As you might have seen in this post, I was on the hunt for an umbrella stroller to use for our recent trip to Arizona. I ended up buying the Uppababy G-Lite. I have no affiliation with Uppababy – just want to share my purchase with you guys!


We decided on the G-Lite because:

1) The price was moderate

2) I found a 2012 model on sale

3) My mom convinced me to spend a little more in hopes that it lasts through more children

4) I have a thing for Uppababy strollers and if we didn’t already love our BOB so much I would want an Uppababy Vista (it’s my stroller crush)!

5) It had all the features on my list (UV sunshade, bigger basket, super lightweight, one-handed operation)

6) The G-luxe looked great, but I didn’t think the recline was worth the extra cost since we have a car seat/snap-n-go that we’d use for any future infants. So the less expensive G-lite it was.

Having taken the stroller on a cross-country flight and used it for 5 days walking back and forth and back and forth around the resort and gone on a light hike with it, I have nothing but good things to say. Of course I don’t have experience with another stroller to compare it to, but based on a few weeks of use, I’m very happy with the purchase.


First the sun shade is awesome. Totally awesome. In the Arizona sun I was so happy to have Mazen be able to sit in the shade.


I love that it rotates down creating a pod for him and covering up his whole body (I often put a light blanket and sunscreen on his legs). I loved being able to see him from above.


The handlebars are also really high and while I’m sure that’s a huge plus for someone 6’+, as a 5’2” gal I found the height to be very comfortable too.


The basket was about as big as I would expect for this size stroller, but what I found to be fantastic about it was that our diaper bag fit VERTICALLY between the seat and the metal back. This was so, so convenient! And we still had room for toys underneath the bag.



M loved riding in the stroller, and the straps and seat were very comfortable for him. The wheels rolled just fine and even lock if you want them to for more comfortable long distance walking.


I bought another of these consoles to put on top. I have one on my BOB and loved the addition here too for my phone, water bottle and more. It’s the best console out there! You can’t beat the price on this thing – it’s under $10 and goes on sale for $6 at times!


Lastly, the stroller was super easy to fold up at the airport gates. I could do it with one hand, and loved the attached strap for lifting it back up and carrying it from the car. The G-lite is 8.8 pounds and I had no trouble lifting it with one arm. It also stands upright by itself, which was very helpful getting it in and out of the car.


I have ONE negative with the stroller. This flap is great to keep the sun from peeking in the back, but sometimes the sun was right overhead and I wanted to look down into the stroller to keep an eye on M but there was no way to tuck the flap up and it often just falls back down. However, it has velcro on the corners and I’m thinking if I attached some stick-on velcro on the sunshade I could stick it up when I wanted to.


We’re hoping to use this stroller as our car/travel stroller for a long time. It goes up to 55 pounds, so we hope to have many years of use left!

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  1. I just got back from pushing the G-Luxe through the zoo all morning. 🙂 We love it too, and also got a 2012 sale model – HUGE discount! Only gripe with mine is that it’s red (only color they had), which would have been my last choice, but I’ve gotten used to it.

    I need to get one of those handlebar organizers!!

    1. Right when I got your comment I’m watching Cullen’s 8 month video so I’m listening to your voice!!! Love to go back and read your recaps : )

  2. hi kath,
    LOVE your blog and I feel like I’ve gone through so much alongside you guys. My little girl is about a month behind Mazen. So, we just got back from a trip to CA and we lugged our bugaboo + carseat on the plane, etc…

    I would have loved to get the uppababy g-lite but I didn’t know what to do about a carseat once we arrived! What did you guys do in AZ? I’m looking to find a way NOT to bring our big, fully loaded stroller everywhere with us but I don’t know what to do about the car seat situations! Thanks for your help!

    1. We checked our stroller bag for free with our suitcases. I bought a $20 bag to put it in (the Jeep brand one). So glad we took our seat because we used it a lot, including when we got stuck in Chicago overnight

  3. I wish this was in our budget – it looks like a great stroller! Kath, I’m hoping you’ll write one of your excellent comprehensive how-to posts about traveling with a baby. Our little boy is just a few weeks older than Mazen, and we’re taking him to Georgia over the Memorial Day holiday. I’m already feeling crushing guilt about not buying him his own seat on the plane – I need to curtail my internet research. I really trust your voice, so any tips you could share would be tremendously appreciated. What did you pack? What did you take along but not use? What did you wish you had with you that you left home? Were you able to gate-check both the car seat and the stroller? Did you take a travel high chair? You get my drift – I’m adrift in a sea of possibilities here. Thanks!

    1. I need to write this post! I’m working on it and hope I get to it in time. We did gate check our stroller but we luggage checked our car seat in this Jeep bag (it was free). Having him on our laps was totally fine and I’m glad we didn’t pay the expensive cost of another seat. We wore him in the carrier on the plane. Bring lots of toys for distraction. Wear something you can easily nurse in (if you’re nursing). Otherwise, it went pretty smoothly.

    2. I’ll chime in here just on a couple things… travelled with a 14 month old on our laps to Senegal, Africa. It was overnight so he slept most of the way. It wasn’t comfortable for us to have him sleeping on our laps, but he did fine (as did the 8 other babes on the flight- also on laps – it was a busy flight!). In terms of gear- we bought a Phil and Ted’s Travel Crib- which was amazing- 8 lbs and fit in our suitcase. For a highchair we brought something like this:, but the Phil and Ted Metoo chair is another good and portable option depending on the table situation… We had a little umbrella stroller, but ended up just using a sling and backpack (roads in Senegal aren’t stroller friendly)- luckily we had a few people to take turns holding him. A stroller might be handy depending on how much you will be walking and how much stamina your arms have. We are very happy that we bought the travel crib and the chair- we bring them both visiting grandparents, camping, friends, etc.

  4. The “up to 55 pounds” made me giggle. My nine year old is 55 pounds, and he would probably love to ride in a stroller! Lol

  5. I thought your friend gave you an Uppababy Vista and you didn’t like it? Or was that a Bugaboo? We also have the BoB and while I absolutely love it I would also like a bassinet stroller for future baby #2,just don’t think I can justify the cost! Plus we live in a 100yr old house and closet space is a commodity – the BoB currently lives in the dining room!

    1. It was a Bugaboo and it served about the same purpose as the BOB after the newborn stage – it was big and bulky to use in the car just like the BOB and for walking I always found myself choosing the BOB. I think BOB + umbrella is a better combo than BOB + big casual stroller. I passed it on to a friend who needed one.

  6. I have been wanting to ask about this stroller is the seat narrow lenght wise Im looking towards buying this stroller but someone told me the seat is a bit narrow for their 18 moth old.

  7. I am the mother of 2 year old little baby. I already have the Cruz(the abridged version of the Vista) and its really awesome. The Stroller is absolutely flexible and easy as ever and the basket attached is extremely useful. I am also equally impressed with G-Lite which i will be buying in shortly..

  8. Do you still love your Glite almost a year later? I am looking for an umbrella stroller right now. Can’t decide if I should spend the extra money and go for the Uppababy, or go with the First Year’s one…I have a Bubagoo right now but it is way too difficult to travel with. Leaning towards the Glite so I thought I would ask! THANKS!!

    1. Yup!!! Love it! So easy to collapse down and has been great for travel. I sort of wish I’d gotten the G-luxe with the recline, although I’m not sure Mazen would even like that, so it was probably a good decision. He has fallen asleep in the G-lite before. And love how lightweight it is. The strap on the back is great too.

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