18 Weeks: I Got Kicked!


Exciting things happened this weekend!

18 weeks (3)

I ate two kinds of chocolate dessert, and then I got kicked! It was so exciting! It started a wave-like feeling in the front of my stomach. Right up near the top of my uterus. I’m guessing that was the baby rolling around. And then I felt a little bump outwards. It actually felt just like you’d expect a baby kick to feel. It happened about 3 times – and when I rested my hand there, I could feel it on the outside too! I tried to get Matt to feel it, but he reported only feeling my heartbeat on his fingertips. My heartbeat IS really strong there. I’ve felt a few more of these bump-outs this morning too. I hope they stick around!!

The top of my uterus is now just at/above my belly button. I took this photo so you could see what I do when I lie in bed in the mornings to assess the state of things. If you drew a line down from my fingers, you’d see where my stomach wall used to go. That big bump is hard and muscular in there (although it has a thin layer of pleasure smoosh on top).

18 weeks (6)

I can actually put my hands all the way around my uterus, and when I lie down it’s even more pronounced. It’s amazing how big it is! Short torso to thank for it being so big relative to my stomach in general.

18 weeks (8)

18 weeks (14)

Can’t do much sucking in these days! Mostly just the top part of my ribs go in and my bump stays totally put.

18 weeks (1)

12 weeks –> 18 weeks

12-weeks-(5)  18 weeks (14)

People are starting to make comments like: “You’re looking so pregnant now!” Now I realize many of you who are or have lived through the third trimester will chuckle to that, but I think my friends and family just mean relative to before!

I have to say though, as much as I am excited to really look pregnant, I don’t really like having my stomach hang out….yet. Having it tucked in most of my life, either by its general lack of protrusion or by the band of my pants, is what I am used to. Even though it’s out with a purpose now, I don’t really like having it be too free to the world – like when I wore a dress yesterday and there was just a thin, thin layer of fabric between my stomach and the world. Right now, I like layering maternity pants panel + tank top + shirt. I know some people say in a few months you won’t want anything touching it, but for now, the more layers the better. It just feels more supportive to me.


I’m feeling pretty good overall. I’ve actually had a few cravings to run this week! Energy is good. Eating is normal.

Here’s a short list of foods I once craved but no longer care about:

    • Bagels + cream cheese
    • Caesar salads
    • Creamy sauces of any kind
    • Steak/lots of meat
    • Animal crackers
    • Bleu cheese (I’ll eat it – pasteurized of course – but the thought of it grosses me out)
    • Feeling too full

But still on the <3 list:

    • Cheese
    • Ice cream
    • Popsicles
    • Cereal + milk
    • All fruit

Foods I hated in the first tri that are back in moderation:

    • Beans
    • Veggies + salads (90% back)
    • Hummus
    • Sardines

I don’t know if I have ever had acid reflux before (lucky me) but I might be experiencing the start of it. I wouldn’t say that my esophagus is burning or that it feels like acid is coming up, but I’ve noticed that it seems food sits pretty high up in my stomach these days. I can’t really write about this without being totally gross, but sometimes when I burp….it’s not just air! This is definitely a new thing for me, and I’m guessing it’s related to my stomach space getting a little more cramped. I also seem to get full a little more quickly than before.

I’ve also noticed a lot more nose-related blood volume symptoms. Gross ones slightly less severe than a nosebleed. I think it’s so weird and almost funny whenever I experience a symptom I have heard about. Like I’ve just been waiting for it to happen and then it does!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has said I’m glowing! I don’t really think I look any different, but there seems to be a consensus in the comments that I am, and I have to say it’s a sweet compliment to any pregnant woman : )



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15 Weeks: The Mouse, The Fish + The Rhino

The weeks sure do seem to be going faster these days! And that’s a very good thing to me. This week was the first one where I feel like my friends and family can really see my pregnancy from the outside:

15 weeks (7)

A stranger might not get it, but when I look at my reflection in the shop windows while walking to the gym, I sure look round!! I’ve mentioned it before, but posture really dictates these days and most of the time I’m just letting all my guts hang out! When I do that, I look really pregnant : )

15 weeks (5)

[Cropped maternity jeans from GAP!]

