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33 Weeks: Worth The Weight

July 20, 2012
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A snippet from one of my pregnancy apps where I’ve been recording my weight at my doctor’s appointments : ) I have gained 17 pounds according to my doctors’ scale last week, but it’s probably closer to 20 if you count those first few weeks before my first appointment at 8 weeks. Since I don’t […]

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15 Weeks: The Mouse, The Fish + The Rhino

March 17, 2012
15 weeks (7)

The weeks sure do seem to be going faster these days! And that’s a very good thing to me. This week was the first one where I feel like my friends and family can really see my pregnancy from the outside: A stranger might not get it, but when I look at my reflection in […]

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13 weeks: Time Is Speeding Up

March 12, 2012
13 weeks (2)

13 weeks has flown by! Likely because I spent most of it in San Diego with my mind on Great Harvest instead of the ticking clock. I used to wake up each morning and study my stomach, feel around for my uterus and see if anything had happened overnight. These days I feel like I’m […]

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12 Weeks: Transitions To Two

March 8, 2012
12 weeks (1)

3 months in!! The more people that know, the more fun this whole process is. And sharing ultrasound photos already gives me a sense of mothering pride : ) I really think my uterus has started to grow up, pushing everything else out. My stomach is no longer easy to suck in, although I can […]

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9 Weeks: Itching To Tell The World

March 5, 2012

I told a few more friends our news this weekend – one said she totally called it 3 weeks ago (based on “alcohol props!” and the other said she was totally surprised. I guess the clues must depend on how well you know me ; ) I think my foods seem totally weird, but I’ve […]

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