The Two Week Wait


This was my third cycle trying, and my third cycle when I thought I was pregnant. I don’t want to look back in hindsight and say this time “I just knew.” BUT – my symptoms were the strongest I’ve felt yet and they were the most consistent with the symptoms pregnant women had reported. It was the mild cramping that I had that gave me the biggest clue. Instead of wondering if I twinge here or there was a cramp, I was confident something was going on down there. “Yes, I have been having mild cramps for 3 full days.” And in fact, if I wasn’t pregnant I was going to be worried. That’s how obvious the mild cramps were. I couldn’t think of any reason why I would have persistent cramps other than a changing uterus and implantation. Turns out, that’s exactly what they were.

Here were all my symptoms, day by day:

Ovulation Day: EWCM (if you don’t know what that is – Google it!) I’ve never been able to feel ovulation, so this day felt pretty normal for me. Positive OPK in afternoon!

1 DPO: OPK negative again by morning. Nipples and boobs starting to feel a bit sore – worsens throughout the day (not uncommon for me after O)

2 DPO: Boobs VERY sore by evening

3 DPO: Boobs very tender, had a pinching feeling on left side (like a needle) for a few seconds

4 DPO: Feel like a cold is coming on – a bit achy in the lungs and cold-like in the nose. Mild cramps on and off. Boobs much more swollen. Went for a horrible run – had a side stitch the whole time. Pinching cramps in the evening.

5 DPO: Cramps on and off and a sharp throb around lunch time. Felt hot and flushed at the bakery. Lower abdomen feels swollen?

6 DPO: Dreamed I got a positive test!! (The first time that has happened.) Nipples are super tender, boobs sore underneath and continue to swell. Chest is hurting all over – like I did 100 pushups. Felt kind of hung over all morning with mild nausea around 11am. Chest veins looked more pronounced and blue. Backache develops later in the day.

7 DPO: Increase in boob pain, really hungry, some surprisingly sharp cramps in afternoon and evening – stronger pangs almost. Boobs are huge and throbbing! Heavy feeling in uterus. Back/chest pain persists.

8 DPO: Cramps upon waking. Teeth hurt!? Boobs sore and throbbing – worst ever! More blue veins on chest – out to arm? Extra sore from Body Pump for no apparent reason.

9 DPO: Boobs huge, what else is new? Hurts to lie on stomach – both boobs and lower abdomen. Shoulders and back still aching. Cramps pronounced midday – no question they are there. Light workout – didn’t feel like pushing it and very thirsty.

10 DPO: POSITIVE TEST!!!!! Lower abdomen feels hard. Feels like yogurt is stuck in my throat. Beans in the crockpot seem unappealing (ha!)

Can you see the lines!? They were squinters! These are slightly photoshopped to increase contrast.

10 dpo SMU PS 10 dpo PS

11 DPO: Feel like the flu – aching back and head. Feels like breakfast is coming back up again. I feel very full in the abdomen. Very thirsty. Uterus hard? Sense of smell increased? More burps than usual. Cramps in afternoon. Clear/pink spotting (leftover from implantation?)

12 DPO: Test line darker! Brown spotting. Headache. Boobs still tender.


13 DPO: Spotting completely gone – whew! Some uterus movements – like stretching. Feel less hungover but still very tired. At bakery all day working so tired anyways. Some moments of nausea – just tiny waves.

14 DPO: Line really dark! Little waves of nausea, but nothing too obvious. Really tired, but also little sleep due to working at the bakery. Feeling pretty good!

10-12-14 3

15-20 DPO: Some cramping, some nausea, boobs and nipples still very sore, irritable at times, sleepy at 9pm every night.

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  1. My husband and I are TTC and heading into month #3. We had a similar situation to you, month 1 I was CERTAIN I was pregnant (nope). Month 2 he was out of town during “egg week” so I didn’t really pay attention to all the signs that month. Hoping 3rd time is a charm for us, like you and Matt! Congrats! *LOVING* this new blog and all the information you are sharing, this is GREAT!

  2. Wow. I didn’t realize boob tenderness happened so suddenly! I thought that was more closer to milk production time. I’ve never known a pregnant chick (other than my SIL who was so not into her pregnancies and wouldn’t answer my questions). I like learning all these interesting factoids.

    This comment would have been more appropriate on one of the previous posts but I have to ask anyway. Since you were relatively aware of when you were ovulating, did you notice a change in Matt’s behavior towards you? There was a study that strippers made more tip money during ovulation: Very weird question I know but I always wondered and since I’m on the pill I can’t test it out with my boyfriend. I just wonder if men get more chivalrous or attentive or animalistic (!). 😉

    1. Gosh the boobs were the worst EVER! They got better after about 2 months…finally.

      Without divulging more info than I should share, I’d say that Matt was always into it 🙂 I didn’t notice an increase. But on the cervical fluid side, definitely.