Based on my posture, and what I’ve had to eat, my stomach goes from flat to huge in an instant. It’s usually HUGE at night and when I wake up, when I’m on my side and with a full bladder. After going to the bathroom, it shrinks back down to nearly flat! Then after I eat breakfast, it’s back out again, and it’s usually hanging out from midday on.

15 weeks (3)

But even standing straight with good posture, you can see a small bump now. I always though pregnancy bumps were hard, but I’ve been surprised at how…mushy…my stomach still us! I guess it makes sense that any layer of fat you had before would stay on top, but, at least when I’m sitting down, everything’s all rolls and lumps. However, underneath that layer of fat and abs, my uterus has gotten really big and really hard! I can almost cup my hands around it and that is so cool!

I actually rolled onto my stomach in Pump this week and felt like there was a water balloon inside of me about to pop!! That will probably be the last time I lie on my stomach for months!

Can’t suck much in anymore…

15 weeks (4)

The Mouse

Perhaps the most exciting thing to note this week is that I’m able to feel the baby move! Those bubbles from a few weeks ago have turned into quite the mouse house in there. I can’t feel anything when I’m up and moving around, but if I lie down very still and concentrate, I can feel all kinds of movement. Sometimes it feels like a mouse scurrying around or tickling the walls of my uterus with its whiskers; other times it’s more like a vibration or light tapping. I’m 99% sure this is the baby, but it will be so exciting when I’m 100% sure and able to distinguish between kicks, rolls or see it from the outside!

The Fish

I’ve listened to the heartbeat a few times this week and boy is it LOUD! It’s also less of a whooshing and more of a traditional thumping heartbeat sound. The coolest part, though, is that if I put the monitor in one spot and get a very loud heartbeat, within seconds, it’s clear that the baby has swam away because the heartbeat gets fainter. I can’t exactly chase it around because I don’t know where it went, but the swimming concept is so very cute : ) Also, I can hear other noises in there – loud thumps – when I have the monitor’s headphones on that I’m pretty sure are the baby bumping itself or the walls of my uterus. Having this monitor has been such a special treat!

The Rhino

The rhino part of this post? I’m pretty sure I have rhinitis : ( That just means pregnancy congestion of the nasal passageways due to increased blood volume. My upper nose always feels stuffy and dry these days, and there’s not much I can do about it other than use a tissue multiple times a day to try to clear it out.

Also on the blood volume front, I definitely feel like I have more pumping through me. I’ve felt my heartbeat in weird places (like my uterus pulsating!) and I just feel…fuller all over. The blue veins on my chest are more pronounced too.

Another physical change I’ve noticed this week is clogged pores….on my body. I don’t want to call it acne because it’s not like big red blotches of blemishes, but it’s like little bumps…clogged pores… on my chest and shoulders! What an odd place to have a clogged pore. I have heard that in pregnancy the oil production of the skin increases (part of the “pregnancy glow”) so I’m guessing it’s related to that.


On the food front, I’m off my medicines!!! I definitely have moments of nausea (like right now, as I’m typing before lunch), but usually eating makes it go right away. I also think my stomach is filling up more quickly than before. I seem to get full faster and my “I can always eat!” attitude has diminished just a little. I no longer want dessert after dinner, which is weird.

I’m really into mini sandwiches with a side of fruit and salted almonds this week…

IMG_7388Blog IMG_7491

Still loving green smoothies in place of salads for lunch…


And the reintroduction of broccoli occurred!! Totally random.


I do think I’m hungrier than normal and before meals, especially dinner, I have a ravenous feeling. Insomnia is new this week and I’m wondering if hunger is to blame since all 3 times after I finally drank some juice I was able to fall back asleep. I didn’t really feel hungry, but I could tell I sort of was. I’m not counting calories or anything, but I wonder if I haven’t added enough to compensate for the second trimester 300 calorie increase since I’m eating pretty much like I used to these days. And as the bump starts to shoot out, I imaging the baby is going through a growth spurt as well! They say gain is about a pound a week in the second tri, and I’m not sure if I’m eating 3500 extra calories…yet.


