32 weeks

32 Weeks: Mr. Personality

July 13, 2012

Our baby has not even come into the world yet, but we are already obsessively proud parents. You know – those parents who are like “Baby just raised his arm! He’s so cute!” “Baby just burped! So cute!” I’m not being mean – babies are super duper cute doing everything they do! And our child […]

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32 Weeks: The Princess And The Pillows

July 12, 2012
32 weeks

I am sleeping so much better this week – and for a surprising reason. I bought a snoogle pillow as soon as sleeping on my stomach seemed a bit awkward. If you haven’t seen one of these before….it’s a big curved body pillow that can be molded into different shapes for a variety of comfortable […]

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32 Weeks: Lumpy + Bumpy

July 11, 2012
32 weeks-21

It’s getting closer and closer and closer….!!! What I am loving about my bump this week is that it is full of lumps! I guess because there is less space in there and because the babe is growing big that his limbs, butt and body make shapes on the outside all the time now. They […]

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32 Weeks: What To Reject When You’re Expecting

July 10, 2012

My dad is a huge Consumer Reports guru and sent me this article: What To Reject When You’re Expecting. I found it to be a pretty sound article full of stats and research that fit in line with other (more sensationalized) articles, books and movies I’ve read. I think it’s important to note that the […]

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32 Weeks: To Due List

July 9, 2012

Like most women in their third trimester, I often wonder when I will go into labor. Hopefully not anytime soon! I have friends who went into labor at 36 weeks and women in my yoga class a week overdue on the eve of induction. And many of you have shared in the comments that you […]

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32 Weeks: Snapshots

July 7, 2012

This week a beautiful crib sheet arrived in the mail!! Thanks to Jessica for the gift : ) It’s hard to tell in the photos because the sun was so bright, but it’s a pretty mist seafoam blue. We’ve had an empty white mattress in the nursery for months, so I was so excited to […]

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