The Time I Made Homemade Mum Mums


I can’t say I really recommend this, but I wanted to share my experience anyways.


You know the Baby Mum Mum crackers? Mazen LOVES them. Like goes bonkers when he sees the package. I haven’t given him too many of them, so I’m not sure why the reaction is so dramatic, but it must be some kind of shared baby thing. I don’t have a problem with them nutritionally at all, and I think they are great for teaching babies to crunch food. But I don’t love that they are from China. The distance just seems…far.

So I searched the net for a homemade recipe and decided on this one. Wholesome Baby Food has a handful of teething biscuit recipes too. I wasn’t after a hard cookie for M to gnaw on, rather, I wanted something light and airy that I wouldn’t have to worry about choking so much. {I tried this brand from Whole Foods and while I loved their taste, the choking hazard scared me too much because they were so hard.}

So back to the homemade crackers. I bought rice flour from Whole Foods and used applesauce as my puree. I used my food scale to get the weights perfect since I knew texture would be key here.


I rolled out the dough


Lookin’ good


I cut them into little crackers


And then this happened:


Take two had me scoring them on the pan, and that worked out quite well. I made a few different shapes – from logs to long crackers to shorter rectangles.


After 25 minutes in the oven they seemed hard to the touch and I pulled them out.


And? They were rather bland, crumbly and chewy. Mazen really liked eating them because they were new, but he had lots of trouble. Some coughing. Goo falling out of his mouth and getting everywhere. Ball of chew making me nervous for choking. They were hard for a baby to eat. So…I give these a thumbs down. They probably needed lower temp and longer bake, but I doubt I could ever have gotten them crispy like the real things. Have any of you had mum mum success?


In other news, M tried pancakes this week and loved them! We have a new breakfast food in our rotation.

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  1. I was hoping you had a great homemade mum mum recipe! Good try on the recipe though 🙂 My 10 mo old also LOVES Mum Mums, and I would love to try something homemade instead. Would love to hear of others’ ideas for something homemade like this!

  2. I’m afraid that when I click the link, it goes to an error page, but my first thought is that you just need more liquid (or less of your dry ingredients), and to mix enough to form a little gluten. And for flavor, could you just add a pinch of something (salt, sugar, herbs or extract) to enhance it a little?

    I’m expecting my first baby and thanks to this write-up, I’m introduced to mum mums! I haven’t been in touch with baby foods since my brother was an infant and Zweiback was the chew-bread of choice. So thank you!

  3. Ditto on the quest for an alternative! My hubby and I had the same qualm about them being Chinese- surely there’s something similar closer to home! 🙂

  4. I’ve never tried making Mum-mums but I expect that you can’t get the super light texture without some kind of manufacturing machinery that wouldn’t be found in a home kitchen. They seem like they might be sprayed into a mold or something. Looking at the ingredient list, there doesn’t seem to be much at all in the way of liquid ingredients.

    Fortunately, the “Mum mum” phase of eating can be pretty brief if you want it to be. We found that our daughter could handle regular rice cakes pretty early, too. There are a couple of brands out there that make thin ones, often with other grains included, too, and they’re a lot cheaper per serving and less processed than Mum-mums.

    1. M had a choking scare (not serious one but minor one) with rice cakes so I’m scared to give them other than in little pieces. I guess he needs to just keep practicing. I think it was too much “cake” for his little mouth at once

      1. Scary for mom is scary for mom even if it’s not serious. 🙂 I can see why you might want to avoid rice cakes for a little while. He’ll figure it out soon enough.

        I figured I’d mention rice cakes (especially the thin ones) in case it’s a helpful idea for you or anyone else. I didn’t even realize the thin ones existed until I noticed them at Costco one day while shopping with the baby. I like them as a whole grain no-or-low sodium chip alternative and an easy snack to just leave in the diaper bag for long periods of time. As our daughter got a little older (she’s a bit over 2 years now) they have also been a good snack to take the edge off or keep her occupied while waiting for our food in a restaurant without filling her up entirely before getting to the real meal.

        1. Yes, thank you for mentioning them. They were my solution until I realized he wasn’t ready! Perhaps we should practice more and then that will be where we go

  5. We’re still on purees exclusively and I would also never give MumMums b/c of the origin (although I’m more worried about questionable manufacturing practices than actual distance). But what about all of the other puffs? Whole Foods has a bunch of various brands and I know Gerber makes them too. I guess my main question is, what exactly are the mum mums? Are they different from puffs?

    I’m all for making things myself but certain things are best left to the pros! For me it’s biscuits – mine always turn out flat and dense. Ick.

    1. It’s the size, shape and crunch that are so wonderful. He loves the puffs and Cheerios too, but something about being able to hold the cracker is so nice. I guess it won’t be too long until he can eat regular crackers that don’t dissolve so well

  6. Of course as you know I am a nanny for sweet C, she also loves mum mums. C was born 3 months early and has a problem with swallowing and chewing. We have gone weekly to appointments with a feeding therapist. We use the mum mums for her chewing practice, they work really well.