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12 Weeks: Husband Aversions

You want to know what one of the weirdest aversions I have experienced? An aversion to my husband’s smell!

GreatHarvestBread (2)

Well, not really his natural smell, but the smell that lingers on a body after a full day of wafting bread baking flavors through the air at the bakery.

I’m not talking about the good ones – Cinnamon Chip or Brownies – I’m talking about Cheddar Garlic, Rosemary Garlic, Oregon Herb, Popeye, and Spinach Feta. Our savory breads have been a real turn off for me lately (garlic grosses me out), and Matt comes home smelling like he rolled around in garlic and herbs (with a dash of onion) all day long.

GreatHarvestProducts (5)

As much as I want to, I just can’t muster up the urge to put my arms around him and snuggle into his neck at night. I can smell him from the other side of the couch! I finally [gently + politely!] told him about this problem and asked if maybe he would mind taking a rinse-off shower after work? Maybe at least before getting into bed next to me? But his response was that another shower was too much work on a normal lazy weeknight, so I just tolerated the smell 5 feet away for the past few weeks. [I know you guys think I’m being cruel here, but my nose has its own personality right now!]

I wondered if it was something about HIM more than the bakery lingering that I wasn’t liking. I’ve heard that before pregnancy, women are attracted to pheromones related to immunities the father has, but during pregnancy the appeal of them changes. On the weekends he smells fine, so I think it’s safe to say his pheromones still agree with me : ) Do you think I could sneak some cologne on him while he sleeps!?

A friend was telling me that Kelly Rippa recently shared that she had the same aversion.

Have any of you ever experienced this?!


Transitions To Two

Meds + Beds

Kerthump, Part II


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12 Weeks: Transitions To Two

3 months in!! The more people that know, the more fun this whole process is. And sharing ultrasound photos already gives me a sense of mothering pride : )

12 weeks (1)

I really think my uterus has started to grow up, pushing everything else out.

12 weeks (2)

My stomach is no longer easy to suck in, although I can still do it, it just takes a lot more strength than it used to. I’m starting to get a more permanent pooch that people can see on the outside of my shirt.

Regular —- Sucking in

12 weeks (5) 12 weeks sucking in

Yesterday I felt that my stomach grew an inch between morning and night! I wore a regular pair of jeans (big ones!) for the last time and put my maternity jeans on that evening with the thought: that’s probably the end of regular pants for me. As much as I do want to start showing, I’m also a little embarrassed of my stomach at this time. I’m definitely in that “I ate too many donuts Savannah bars” stage rather than “I’m pregnant.”

Hunger Games

I’m also feeling bigger all over though, and that’s a sign of weight gain more than just uterus gain. I know this is normal and something many women struggle with during the end of the first trimester, but it’s still something I was hoping would happen later in my pregnancy. What’s different is that before I was pregnant, I could ignore a little mild hunger at times or tell myself I didn’t need that extra portion or dessert. Now it feels wrong to deny myself food even if I’m just a tiny bit hungry. If I’m hungry, the baby must be, and denying hunger isn’t healthy.

So many have said you have to trust your body, and that means more than just trusting that it’s fueling well. It might be telling you it wants to gain way more than the recommended pounds for whatever reason, and while 25 pounds is still the recommendation, sometimes 25 x 2 just happens and everything is still fine [thanks to those of you who have shared that tidbit!] I’m an all-or-nothing type, and I know after the baby is born and I’ve had time to heal and adjust, I’ll get in the weight loss groove eventually.

But regardless of the whole “listen to your body” thing, I have had several nights this week while visiting my family where I just ate waaaaay too much for no reason to do with pregnancy. And that’s probably why I’m just feeling bigger.

IMG_6382 (590x393) IMG_6355

On the topic of food, I’ve definitely felt a bit more normal about my meals this week. Several salads have made appearances and I’m no longer in that “All I want is cheese, ice cream and carbs” stage. I wouldn’t say salads are back on my favorites list, but they’re getting eaten normally here and there. I have a feeling in a week or two I’ll be back to my old eating habits 100 95%.

