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I’m so sorry if any of you are having trouble with your orders. PV.Body is going through a transition right now towards an in-house brand called Ellie. I didn’t know this when I received my box and wrote this review. It’s probably best to give them some time to let the dust settle before trying out the new line. I apologize for any inconvenience this partnership has caused. 


The latest trend sweeping mailboxes near you is customized monthly box subscriptions of everything from organic beauty products to fashion clothing to healthy snacks to fitness wear.


pv.body asked if they could surprise me with one of their Fit Boxes as a mom on the move. I happily accepted, knowing I needed all the help and motivation I could get to get moving after Mazen was born!


Your box is customized based on a fitness quiz you take about the style of workouts, colors and apparel you like. The style fairies then put together a two-piece outfit that retails for over $100 for just $49. If you’re into higher end fitness apparel, then this is quite a deal. Shipping is always freeee, you can cancel the subscription at any time, and if your clothes don’t fit they will send a replacement that does. (You can also refund the whole box if you wish to return it all).


So what did I receive?

These American Apparel running tights. I am in love with them for recent winter runs! I have actually never owned running tights because I generally prefer pants that slightly flare to make my shorty legs look longer. I assumed tights would not fit me very well and shift around or bunch, but these fit perfectly and don’t budge. I also can’t believe how wonderful running without flare flapping at your ankles is. Duh! So a huuuuge thumbs up for these.

Babyblog-0415 Babyblog-0417

For the top, I got this Nux brand tank. I love the color, and it fit well, but for this nursing mama, it was a bit too revealing for anything but hatha yoga, so I opted to send it back. Although instead of sending it back, I was given the choice of giving it to a reader as a giveaway. See below!!


In exchange, pv.body sent this navy sports top that I like much more for its coverage. It’s also nice and long so it works well as a transition from maternity wear.


If you’re interested in trying out pv.body yourself, you can get 20% off by jumping over from BERF!

{Note this link is an affiliate link. If you’d prefer to just go to the site organically, feel free!}

And if you’d like to win this sleek size medium tank, leave a comment below with your favorite fitness activity. If it doesn’t fit you, I’m sure it would fit a friend of yours!

Giveaway runs for 48 hours. Check back here for the winner!



The winner is Beaty. Please email me with your name and address at!


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  1. My new fav activity is weight training. And you are actually the one who inspired me to do it! All your training during pregnancy really helped you stay fit and strong! I figured if you could do it throughout your pregnancy I could give it a whirl. And I love it! I love the feeling of muscles that are well worked out and tired. It makes resting all the more enjoyable 🙂 As a bonus not only is my body getting toned up, It has helped to amp up my metabolism!

  2. That tank is cute, I’m a new momma too but have never been too blessed in the chest area so I’m sure I’d be covered 🙂 My favorite fitness activity is strength training, whether in a class like body pump or on my own

  3. My favorite cardio activity is step class, but I also love that great feeling you get after you finish a 5k/10k/half marathon!

  4. Fav fitness activity is anything that is anything that is fun, makes me feel strong and gets my heart moving!! So for me that is yoga, walking, running, hiking outside, or doing various workout classes.

  5. I was always a swimmer (competitive, water polo, syncro), so that’s still my favorite work-out, though I have to admit I run more often because it’s “quicker”. (No wet hair to deal with!)

  6. Typically I would say running, but I’ve been hitting the pool more lately and am LOVING it!

  7. Well, I took the quiz and everything’s ready to go, but I feel like I should wait til after the holidays for money-conscious reasons – but Im REALLY interested in doing this! Its a lot like True&Co – its an online bra store where you take a quiz and give measurements, and they send you 5 bras for $40. You try them all on and send back any you don’t like. Each bra you keep is $40-$45, and you pay for those. If you don’t like any, you get refunded everything. I will NEVER shop for bras in the stores again, seriously, haha. Might be good for when you’re out of your nursing bras! 🙂

    Anyway, the tank is very cute! I do wear a medium, but it’s a little plain for my tastes 🙂 I hope it finds a good home, though!

  8. My favorite fitness activity — and mode of transportation — is bicycling. I love how practical it is, and how far you can go!

  9. Cute tank! I would have to say riding my bike is my favorite outdoor, and yoga if it’s raining! 🙂

  10. I typically love running! I’m in my first trimester and running has NOT happened yet. Hope to change that in a few weeks 🙂

  11. two words…bar method. this is a pilates, ballet and yoga class that kicks butt. an our of intense sculpting helped transform my body. unfortunately, there aren’t any studios in sacramento. have you ever tried?

