42 thoughts on “Smiles, Sneezes & Yawns”

  1. He’s so cute! I can’t believe that just five weeks make the difference between bewildered newborn and smiling baby.

    Sneezes are the best.

  2. haha too cute! Our little one is 16 weeks old now but it wasn’t too long ago when we were seeing those first reaction smiles. She can now ‘crack up’ a little if you really get her going. Yesterday her tooth actually popped up! During her two month visit, her doctor felt a bump in her gums and ever since we’ve been feeling for the sharpness. Parenthood is so rewarding, wouldn’t you say? Even a smile coming from a tiny human is beyond satisfying. Freakin’ love babies! 🙂

  3. Nope….I don’t think there could be anything cuter. 🙂 He’s adorable! His smile just lights up his face. I love the little excited breathing he does when you’re talking to him. Truly an enjoyable time. 🙂

  4. Adorable. Sneezing indicates too much stimulation and he wants a break. The looking away confirms. When he starts to paddle his legs it indicates he’s ready for some more interaction.

    1. Mazen is sooo cute!!
      And sorry, but I just had to laugh at Sherry’s comment. I never heard that sneezing equals overstimulation. It sounds a little absurd to me that a baby wanting a break can make himself sneeze. 😉 Could be anything, like lint or bright lights, plus babies noses are adjusting to breathing air, so their noses are probably pretty sensitive. My son got fussy, when he was overstimulated, but he sure didn’t sneeze…

      1. I’m not sure either…our ped said at his birth they just have a lot to clear in the first weeks with little passageways. It would be cool if we could sneeze on demand!

          1. Cool article. I’m glad to know the O shaped mouth means he wants to play – he does that all the time when he’s alert

          2. Wow! That sure is interesting, although I personally take Babycenter posts with a grain of salt. Still not convinced about sneezing as a symptom of overstimulation, but I guess every baby is different. 🙂 There were lots of other interesting things in the article though, thanks for sharing!

  5. He is growing so fast! What a cutie. No excuse needed for the mom voice, we all have it and it comes on immediately!! 😉

  6. That “super annoying mom voice” is actually really important for language development! Don’t apologize, and keep it up!

  7. Those string tie bottoms are so great for ease of changing diapers; loved them!!or whatever it is that makes them open and close easily.
    he is a cutie pie

  8. I love the mom voice. I use mine all the time. And when I look back at home videos of my own mom using it when I was little, it makes me smile. =)

  9. love his little yawn at the end and all his cute noises, stretches and faces! And your voice is not annoying at all!

  10. That video makes me want to have a baby right now! (I go back and forth daily as we’re considering when to try for our first) Mazen seems like such a happy baby! Hope he’s giving you a little more sleep these days 🙂

  11. Anyway you would post some of your freezer meal recipes? I’m 33 weeks and all of a sudden I find that on my top 5 list.
    P.S. That’s a great big smile!! love it!

      1. I just stocked up on frozen whole foods like salmon burgers, salmon, chicken, ground beef, homemade granola bars, soup and some sauce that Karen made. That way I always had something to make in a quick dinner but didn’t have to spend hours making casseroles.

  12. I forgot about all the sneezing!! So darn cute! Just wait until he starts to talk back to you! 🙂

    (and then, once they’ve started, they never hush…but that’s beside the point LOL)

  13. I’m not quite ready for kids yet, but watching this makes my ovaries quiver : ) Congrats on a healthy happy beautiful baby.

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