15 weeks

15 Weeks: Shifting Body

March 19, 2012
2012-03-10 08.28.46

I’m definitely feeling a bit of a shift in my physical state this week. Starting with a more rounded bump of course! But also some lower back pain that flared after my 3.5 hour car ride to Baltimore. It’s on my right side, just above my hip bone. Could this be relaxin making its first […]

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15 Weeks: Labor Of Love

March 18, 2012

Please tell me that quick births run in families!? I visited my grandmother this week and my mom was there as well. Gram told me a little about her birth stories, although given that they were over 50 years old [sorry mom!] I didn’t get too many details. She said with both of her children […]

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15 Weeks: The Mouse, The Fish + The Rhino

March 17, 2012
15 weeks (7)

The weeks sure do seem to be going faster these days! And that’s a very good thing to me. This week was the first one where I feel like my friends and family can really see my pregnancy from the outside: A stranger might not get it, but when I look at my reflection in […]

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