33 Weeks: Thank You, Thank You

I am so thankful to be having two baby showers this summer. I have one under my belt and “write thank you notes” on my to-do list. Lots of them!


A few weeks ago, I realized I was going to need to buy some note cards. I went to Target hoping to find something cute and something I could personalize. Rubber stamps are my craft of the year (that and spray painting!) I scored big with these Hot Hues brand cards – a pack of 50 was just $9.99 (why are note cards so expensive and only packaged in sets of 5 and 10!? Everyone needs packs of 50.) I loved the colors and knew I could make them even more special with a little stamping.


My next step was to fine a baby-ish stamp. I searched Target and Amazon and found this one that wasn’t too cutesy (there are so many storks and baby animals and things). I love that it’s a double meaning – OH BOY I loved your gift and OH BOY we are having!


I spent an evening with my big archival stamp pad stamping away at the cards…


Not perfect, but that’s my favorite thing about a stamp!


And now I am ready to get writing!

Speaking of stamps, that’s one thing I forgot to stock up on. To the post office!

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