36 weeks

36 Weeks: The Final Items

August 10, 2012

After my shower in Hillsborough, I returned home with a good idea of what we still needed to buy to prepare for the baby. I had been excited for this for a long time – I couldn’t wait for the relief to have everything we need in our house! That day has come, and we […]

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36 Weeks: Car Seat Installed!

August 9, 2012

10 weeks ago I did a post on car seat safety after listening to a Pregtastic podcast. The podcast was excellent – everyone should listen to it. One of the things the expert in the podcast recommended was taking the car seat to your local police or fire department for a lesson on proper installation […]

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36 Weeks: Nesting–> Resting

August 8, 2012

Exciting times ahead! This is the first week – less than a month to go – where I feel like having a baby is no longer just an idea in the distant future but something real that is actually happening. Moreover, although I know the stats and research that say first-time moms generally go beyond […]

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36 Weeks: Pack n Play Options

August 7, 2012

There are so many options out there for playards – I have no idea what to choose or even how we will use it! Here are some facts about our situation: We won’t be using it for nightime sleeping (we have the rock n play sleeper and a crib nearby our room) We could use […]

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36 Weeks: New Additions

August 6, 2012

New additions for the new addition!! From family, friends, Etsy and Amazon : ) I wish I could showcase every single gift we have received and every single item I have purchased, but here are snapshots of the range of baby items we have accumulated… A Duke bib and socks from Matt’s grandmother Bonnie – […]

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36 Weeks: Snapshots

August 4, 2012

My parents’ gift to us for the baby was the high chair!! We chose the OXO Tot Sprout after reading a bunch of reviews and recommendations.  I hear it’s also very easy to clean : ) The base matches our dining room table and the top matches our bright green drum shade!   The chair […]

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