waiting for something, ANYTHING, to happen! I feel like I’ve tried everything from the pressure point in my heal (twice), sex, visualization, evening primrose oil, membrane strip, exercise ball, lunges & squats… ETC! Is it possible to be pregnant forever? Maybe my little one wants to share a birthday with Mazen and his Grandfather (also born on 9/6)! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since Mazen was born- they grow up so fast!!

  7. Awww…I’m getting teary just reading this! Happy birthday week, sweet Mazen! I love that you have so many details about this amazing point in time captured. 🙂

  8. I have a 7.5 month old boy and have been reading your posts since the beginning of my pregnancy. Everything from the glucose test to breastfeeding. In fact, you were the reason we were able to continue nursing because I got the side laying position idea from you, which was the only one that worked and still works for us!! Thank you and congrats on a year since the due date 🙂

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