  12. Running is my favorite, and I always layer with these kinds of shirts because I actually DON’T need a super duper sports bra! Would love to win this- thanks for the offer!

  13. I am a swimmer! 2000 meters 3X per week! (But the tank would be great for every other type of workout that I do…strength training, running, etc…)

  14. That tank is so cute! I’ve been doing lots of runs on the treadmill lately and it would be great!

  15. Right now I have a series of strengthening/toning exercises I do daily using my own body weight, and I’m also starting to train for a half-marathon! Can’t say running is my fave, but I’m getting used to it, and I love the zen feeling I get about the first 10 min or so into training…

  16. My favorite fitness activity is outdoor cycling. There is nothing better than being alone on the road on a hot Summer day, or crisp Fall morning!

  17. It’s a combo of body pump, which I’m loving, and running as my 2013 goal is to complete at least a 10k!

  18. Those running tights look great, and I like the second tank you got a lot! My favorite fitness activity in general is a group exercise class – it depends on my mood, but I like spinning, strength, core, yoga, kickboxing, and zumba classes!

  19. My favorite fitness activity would have to be strength training for a lean look, or outside running!

  20. I love weight training and yoga! You can see results more quickly and it’s great to feel strong!

  21. I love yoga, but this holiday season I am so excited to go for walks in the woods with my mom!

  22. As much as I love jogging for the mental health benefits, vinyasa yoga is by far my favorite fitness activity.

  23. I love running on the elliptical! It’s so easy on my knees and I can catch up on all my studying / tv shows.

  24. My favorite exercise activity is running (although I wouldn’t wear that tank for running!). If I win, that definitely would be a good hot yoga tank!

  25. My favorite activity is running! Its been awhile since I have engaged….just gave birth 5 weeks ago, so I am really looking forward to starting up again!

  26. I am a bootcamp fanatic! But trying to get into yoga for balance strength flexibility and recovery!

  27. I love to run, but currently hill walking is taking the cake–its low impact, but man I sweat more than I do on a 10 mile run!

  28. I bought a pair of champion running tights and can’t run in them because they slide down my backside! Such a bummer. I’ll have to check out the American Apparel ones.
    My favorite fitness activity is Zumba…which I’ve attempted at home and isn’t as fun as at an actual class. But, when the baby starts fussing I can always pick her up and dance with her, so it has been a great workout option when she won’t nap 🙂

  29. My husband and I just completed our first marathon with TNT! What an accomplishment and it def has us addicted to running now! We were so happy to be able to do it together!

  30. I love hiking and biking! I’m just trying to figure out how to do it with having my (new) baby # 2 along for the ride now 🙂

  31. My favorite is yoga at home in the living room with my 9 month old daughter! It’s my happy place! Love the tank! It would be perfect for my at home practice 🙂

  32. What a great idea! I love a combo of walking and running. I can’t seem to work my way up to running for long periods of time yet but I’m fine with the short bursts.

  33. My favorite fitness activity is yoga. I have just recently started getting back into my practice (after going sporadically for the last year and a half) and have begun going regularly again, and man do I feel mentally and physically amazing!

  34. My favourite fitness activity is yoga, simply because it stretches my whole body, makes me aware of it and I feel completely at peace after every yoga time on my mat!

  35. My favorite fitness activity is running outside-NOT on the treadmill!-though I’m really loving Barre classes right now!

  36. My favorite activity right now is a toss-up. I am a Zumba instructor, so I obviously love that. But I just started Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution and am blown away by how strong, lean and mean I look and feel.

  37. I love boot camp classes at my gym and hiking. I am so lucky to live near beautiful mountain trails!

  38. Right now, my favorite activities are prenatal yoga and nice long walks outside. I do miss my hot yoga, though! 🙂

  39. Running is my first love but I also love cycling and recently Hip Hop dance classes – the tank would be great for all 3!

  40. My favorite fitness activity is yoga. When I was pregnant it was prenatal yoga. I swear it’s what made my labor and delivery easier.

  41. Dance Central!! I love being able to dance around in my living room and get a great workout all at the same time.

  42. I’ve always been a big fan of the elliptical! On test days in college I’d go to the gym and would review test notes on the elliptical!.Some days I was on there for an hour and a half. I wish I still had that motivation! I’m two weeks postpartum. I’m definitely looking forward to being active again!

  43. Yoga and jogging. Would love to call myself a runner but my pace definitely makes me a jogger. 🙂

  44. My recent favorite fitness activity is spinning! I’ve been backing off on the running for now just to give my joints a break and spinning seems to be treating me well 🙂 Thanks Kath!

  45. I love yoga, and I can be grateful for once that I’m small-busted, so this would probably fit me! 🙂

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