IMG_6395 (590x393)


Whether or not the second trimester starts at 13 or 14 weeks, I definitely feel like hitting 12 weeks was a big milestone – partly because the risk for miscarriage decreases significantly and also because it’s when the baby begins to grow.

In the beginning, miscarriage was on my mind a lot. Weeks 6-8 felt fragile. Anyone who has been pregnant before can probably relate to the slight bit of fear that came every time I went to the bathroom – would I find blood? I feel extremely lucky that I only had a tiny bit of brown spotting and didn’t have to go through the alarm that red blood can cause. While I have read that bleeding is normal and occurs in 30% of all pregnancies, I’ve also read that even though it can go away, it puts doctors on alert. And that is enough to cause major nervousness. I can’t even imagine going through the pain and emotions that so many women have who have lost babies.

After seeing the heartbeat on ultrasound at 7.5 weeks, I relaxed a little. During week 8, I started to feel better emotionally. I hear week 8 is a bit of a turning point and miscarriage risk goes down a bit. But really it wasn’t until this week that I thought: there’s a really, really good chance I’m going to have this baby.

Up Next: 12 Weeks: Meds + Beds


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9 Weeks: Itching To Tell The World

I told a few more friends our news this weekend – one said she totally called it 3 weeks ago (based on “alcohol props!” and the other said she was totally surprised. I guess the clues must depend on how well you know me ; ) I think my foods seem totally weird, but I’ve also been able to play off cravings and things to an abundance of leftovers and wintertime blues. In many ways, this has been easier to hide than I thought. Although if I hadn’t been able to get help from medicine, you would have found out long ago. Do I look sneaky!?


How about this beer teaser. I thought I did a pretty good job pretending we got too tispy together for dinner : )


I really had a hibiscus soda to drink that night!


I’ve definitely felt a surge of energy this week. I felt alive enough to go to Chris’s Body Pump on Monday, although I kept my weights a little lighter than usual. I have no problem challenging my biceps and tris (I’ve kept my same weight for those) but I’ve lightened up squats significantly and totally skipped abs this time. Anything that uses my whole body/core strength I feel needs a little lightening.

I actually went for a run and it felt great! My pace has suffered – from winter, from lack of running and probably from pregnancy too. I averaged about a 9:15 mile. I hope I can continue to run for a few more weeks – it will be so much more appealing when spring is here!


I skipped my lunchtime dose of my B6 + Unisom cocktail yesterday and felt pretty yucky by dinnertime. I think the all-day sickness is still there in full swing. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE MEDICINE! It has been the ultimate lifesaver to rescue this first trimester and allowed me to live a pretty normal life – including getting those important nutrients to the baby.

I think it’s funny and weird that even though I have the nausea under control, I am still having tons of food aversions. For some reason all soups sound gross to me – especially thick ones like lentil or butternut squash. Still have no desire to eat salads!! However I’ve been getting in veggies like spinach, tomatoes, some Caesar salad, and fresh veggies on a Great Harvest sandwich last week. And I did my best to open a can of salmon for some good omega-3s. It tasted pretty good, but I mixed it with all these weird foods! But I want nothing to do with pumpkin, blue cheese, big raw salads, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots (yuccck!) and all of my old favorite foods. I really would love to ask my body what it’s thinking…

The rice cooker has been SUCH FUN! When I wake up all groggy and hungover on HCG, it has oatmeal all ready for me. It really helped me get back into oats after a long cereal/yogurt stage.

IMG_5258Blog IMG_5278Blog

One Becomes Two

Ever since my 7.5 week emergency ultrasound, I have been thinking of myself as two people. I even said to Matt “WE don’t like lettuce right now” as a joke when we were talking about meals this week. Makes me smile. I can’t wait until the day when I can feel the baby inside of me! I keep thinking about newborns and holding babies and dreaming about them. I think I have hit a turning point where I’m worrying a little less about miscarriage and thinking more and more about the fact that I’m not just pregnant, I’m [probably] going to have a BABY! A tiny squirming little one who needs me all the time. I played with dolls a lot when I was little and loved the feeling of holding a doll. I can’t imagine what it will be like to hold my own baby for the first time.

