Nursery Update: Big Boy Room

May 21, 2014

I have been itching to redecorate Mazen’s room for some time now. Probably as early as the moment I realized that my vision for his yellow + gray nursery never really turned out how I imagined. As a reminder, here’s what we started with: Here’s what his nursery looked like right before he arrived: Here’s […]

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Nursery Tour: One Year Later

October 2, 2013

Here was our nursery just before we brought little Mazen home from the hospital: And here it is one year later: By request, here are some of the things we have loved about our nursery and some things we have changed. Our color scheme and décor I still really love.{Although I will say I have […]

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39 Weeks: Nursery Tour

August 30, 2012

Here we are in the home stretch and our little boy’s room is all ready for him to come home! Overall, I love our nursery. It didn’t really come out at all how I envisioned it many months ago, but it’s morphed into a cheerful and bright space that I love to be in. I […]

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39 Weeks: Snapshots

August 25, 2012

Nursery Progress Through 9 Months ***** *****   ***** *****   ***** ***** ***** ***** Matt’s birthday present to the baby – a hand-painted bike canvas!! I found a few on Etsy and nearly bought one when I realized I could make one myself that would be more special and a lot less expensive. But […]

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36 Weeks: The Final Items

August 10, 2012

After my shower in Hillsborough, I returned home with a good idea of what we still needed to buy to prepare for the baby. I had been excited for this for a long time – I couldn’t wait for the relief to have everything we need in our house! That day has come, and we […]

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36 Weeks: New Additions

August 6, 2012

New additions for the new addition!! From family, friends, Etsy and Amazon : ) I wish I could showcase every single gift we have received and every single item I have purchased, but here are snapshots of the range of baby items we have accumulated… A Duke bib and socks from Matt’s grandmother Bonnie – […]

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34 Weeks: Baby Central

July 27, 2012

In anticipation of it becoming baby central, I’ve been working on the basement! It’s so dark and dreary, I wanted to bring in a bunch of bright colors and functional storage, seating and toys. It used to look like this – an empty corner with a bookcase and a printer. The lamp went to the […]

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33 Weeks: Snapshots

July 14, 2012

Our toy baskets are filling up!! We received some really fun things as gifts – including this yellow vintagey basket from our friend Chris! And this antique one my mom gave me filled with stuffed animals I tried to put these two in to play but they jumped right back out! “We are not stuffed!” […]

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32 Weeks: Snapshots

July 7, 2012

This week a beautiful crib sheet arrived in the mail!! Thanks to Jessica for the gift : ) It’s hard to tell in the photos because the sun was so bright, but it’s a pretty mist seafoam blue. We’ve had an empty white mattress in the nursery for months, so I was so excited to […]

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28 Weeks: Cute Finds!

June 14, 2012

A bunch of really cute things I’ve stumbled upon recently : ) Uncommon Goods Fruit Rattles ThePoshPeaBoutique’s Cute Chevron Bibs! With matching burp cloths! Vital’s Bike Onsie Carousel Designs Crib Bedding JolieBerry’s Chevron Shoes + Tie Onsie LittleBabyBumbleBee’s Chevron Onesie Stickers  Land of Nod’s Bucket of Burp Cloths – Lions! LastEarth’s Camera Onsie 13days “How […]

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