38 Weeks: To Do List

August 24, 2012

I should have written this post 2 weeks ago, because that’s how long we’ve been ready!!! See the full to-do list here. And here are just the final items – all now complete!   To Do: Purchase and Install car seat and have it inspected (Done – see this post!) Nest the crib (Mattress pads […]

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33 Weeks: To Do List Update–Home Stretch

July 19, 2012

“Purchase and Install carseat” is the only thing left on my original list!! Updates in purple. Done and Done! Complete a baby registry and figure out what I am going to buy sooner rather than later Purchase and assemble crib and mattress [gah organic mattresses are expensive!!!] Finish making nursery décor decisions Buy dresser, side […]

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27 Weeks: To-Do List Update

June 5, 2012
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I’ve pretty much finished all I can for now…at least until we have our baby showers! (I’m so thankful that my friends here in Cville and my friend Kirsten in NC are hosting showers!) The big thing I need to work on now is reading. Problem is I want to read FICTION instead!! I added […]

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21 Weeks: To Do List Updated

April 27, 2012

We have made tons of progress on the nursery and my to-do list seems to be shrinking! I am very lucky to have a friend throwing me a shower in Hillsborough at the end of July, so some of my prep will have to wait until after that is over, but until then…only a few […]

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17 Weeks: To Do List

March 29, 2012

I know, I know, I have PLENTY of time! But I’m a list-maker and anti-procrastinator. And I’d really like to get the bulk of things done in the second trimester so I can relax in the third!! So I’m brainstorming things that I need to do before the baby comes. Please help me add to […]

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