Making Room

My stomach is starting to feel like a memory foam mattress. I think I am in the full swing of 9 week bloating. I haven’t been eating that well either, so that might be contributing.


But this pooch is poking out most of the time! My abs are still relaxing.


What’s odd about the nausea (what I do have of it) is that I don’t really want to eat, but eating makes me feel better. It’s the ultimate catch 22 of pregnancy. So I find myself at times having a few crackers here or a cookie there just to make me feel better. They DO make me feel better. I swear cookies and sweets make me feel better and vegetables make me feel worse. I think overall I’m doing a pretty good job letting myself enjoy what I crave while having small portions and eating a pretty normal 3-meals-a-day diet. I’d guess I’m up a few pounds – mostly concentrated in my middle. I have no idea what is bloating and what is any real weight gain, but I think it’s a good sign that it’s mostly in my middle. All the doctors tell you not to gain too much, but how are you really supposed to know if you’re gaining the right amount until it’s too late? I know I shouldn’t be eating ice cream by the gallon (and I’m not) but when it comes to the smaller stuff that adds up – portions, bites, etc – it’s hard to know. I don’t weigh myself at home, so I’m just trying to follow my hunger cues and keep craving portions on the small side. Although if you brought me a slice of chocolate cake right now I would love you forever…

2012-01-30 16.57.41Blog

You know how we all have pants that are on the bigger side and pants that are on the tighter side? My tighter pants still fit, but they are very uncomfortable. So much so that after a miserable day in a pair of tight cords, I went to Target and bought a BeBand. SO much more room! I still have several pairs of bigger pants that button and fit no problem, but I’m wearing the BeBand around just for fun. It’s comfy and might even help me with better posture. And it just tucks everything in!

9 weeks (3)

Caitlin says you can’t suck in a bump, so I’ve been sucking in in my photos to see if I can. It appears my stomach can still go back inside –

9 weeks (4)

I also bought my first pair of maternity jeans on sale at Kohl’s! [Clearly those tight cords had me thinking I had outgrown all of my pants.] The maternity jeans actually look really cute. They’re cool flare on the bottom and elastic on the top – and only moderately high so I don’t feel like I’m wearing yards of fabric around my waist. I haven’t worn them yet, but I think it will be fun to do so. [Edited to add: end of the week and those maternity jeans are sounding better and better…!]

I’m doing tons of walking and loving it!! I know I can still run, but walking is just so much more enjoyable in both the cold weather and warm. We’ve been hiking too!

2012-01-29 15.02.58Blog

I’m getting SO excited to share my news!!!!!!!!

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6 Weeks: Morning Sickness Begins – Day-By-Day

This week is all about food – because morning sickness took over my life and it was all I could think about!


I’ve definitely noticed an increase in my sense of smell this week: I got whiffs of laundry detergent in Body Pump, colognes and perfumes in the air are super strong, and walking by Christian’s pizza on the downtown mall smells INCREDIBLE! Can’t even think about spices right now – ethic food spices or coriander or curry. Yuck! I can still eat most foods, but the thought of everything but yogurt and ice cream is a little nauseating.

6 Weeks (2)

I’m not sleeping as well these days. I can’t really sleep on my stomach – not because I have a huge belly but because my breasts hurt so badly! I would give anything to be back in our Jamaica king size bed. The queen is closing in on us. But instead of buying a king-size bed, I ordered the snoogle pillow that so many pregnant bloggers have recommended. Hopefully it will help me sleep more comfortably on my side. I found that it’s a bit hard for my head (I like soft down pillows that smush!) so I uncurl the candy cane part and put my pillow in its place. It’s great to have something to lean my back against.


The Good: PIZZA, ground beef, cheese, red bell peppers, oranges, tomato sauce, mixed greens (sparingly), all fruit, bread, pancakes, yogurt, milk, smoothies, nut butters, frozen yogurt, ice cream, anything chocolate. CHOCOLATE!

Homemade pizza on bread – that’s how bad I wanted it!


