September 17, 2012

The final episode in my bump series!! Bump is gone. And a little lump is in its place in the big wide world! These photos were taken when Maze was 4 days old. I’ve been shocked at how fast my body has gone back to normal. Within minutes of giving birth, my stomach was a […]

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40 Weeks: Over The Hill

September 5, 2012

Lordy, lordy, the baby’s 40! [Writing this on Labor Day!] I am totally surprised and totally not surprised at all to be here. We all know first time moms often go over. It’s just weird that it’s September and I’m still just chugging along!! I feel like my due date was a big event that […]

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40 Weeks: Third Trimester Recap

August 31, 2012

Most Exciting Moment… It’s a 3-day tie between my two baby showers, Showered With Friendship and Elephants + Elegance, and our 3D ultrasound : )   Most Challenging Moments… That scary nerve pain event while I was in Seattle. 6 nights in a row of insomnia…awake at 3,4,5 am for 2-3 hour stretches. I am […]

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39 Weeks: Pre Mom Syndrome

August 29, 2012
39 weeks (1)

During the second half of 38 weeks and now into 39, I feel like I’m experiencing PMS. Pre Mom Syndrome! Hormonal surges, tiredness, acne, bloating, crampiness, insomnia, sweatiness/hotness, increased hunger. Takes me right back to the first 2 weeks of being pregnant! Generally I’ve felt very neutral throughout these 9 months – nothing that reminded […]

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38 Weeks: Out With The Old, In With The New

August 22, 2012

Wheeee!! Getting so close. I’m 38 weeks, 5 days 6 days (edited!) today hard to believe 39 is almost here and 40 around the corner. I’m still under the impression that pregnancy gets better and better every day. While I’m definitely thinking about going into labor much of the time, I’m also very happy right where […]

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37 Weeks: Full Term, And Full Of Baby!

August 15, 2012
37 weeks (3)

“Welcome to Term!” is what I heard in yoga last night! Even though normal gestation is 40 weeks (or longer), babies born after 37 weeks are not considered premature. Very thankful we have made it this far! I’ve definitely been feeling things happening down there. Things that if I were 40 weeks I would be […]

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36 Weeks: Nesting–> Resting

August 8, 2012

Exciting times ahead! This is the first week – less than a month to go – where I feel like having a baby is no longer just an idea in the distant future but something real that is actually happening. Moreover, although I know the stats and research that say first-time moms generally go beyond […]

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35 Weeks: No Sides Left

August 1, 2012

IT’S AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-ish weeks to go! I’ve been waiting….a long time….to be able to write that. This may not even be the month in which my baby is born, BUT the final 31-day countdown has begun! I think the baby actually flipped horizontally this week – hopefully not vertically! Friends have told me that if […]

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34 Weeks: Drop Or Not?

July 25, 2012
34 weeks (10)

34 weeks feels like another huge milestone. According to some of my doctor friends, the chances of the baby needing lots of respiratory care if he were to come are now slim. Also, my hospital, Martha Jefferson, allows mothers from 34 weeks on to labor there (otherwise I would have had to go to UVA, […]

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33 Weeks: The Little Turtle

July 18, 2012

As I’m now halfway through my 34th week (33 weeks down, working on 34), I can’t believe I only have about 6.5 weeks to go! I’m wondering if I should pack a hospital bag yet? It seems like a lot of time for a bag to sit, but then again the whole point in packing […]

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