10 Weeks: Double Digits!

Double digits!!!!!!!!!

10 weeks (3)

Something about this week feels like a huge milestone. I know 12 weeks is the big one looming ahead, but 10 weeks sure feels good. I’ve been pregnant for 2 full months. Amazing.

10 weeks (5)

Here’s a list of all of the symptoms I have experienced thus far:

  • Cramping (mostly in the beginning, but also that killer one at 7.5 weeks)
  • Huge boobs (bummer for me. wish they’d shrink.)
  • Extremely painful boobs (one of my first signs but thankfully they got better around 7-8 weeks)
  • Blue veins on my chest (I’m pale so you can always see veins, but they are more prominent than ever)
  • Nausea (thankfully controlled, but still there at times)
  • Sleepiness (I’m not calling this fatigue because it’s not life-altering, but when bedtime comes I am soo tired and have been sleeping 9 hours a night)
  • Hunger (new metabolism, growing baby!)
  • THIRST (all the time, especially in the mornings)
  • Increased urination (took longer to appear, but I have to go more volume, more often)
  • Sensitive nose (my sense of smell has always been outstanding, but now smells bother me more)
  • Excess saliva (I read this was a symptom and one day when I was feeling particularly nauseous I noticed I had so much spit in my mouth! It was gross and I brushed my teeth 5 times that day.)

This week I feel like my stomach is almost flatter!!? I’m wondering if for whatever reason the bloating has subsided a bit OR if because I am feeling a little better, less snacking and more exercise have helped put a damper on weight gain. As excited as I am to show, I’ll take a less smooshy stomach any day.

In these photos it looks about the same!

9-weeks-(3)---Copy 10-weeks-(6)

But I think I can suck in more! Definitely not a uterus bump yet.

10 weeks (7)

My mind has started wandering to baby things: diaper bags, strollers, curtains and a rug for the nursery. I’m not that superstitious, but I feel like I should wait a bit longer before I actually buy anything. And even browsing – when I have no bump to show yet – seems a bit premature. But I’ve been looking online and thinking about how to transform that room. I’ve gone in there a few times and just stood and looked around. We don’t go in the spare room that much because there’s not much to see, but now I am imagining all the time I will spend in there and how things might want to be arranged. It’s a bright and cheerful room painted a pale green. I’m not in love with the color, but its gender neutral and very baby-esque. I’m thinking adding yellow, gray and white to the color palate.

Announcement Day

Wow, just spent this whole day reading wonderful comments from all my amazing readers.


I was soooo nervous publishing the announcement this morning. I kept thinking about toothpaste being squeezed out of the tube – you can’t take back words. I wasn’t nervous so much about the possibility of having to un-tell if something bad happens, but more just that I am revealing what I have only known as a secret. It’s going to be so strange to write “I’m pregnant” in tonight’s dinner post. I can actually blog about my cravings, the weird foods, why I chose to eat this or that. Such a relief!! I also posted on Facebook, so more of my old timer friends are learning the news.

I’m managing to eat more veggies these days, but I still have major cravings for ice cream (which I had for a snack today) and all the traditional favorites. Another bagel please!?


Karen brought over two maternity outfits fresh from Motherhood Maternity! I tried them on and pushed my stomach wayyyy out to fill out the tops. I’m not really wishing away the days hoping for a big stomach, but at the same time, I can’t help but be excited for it to appear.

It’s Back.

“Morning” sickness is back. No idea why! I figured it was hormone related and was a big bell curve and at 9 weeks I was on my way down. But here I am nearly 11 weeks and it’s back. Not terrible, but enough to turn me back away from salads (which I had yesterday for lunch!) and back on to sweets and carbs

IMG_5911 (550x367)

And animal crackers and Preggie Pops. At the least it’s been reassuring that things are OK inside there with the little one, and I’m so thankful that my secret is out and so many people have offered wonderful advice!

IMG_5903 (550x367)

My stomach is bigger today too. I’m busting out of jeans that fit perfectly two days ago. Could bloating + morning sickness be related? Some professionals have speculated that the nausea is related to the slowing of the GI tract and reduced digestion timing – it seems bloating might also be related to that. It also could be blood sugar related. I haven’t really been eating differently, but I think I could benefit from trying more snacks tomorrow. Tonight’s mac and cheese and sugar-filled popsicle sure made me feel good!

2012-02-08 20.42.06Blog

Hi Mom!



Since our last appointment, I have been counting down the days until we could first hear the baby’s heartbeat. My doctor let me schedule an appointment halfway between the official ones at 8 and 13 weeks to listen for some reassurance moving forward with the new blog.

I was weighed in and lost a pound. Not that it’s good to lose, but it’s definitely good that I haven’t gained a ton in 2 weeks with all the cheese and ice cream and all. It’s a good sign my body knows what it’s doing.

I ended up seeing the nurse practitioner, who was very nice and upbeat. She rolled down my pants and applied the goop you see on TV. Within seconds of putting the Doppler to my stomach, we heard the heart beating.

It was fast – a rapid “thump, thump, thump.” She told me that it sounded about 160 beats per minute, which was very good, but that the wives tale that high means girl isn’t really true. She also told me that the whooshing in the background was my own slower heartbeat. “Whooosh….. Whooosh”

What struck me most about the baby’s heartbeat was how CUTE it was!! It just sounded little and baby-like. Even more than the ultrasound, it really made me feel connected to the baby inside of me. People always say hearing the heartbeat is such a magical moment, but I didn’t quite understand it until I was listening to my OWN baby’s ticker. Ultrasounds are like TV – they don’t seem as real. But the heartbeat was live, right there, right under my skin, and beating in real time.

I smiled and smiled and left the office in a glow.

And when I got to the parking lot, the emotions came. I kept thinking about how cute the little noise was. How the baby was talking to me with its heart. A first “Hi, mom, I’m in here.” And that’s when I started to cry. For the first time since I got my positive test, I felt like a mother.

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