Recipe For A Home Workout

January 17, 2013

Ingredients 1 cold rainy day 1 happy baby Pandora Glee station with Broadway songs mixed in 1 set of medium weights (like 10#) or comparable heavy items Cardio Ideas Jump roping without the rope Jogging in place Over-the-baby mountain climbers Over-the-baby burpees Jumping squats Knee lifts Alternating jumping lunges Grapevine Dancing with baby in arms […]

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31 Weeks: Preparing For Childbirth

July 6, 2012

As I go into labor, I want to know I did everything possible to prime my body for this experience. While many women probably do nothing to prepare and still have normal, healthy labors, I still want to cover my bases. My goals are to keep my body in complete balance so that when it’s […]

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30 Weeks: Healthy Living While Pregnant

June 26, 2012

For the most part, healthy living now is not that much different than before. I’m still staying active for about an hour a day, and I’m still eating a variety of real foods in the form of 3 meals and a snack or two everyday. And one other positive for my health: fewer hangovers ; […]

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27 Weeks: Knocked Up Fitness

June 4, 2012

While I was at the beach last week I brought along the Knocked Up Fitness Pilates Infused Fitness DVD. The DVD is led by mother-of-three Pilates instructor Erica Ziel. Erica sent me her DVDs to review here on BERF. As you know, I am not very experienced in Pilates. I’ve done a class here and […]

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23 Weeks: Pumping (And I Don’t Mean My Breasts)

May 7, 2012

How has exercise changed since becoming pregnant? 1) I stopped running. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with running while pregnant. I’m in awe of the women who are still doing half marathons or speedy distances. The main reason I stopped running was that in the first trimester, my body just felt fragile. It felt […]

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22 Weeks: Expecting More

May 3, 2012

Since changing my fitness routine around a little bit with pregnancy (mostly a decrease in intensity and hiatus of running), the idea of fitness at home has become more appealing. I tried out my first prenatal DVD a month ago and liked the level of workout I got without leaving my house a lot. Shortly […]

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22 Weeks: Things I Love About Prenatal Yoga

April 30, 2012
IMG_2254 (640x427)

Not all prenatal yoga classes are the same, but I sure do love my class! It’s not all what I expected. I thought it would be just like a regular yoga class with modifications for big bellies. But in actuality, it’s more like a childbirth class with a few traditional yoga poses thrown in. Me […]

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18 Weeks: Yoga For Two

April 4, 2012

Today was my second visit to the prenatal yoga class at my gym! I’ve seen women late into their pregnancies go into prenatal yoga since I joined the gym nearly two years ago, but never did I think I would be one of them! I was really nervous before my first class. Not about the […]

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9 Weeks: Itching To Tell The World

March 5, 2012

I told a few more friends our news this weekend – one said she totally called it 3 weeks ago (based on “alcohol props!” and the other said she was totally surprised. I guess the clues must depend on how well you know me ; ) I think my foods seem totally weird, but I’ve […]

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