14 weeks

First Trimester Recap

March 16, 2012
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The highs and lows of the first tri! Most Exciting Moment… I think the obvious answer here is getting a positive test, but I actually think my most exciting moment was hearing the heartbeat for the first time. More than the positive test, more than the first ultrasound, this is when pregnancy really became real […]

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14 Weeks: Physical Changes

March 15, 2012

A few changes I’ve noticed this week: 1) I think my blood volume is definitely increasing. I can feel my heartbeat in all kinds of strange places – in my back, in my head, in my uterus, in my toes – at random times. And not to be totally gross, but I’ve heard that the […]

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14 Weeks: The Middle Part

March 14, 2012

Second trimester is OFFICIAL!! I was listening to a Pregtastic this morning and one of the panelists compared the trimesters to high school. When you’re just a freshman, the seniors look so cool. I think that makes me about a sophomore right now. Hard to believe that [knock on wood] someday I’ll be a senior […]

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