Bébé Gourmet

July 1, 2013

Baby cookbooks are just so….sweet! I have found baby food to be both incredibly simple (puree some peas, yo!) to a bit intimidating (am I incorporating enough flavor?) I was sent this book, Bébé Gourmet, to review and fell in love with its beautiful photography, creative recipes and ability to grow with your child. The […]

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Good, Better, Best

May 17, 2013

Who would have thought you could have whole conversations about the design of baby spoons? But when you’re feeding a hungry, moving mouth multiple times a day, shape and size matter. All three of these are good, and we use them all, but I definitely have a favorite. Good We bought this set of Boon […]

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BERF Part 3: The Fun + Convenient Foods

May 9, 2013

I’m enjoying making baby food. It’s incredibly inexpensive, pretty easy and I’m glad to know exactly what Mazen is eating. But I have no intention of feeding him only foods that I have made myself. Being that strict would drive me crazy. Here are a few foods he likes that come from a package – […]

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BERF: The Prep Part 2

April 22, 2013

My first batch of baby food lasted us beyond a week, but by the time batch 2 was ready for cooking I felt a lot more prepared. I put M down for his morning nap and got to work on peas, oatmeal, green beans and butternut squash. I’m storing his bottles in the small bin […]

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BERF: The Prep Part I

April 15, 2013

Like I’ve said before, I’m just kind of going with the flow when it comes to baby food. We did start with oatmeal, but after that, it was easier just to make purees myself than navigate the scary baby food aisle, so that’s what we did. (I have since explored that aisle and found some […]

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March 28, 2013

Baby Eats Real Food : ) We started Mazen on solid foods just a few days shy of his 6 month birthday. Waiting that long was hard! Recent research says there is no reason to start solids before 6 months, but I really think M was ready at the 5 month mark. He was showing […]

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21 Weeks: On Eating Real Food

April 23, 2012

Eating while pregnant can be a challenge, from morning all-day nausea to food aversions to heartburn and the different food safety considerations for you and your baby. I made a few changes to my diet right off the bat, but for the most part I’m focusing on eating when I’m hungry and listening to my […]

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