    I didn’t even know that they were made in China! The good part is the are free from artifitial flavors, dyes, glutens, preservatives, eggs, and peanuts. So they are perfect for kids that might have allergies. I love to do cooking with C, she is about 6 months older than M, but she still loves it. Her mom has a gluten allergy that is genetic, so there for C can’t have any glutens till she is 2. When we do any cooking we have to do Gluten free so mommy and her can eat it. Of course daddy can eat anything but how fair would that be. C can also have nothing solid because she hasn’t figured out how to chew well, which makes her gag and choke.

    We use rice flour a lot, it is definitely something to get used to, and it creates a totally different texture than regular flour. If you have some left over, let me know I have a great recipe for Cheese straws. M should be able to chew those up with no problem, we use them for chewing practice with C. They are quite tasty too. Just shoot me a note on facebook or on my blog and I’ll get it to you if you like.

    On the note of the homemade rice cakes, I wonder if you try a different puree if it would change the texture any. They do seem really fun to make though. I think babies like Mum Mum’s to has to do with them wanting to be independent. They can pick up the mum mums easily and chew them without any help. You are right they dissolve very easily too. I think that anything homemade is better for you than something that comes out of a box. The convience is there too with the mum mums because you can take them almost anywhere and they make for a great quick snack when you have a hungry fussy baby. Great to keep in the car or the diaper bag.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe and the great post

  7. Kath i forgot to ask. I wonder if Matt would ever be willing to do a post about breastfeeding from his perspective?

    In our LL group we encounter a lot of these issues:

    -Women who have mentioned their husbands are jelous and feel it deprives them from bonding time.
    -Women whos husbands dont agree with their choice or don’t undestand why they wont formula feed.
    -Women who’s husbands think its too much work and see their wives struggle and encourage them to give up
    -Woman who are looking for ways that their husbands feel more included since the bf is primarily up to them.

    Just a thought 🙂

  8. I never gave these to my son because they are from China but would love to find a good homemade recipe. We went with Zweibeck instead and my son continues to love them at 15 months. Don’t know how they stack up nutritionally with Mum Mums. Thanks for trying out the recipe and I’m hoping you come up with a good one 🙂

  9. I love convenience too much to try making my own haha at 11.5 months we’ve moved on from Mum Mum’s too the “Little Kids” biscuits or Organic animal crackers that I found that are softer than regular animal crackers. Now that he knows how to chew and is great at eating I don’t need the reassurance of the “melt in your mouth” mum mums but he did love those as well and they helped me get him started because I wasn’t worried he’d choke on them.
    We tried whole grain blueberry waffles this week for breakfast and he could NOT get enough. It’s always fun to add a new food to the rotation for something new! Another one of Quinn’s favs is a spoonful of hummus on his tray and I’ll rip up a wrap or a pita into bite size pieces and stick them all in the pile of hummus. He gobbles that up! lol

  10. Graham crackers! Just break it into quarters and hand him a stick, my daughter is 9 months and has been eating them for a couple months now. They dissolve really easily. We don’t do mum mums because I’m too cheap to buy them ;), and didn’t know they were made in China! That’s kind of crazy!

  11. Hi Kath!
    We have moved on from Mum Mums to the whole foods brand golden round crackers. They are basically Ritz crackers without the trans fats. They are definitely salty and buttery, so probably many more calories than a Mum Mum but they do the trick when my small friend wants something crunchy to hold onto while I get the meal prepared. They are a perfect “training” cracker for us.

  12. I can’t count how many times I’ve tried making my own teething biscuits…I guess they just have to be unnatural and store-bought to taste good, lol! I have a big problem that those cookies are made in China! I don’t trust anything that comes from there anymore! Have you tried giving your son Plasmon cookies?! They’re italian and delicious…so much tastier than mum-mums! These are not teething biscuits but they are baby-friendly-you might want to try them 😉

  13. We use Plum Organics Kale, Spinach, and Apple teething biscuits. He likes them even more than he likes Mum Mums.

  14. Thought u might be interested to know that u can use rice paper (used for spring rolls and the like) and deep or shallow fry (as long as there is enough hot oil to touch all parts of the rice paper). Puffs up like a pappadum or prawn crackers. Lovely to taste and soft in the mouth.

  15. I tried one of the homemade Mum-Mum recipes, and it was a failure, too. At least for the baby–they were too hard. But my husband and I ate them ourselves. Wish there was a recipes for soft, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits.

  16. It looks like am not alone in my quest to make mum mums. I have tried six different recipes so far, with no luck. Grrrr! The main problem is my six month old choking on what I make. If I happen to stumble on a winner, I will share here. Good luck mommas!

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