Baby Proofing Advice

March 1, 2013

Help!! I know this is next on our big list of things to do around the house. I have so many questions! 1) Zones  Do we baby proof the ENTIRE house or just safe areas for play? For example, I intend to to make our entire basement 100% baby proof – every nook, cranny and […]

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36 Weeks: Car Seat Installed!

August 9, 2012

10 weeks ago I did a post on car seat safety after listening to a Pregtastic podcast. The podcast was excellent – everyone should listen to it. One of the things the expert in the podcast recommended was taking the car seat to your local police or fire department for a lesson on proper installation […]

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26 Weeks: Car Seat Safety

May 28, 2012

From the moment I became pregnant, I started listening to Pregtastic podcasts. When I was out walking, while taking a shower, while making a meal, on car trips – everywhere. I. Learned. So. Much. I was very sad when I reached the end of the 250ish episodes, but I discovered the continuation of Pregtastic: New […]

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