35 weeks

35 Weeks: Race For The Finish

August 3, 2012
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As people have inquired about my birth wishes, I’ve told them I’m hoping for a drug-free childbirth. Reactions have ranged from “good for you!” and “mine was awesome!’ to “you don’t get a medal” and “why on earth would you want to do that!?” The best analogy I have come up with is to compare […]

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35 Weeks: Baby Care Basics Class

August 2, 2012

Last week Matt and I attended the final class in our baby prep series. First was Childbirth, then came Breastfeeding and finally: Baby Care Basics. The class was a great overview of things to know about caring for a baby. Having babysat many-a-sweet babe in my life and thanks to some of the recent reading […]

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35 Weeks: No Sides Left

August 1, 2012

IT’S AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-ish weeks to go! I’ve been waiting….a long time….to be able to write that. This may not even be the month in which my baby is born, BUT the final 31-day countdown has begun! I think the baby actually flipped horizontally this week – hopefully not vertically! Friends have told me that if […]

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35 Weeks: Wet Nipples

July 31, 2012

[And I don’t mean mine!!!!!] I mean the ones that came with my BreastFlow bottle set I washed all of the new bottles last week and found a spot in our kitchen to put them. I considered relocating a lot of our barwear, but I decided that up high was not an ideal place to […]

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35 Weeks: Nesting Projects

July 30, 2012

Up until now, I hadn’t had much of an urge to clean my baseboards. It was all about decorating and making sure all of our little projects were complete. Then 35 weeks kicked in and I found myself….cleaning baseboards!! Craziness that one day I just looked down, saw dirt and was living a stereotype! As […]

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35 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

July 28, 2012
Baby eats (1)

It will be a long time before he’s ready to eat out of his new fancy china from our friend (and Karen’s friend)Tracy, but they are ready when he is! "The House That Jack Built” by Mother Goose PREVIOUS WEEKS 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks 9 weeks 10 weeks 11 […]

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