The Bad: Oatmeal (!), soups, beans, very chewable veggies (broccoli, cauliflower), big salads, plain lettuce, ethnic food, sardines, tuna.

The Ugly: Lentils, oh lentils.

My nausea is a little better today – perhaps because of taking my prenatal before bed again? Getting up and breakfast was fine. I cut my workout a little short, but in general, I felt pretty good all morning. Lunch was difficult to plan, but I’m finding that once I have food on my plate, eating it is OK. It’s just the thought of food that is gag-able. I also feel like my appetite is increased. Lunch was on the small side and left me growling all afternoon. Can’t eat enough chocolate! It feels good to eat chocolate!



This weekend we’re visiting my family in Durham for a belated Christmas celebration. Sadly no alcohol for me in this beer-loving group 🙁


I took my prenatal vitamin last night and again woke up feeling ok – and with an appetite! Cereal and milk/yogurt are still high on my list of delicious foods (I think because they ease morning dehydration). Hot oatmeal just sounds too soupy and filling. These Cheerios with banana and milk tasted heavenly!


After a mug of cheerios for breakfast I looked at the brunch menu and couldn’t imagine eating anything without small waves of nausea. Sickness returned a bit on our walk around Duke’s campus, but it was just a slight churning of the stomach.

tmp_share (2)

I was fine through my shower, but afterward, while we waited to go to brunch and shortly after I’d put on a few generous squirts of my sister’s perfume, nausea hit me hard and strong for the first time. I really could imagine myself actually throwing up. I think the perfume smell exacerbated it – I couldn’t shake the feeling. My only solution was to try a Preggie Pop (what a name…) candy that Sarah had given to me the night before. These little hard candies are made of cane sugar and citric acid, so I couldn’t imagine it would do anything but create more saliva in my mouth.


But lo and behold, it worked. I felt fine in less than 5 minutes. Psychological? Maybe. But it still worked! And I was able to eat eggs, pancakes, fruit and bread at brunch.


I’ve noticed today that it’s harder to suck in my stomach. Obviously I don’t think I’m technically showing, but I wonder if an enlarged uterus is pushing everything out a little? Orrrr it could just be 3 nights of eating too much creeping up on me ; )

6 Weeks (9)

I took a nap on the car ride home from North Carolina, which isn’t like me at all unless I’ve gotten less than 7 hours of sleep. I don’t really think I’ve felt total fatigue yet, but the 2-3 naps I’ve taken in the past 6 weeks and the hundreds of yawns are enough to notice a slight difference in energy.

I felt fine after lunch and for the first 2 hours of the trip and then BAM – nausea rolled over me (probably around the time I was re-living those lentils!) It’s such a miserable feeling and I yearn to be home. I popped another Preggie Pop, and as disgusting as it sounds, I make myself burp and feel a little better. Actually I have a confession: on the car right down to NC, we stopped at a McDonalds to use the bathroom and I ended up getting a Diet Dr. Pepper to try to calm my stomach. Soda is obviously not my first choice of real food to consume, but you know what – it worked and it tasted delicious. I wouldn’t make this a daily habit, but on a car trip it was a great solution.

One more thing: I really shouldn’t be wearing this one bra anymore. It does. Not. Fit.


Today was awful. I woke up feeling just OK. Ate breakfast fine, although I have lost my taste for hot tea or coffee. All I wanted was orange juice! Cereal and OJ. If that isn’t a red flag for the blog world, I don’t know what is.


But about an hour and half after breakfast, I got hit with another huge wave of nausea. This time I really felt like I was going to throw up. Until now, I had always assumed I would be one of those pregnant woman who gets queasy for a few weeks, but nothing more. But today, that may have all changed. I was dry heaving into the toilet and soaking the couch pillows with my nauseous tears. Sickness today was a pendulum between extreme hunger and extreme nausea. During my moments of hunger, I managed to get down 4 sheets of graham crackers, half a grapefruit, an egg, some cheese and crackers and an Izze.


