13 weeks

13 Weeks: Attention Convention

March 13, 2012

I had a lot of fun talking about all-things-babies at convention with some of the other women there. I’m in that information sponge stage where there is no such thing as unsolicited advice, and I’m enjoying hearing all kinds of perspectives. Our mentor, Amanda, wanted to rub my belly (the first time someone has asked!) […]

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13 Weeks: Breastful Dreams

March 13, 2012

The most commom dream I’ve been having since becoming pregnant is about breastfeeding. It’s the part of motherhood I look forward to most (so I sure hope it works for me!). Probably because I’ve had a large chest my whole life and hope that it hasn’t all been for nothing! A few weeks ago I […]

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13 weeks: Time Is Speeding Up

March 12, 2012
13 weeks (2)

13 weeks has flown by! Likely because I spent most of it in San Diego with my mind on Great Harvest instead of the ticking clock. I used to wake up each morning and study my stomach, feel around for my uterus and see if anything had happened overnight. These days I feel like I’m […]

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