38 weeks

38 Weeks: To Do List

August 24, 2012

I should have written this post 2 weeks ago, because that’s how long we’ve been ready!!! See the full to-do list here. And here are just the final items – all now complete!   To Do: Purchase and Install car seat and have it inspected (Done – see this post!) Nest the crib (Mattress pads […]

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38 Weeks: Pre-Mom Bucket List

August 23, 2012

He could come any day….. and I’ve been chipping away at a bucket list! It’s not that I won’t be able to do these things after he’s here, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be this relaxed doing them – or how long it will take for our family to get into some kind […]

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38 Weeks: Out With The Old, In With The New

August 22, 2012

Wheeee!! Getting so close. I’m 38 weeks, 5 days 6 days (edited!) today hard to believe 39 is almost here and 40 around the corner. I’m still under the impression that pregnancy gets better and better every day. While I’m definitely thinking about going into labor much of the time, I’m also very happy right where […]

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38 Weeks: Props For Mom

August 21, 2012
Pads   Colace

We tend to put so much focus on baby stuff, that often a stocked house of things to help mom are forgotten until they are needed. Based on recommendations from friends and some of you, I’ve stocked up on the following: Big overnight pads + stool softener. You just never know… Washable breast pads Two […]

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38 Weeks: A Father’s Reflections On Pregnancy

August 20, 2012
loaf (8)

What aspects of your pregnancy have been the most exciting? I’ve enjoyed learning all about the biology of what’s going on in the womb – it’s so strange to me that women’s bodies can essentially enter this other phase where they work differently from all other times in their lives. And it’s all hormone and […]

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38 Weeks: Snapshots

August 18, 2012

Chillin’ in the downstairs fridge, ready for D-Day Before + After Hard to believe it’s almost been 9 months since this beer last got attention!* *I feel the need to note that I’m not planning to booze it up as soon as the baby comes out! I’m sure that will be the last thing on […]

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