In round 6 of nausea this afternoon, I fell asleep on the couch and woke up feeling better. In an effort to prevent it from returning, I took a bite of leftover grapefruit and sat there for 10 minutes before getting up. Then I noticed it was snowing! I felt good enough to go for a walk and ended up strolling in silence for about 30 minutes.


We had dinner plans tonight to go to a friends’ house and I almost didn’t go. But then a wave of hunger hit and I heard we were having Italian and my appetite agreed. Upon arriving at Karen’s before we walked over to dinner, I burst into tears! I don’t know what came over me, but it was probably the climax of such a down day.

After my cry-fest, photo edited to hide the redness!


Luckily things turned around for the better at dinner. (And luckily our hosts already knew I was pregnant!) They were kind and the small portions of food I ate tasted good – even a few bits of salad!

But the best part was the ice cream for dessert. Man did that taste good. Must put some in my freezer!

I really, really hope this isn’t just the beginning of a month or more of sickness. I really don’t think I could physically handle a month of nausea this bad. Maybe my body will get used to it.


Get used to it – ha! This morning I was much, much worse!!!! I spent the first few hours of the day alternating between dry heaving, sobbing on the couch and moaning. I haven’t had a stomach flu in so many years I forgot how awful it really is to be that nauseous. My tears were mostly because I just couldn’t imagine myself living like this for a month – or longer. One day, maybe, but this nausea was some of the worst I’d ever felt. The thought of food made me gag and I could barely stand up. I forced myself to make a smoothie – the least worst thing I could imagine – and ate one bite at a time for an hour. This did not help one bit. I’m really not being melodramatic here – I felt truly awful. There were even moments of “I wish I weren’t pregnant” that I now regret thinking (and am embarrassed to say…) but I was really starting to second guess this whole thing.

Mid-morning I called the doctor. I spoke with a nurse who said to go to a pharmacy and get myself some Vitamin B6 tablets (50 mg) and Unisom, a sleep aid known to help with nausea. These two medicines together had helped many women in the past. Somehow, I managed to brush my teeth and find my coat to walk half a mile to the drug store. I found both medicines and purchased them along with the following:

Meds, animal crackers, Tylenol, peppermints, lemon drops, graham crackers, mac and cheese and lotion with no smell.


Let’s zoom in on one of those – how the heck did this end up in my hands?! I must have had a window of appetite for it. Just about the only thing that sounds appealing right now!


Back at home I took the meds – 25 mg of Vitamin B6 and half a Unisom tablet. And I waited.

45 minutes later I wasn’t much better. In fact, my stomach suddenly increased in pain and I ran to the bathroom to dry heave again. Something about that heave changed something inside of me and I felt better. In these windows of feeling better, I tried to eat, knowing that will help, so I went upstairs and ate 100 animal crackers.

Karen came by a little while later with a ginger ale and moral support. She was also super sick with Matt and it wasn’t until she finally had a drug in the last few weeks of her first trimester that she was able to function. She offered to write a blog post for me, but I didn’t have anything but the animal crackers and ginger ale to show. So she made herself a peanut butter sandwich, which turned into two sandwiches and suddenly I found myself eating bread again. [Note the lettuce was just for show!]


Moments later the mail arrived and I unpacked a pair of sea sickness bands I had ordered from Amazon.

Now armed with a trifecta of defense, I hoped for the best.

By dinnertime, I felt like eating ravioli. Mind you it was plain ravioli with sauce and cheese. No veggies in sight.


It seems that even on my worse days, I do get a little better by dinnertime. I gave myself a 75% normal by the end of the night – up from about 5% that morning.


Woke up and took my meds right away with some graham crackers in bed. After that, I actually felt well enough to make pancakes! A HUGE improvement from the beginning of the week.


Nausea returned a bit mid-morning, but for the most part, I felt like the meds were working. By afternoon I felt much, much better and by dinnertime I couldn’t wait to eat pizza! Even managed some salad! I had to eat slowly though, because my stomach still feels very sensitive. Hard to tell if I’m really better or this is just a temporary fix.



