18 weeks

18 Weeks: Ova Ova

April 6, 2012

After stumbling upon BERF a few weeks ago and reading my conception posts, the owner of Ova Ova contacted me to share her website, which is a fertility tracker much like Fertility Friend. Ova Ova has a modern, fresh look and a more conservative ovulation predictor software than FF, which is good when you’re trying […]

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18 Weeks: Must Haves

April 5, 2012

Building a baby wish list is daunting. The essentials are simple: a place for the baby to sleep, a few sets of clothes, a carseat, diapers. But what about all the gear that just makes mom and dad’s lives easier? Boppies, swings, bouncers, gliders, carriers, pack n plays, breast pumps…..what do you really need? Here […]

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18 Weeks: Yoga For Two

April 4, 2012

Today was my second visit to the prenatal yoga class at my gym! I’ve seen women late into their pregnancies go into prenatal yoga since I joined the gym nearly two years ago, but never did I think I would be one of them! I was really nervous before my first class. Not about the […]

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18 Weeks: Paint By Numbers

April 3, 2012

Nursery updates are my favorite BERF posts to write : ) Those and bumps, of course! With the closet painting I did on Sunday, the space has a whole new look. Thanks to those of you who suggested we remove the closet door after this happened to the rug: The closet before was beige and […]

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18 Weeks: I Got Kicked!

April 2, 2012

Exciting things happened this weekend! I ate two kinds of chocolate dessert, and then I got kicked! It was so exciting! It started a wave-like feeling in the front of my stomach. Right up near the top of my uterus. I’m guessing that was the baby rolling around. And then I felt a little bump […]

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18 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

March 31, 2012

A new edition of BERF – Saturday posts will be one or a few photos! I’m going to take Sundays off and Monday-Friday will be full of the good stuff : )

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