Review: Oilo Play Blanket

Oilo sent me one of their blankets recently – this beautiful Freesia play blanket.


The company makes all kinds of beautiful bedding, furniture and décor items. Their crib sets are just gorgeous!!


So far we love the blanket for floor playing. It’s super soft sateen on one side and more durable duck surface on the other so the blanket doesn’t slip around on the floor. The blanket is large, so it makes a great play mat – at 40×50 inches. I love that I can wash it after its been on the floor no problem.



Mazen especially loves the chevron design – it’s his favorite!!


If you’re nursery or registry shopping, check out their designs!

And for everyone, a discount code for $20 off with any $50 order!

Code: BabyKerf/Oilo

8 thoughts on “Review: Oilo Play Blanket”

  1. you mention the “duck” side is durable and doesn’t slip around. Is it actually somewhat “grippy” for hardwood floors? I’d love something like this as opposed to those hideous bold color play mats for our hardwood floors.

    1. It’s not grippy, but it’s more of a durable canvas-like cloth so slippage is definitely reduced. It’s probably not thick enough for hardwoods alone either. Better for on top of carpet or grass.

  2. thanks for the info! I’d love to find a grippy one. perhaps I need to go into business. 🙂 I’d love to be a WAHM!

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