Felt good enough today when I woke up to eat oatmeal – which is something I haven’t wanted for weeks! A good sign indeed. Note that it’s on the extremely simple side though 🙂


I definitely wouldn’t say I bounded out of bed or anything – I still feel sick – but the nausea is minimal and my appetite is mostly back. Lunch was even easier – but I can tell I’m going to need to eat more frequently than I used to because by the time I was ready to eat I could feel the nausea creeping back just a bit. After lunch, though I felt great.

I even managed a quickie elliptical workout – it wasn’t much, but it happened.

This afternoon Matt and I had our first appointment with the nurse at our practice. She went through everything from morning sickness to the two ultrasounds I will get to food rules (got it!) to genetic risks. We are so fortunate not to have any genetic disorders run in our family, although I did have to answer YES to the “Do you have twins in your family” question. Yikes!!! I came home with a prescription for Zofran “just in case I need it” with our big trip to NYC this weekend. I’m glad to have that in my back pocket, but the B6 + Unisom seem to be working well for now.

I asked Matt what he thought of the appointment and he said it made him a bit more nervous about labor and delivery. I think he’ll make a great coach once he learns more about how it all works, especially since he’s been so supportive and great while I’ve been sick.

Felt pretty good this afternoon and evening! About 85% normal. Not ideal, but definitely something I can live with for months.

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5 Weeks: Adjusting To Pregnancy

Starting at the first moments of week 5, I’m beginning to feel a little bit of nausea. I don’t feel like I’m going to throw up – it’s more like a churning in my stomach that comes and goes. Definitely feels a bit like a hangover! I first noticed it on our last day in Jamaica. This day was also full of travel, so it was hard to tell if it was just stale airplane air that was making my stomach fizzy. But I wonder if it is the beginning of morning sickness tip-toeing in.

The rest of the week the nausea is here and there. I put a box of saltines in my cart at the grocery store on Sunday and they have come in handy twice already. What is it about those wonderful buttery crackers that makes sickness subside!? I really could eat sleeve after sleeve. But they aren’t the most natural food on the earth, so I try to stop at 10 or so. Also enjoyed this week was my first taste of mac and cheese!!


I also had a craving for popcorn but after eating half a bag of it burned, almost threw up out of grossness.


A funny thing that happened this week occurred while I was washing an exterior window of my house. All of a sudden I was eating dill in my mind. No so much a juicy dill pickle, but the dried herb. I could almost taste it! This totally caught me by surprise, so I doubt it was my mind trying to be pregnant. There must be something in dill that women need! But you know, ice cream and pizza have sounded soooo good to me all week too! Satisfied both cravings at once on Friday!

IMG_4268Blog IMG_4273Blog

The worst moment of the week was when we had leftover lentil soup for dinner [ugh, I can barely stand to type this!]. The soup just never appealed to me, but for the sake of hunger and not wanting to change dinner plans, I ate it. Going down, it was fine, but afterwards, something about those gingered, coriander, garlicky lentils continues to haunt me. I felt nauseous for the rest of the evening, and when I woke up the next morning it was still there. Even accidentally looking at my blog post from that dinner brought it back on strong. I think it was the spices I used more than the lentils themselves, but no more lentils please!



I’m definitely taking it easier with my workouts, although in a dose of warm weather I did go on an excellent run. I ran a 3 mile loop (which felt like a lot) and then ran another 2 to the hospital to pick up Karen in her car from a small procedure. Those last 2 miles did leave me wishing them over, but energy wise, I felt good. I’ve also lightened my weights quite a bit in Body Pump – mostly on squats and back, which are the ones I feel use more of the lower body. Triceps – give ‘em a hard workout any day!

Despite the burst of warm weather, I’m finding I’m cold all the time this week! Cooking in my down coat:



I did have a little bit of brown spotting in the middle of this week. It is ALWAYS scary to see this, but its color and Caitlin’s reassurance that she experienced the same thing and her doctor said it was normal, plus my reading on the topic that so long as it’s not red and heavy, it is very normal gave me a small piece of mind. It was gone in 24 hours and I was very relieved.

Perhaps me snacking on crackers was a hint in this post?


Another hint? Cereal for breakfast in wintertime, twice in one week!?


What I could eat more of? Ground beef! Can’t get enough.


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