  3. I had a dream the night before my positive test that I got a positive HPT and a positive blood test at the hospital and sure enough the next morning I got a positive! I think that’s so wild since I had also never ever had a dream about a test being positive!

  4. I love reading BERF! I would usually keep KERF updates for the office, so that I have something to read when I need a break from work, but the minute I see a new BERF post, I MUST read it! 😀 Even if it is 11:06 PM – reading all the way from South Africa! Okay, bed time for me, it’s almost tomorrow here already 🙂

  5. So wild that you had symptoms like that early on. I’d definitely say that you had all the signs of being pregnant! So glad it worked out for you on the third month. I’ve never had much luck with the pee-on-a-stick OPKs. I think I will try the digital version. Love reading these posts!!

  6. Thank you for this site! My husband and I are going to start trying in a year and all this info is really helpful and fun to know what I have in store for my body!

    Just curious since I am still a few months away.. Is there anything you did to prepare? Take vitamins, etc…

    1. I did start taking a prenatal vitamin about 6 months before. It’s ideal to have all of that folate in your before you conceive!

      I also slowed down on caffeine and running longer distances. I didn’t cut out either completely, and these changes also just seemed natural to my life at the time – not forced because I felt they were necessary or anything. But I do wonder if either of them had an impact.

  7. The sore boobs were so bad for me and lasted through the first tri. I remember cringing to put a sports bra on and off and it hurt to sleep on my stomach too. Your notes on days post ovulation are so detailed! I definitely didn’t notice all those things that closely.

  8. Count me in with sore breasts too (the first time around)… I was amazed at how much they hurt and grew! This second time around, they haven’t bothered me *nearly* as much (and it has been 3 years since I was last pregnant– so I thought all the milk gland growing had faded back to normal).

  9. What a perfect chart! 🙂 I’m sooo happy for you!!!!

    You know, I had that same “cold-like” symptom (sinus) with both of my boys but not my daughter so we’ll have to see if that’s a boy thing. 🙂

  10. I didn’t believe I was preggers when I was b/c I got what I thought was my period. No…it was implantation bleeding and I had read about that, and I thought it was just a spot or two…I had almost like a full on period so when I had convinced myself I was pregnant, and then got what I thought was my period, I had talked myself into, and out of, being pregnant…a few times that month 🙂

    I love that you’re a seasoned blogger and so for ANY important event in life, you have plenty of pics documenting it…oh, how I wish I had these!

  11. I did not pay NEARLY that much attention…its far enough in the past that I can’t remember any symptoms I had. I don’t think my nausea set in until week 5 (which as we know is actually week 3). Crazy pregnancy weeks. 🙂

  12. I remember I ovulated on the 22nd of December (also charting) & we went to my parent’s house for Christmas. By the end of the night on the 24th my thyroid had swollen up so much I could barely swallow w/out feeling like someone had their hands around my neck. I was so freaked out!! I even made a Dr appt for it. Once I got the positive test (11 DPO) I kept the appt just so they could confirm!

    Such a strange first symptom for sure. Very interesting how you described it as yogurt stuck in your throat. I never had the big boobs – not until my milk came in. 😉

  13. You went to a lot of effort to manage the conception process and track your very early symptoms. Were you extremely worried about infertility? If not, what drove your stepped-up pregnancy quest? Most women are not aware of pregnancy symptoms as early as you were and I would hate for people to worry things are wrong if they don’t experience things so quickly. And I hope all readers know that it is ok to let nature take it’s course for up to 12 months before age 30 and 6 months after 30. OPKs and charting are not the norm for starting out with no known history of problems or advanced age.

    1. Its interesting, I actually think OPKs and charting have become more ‘the norm’ because people want to feel a little more in control and in the know. Similar to Kath, when my hub and I wanted to get preg, I did start temp taking and charting and using OPKs, I think it was more like a fascination that so much can be going on inside our bodies without us even realizing it. Of course taking more time depending on age and lifestyle is true. I really wanted to let nature take its course but I was too curious!

    2. Kerry, I’ve taken the time in the previous two posts to explain why I started charting and things. It wasn’t stressful at all – I found it very fun. I’m a very scientific person and this was the most fun body experiments I’ve ever done. I don’t regret the choice to track at all!

  14. Kath, I am loving your new blog! My husband and I are not quite ready to start TTC but we’re talking about it and I am figuring out prenatal vitamins, diet, OBGYN visits etc. I have already learned so much from your blog posts and from the apps and websites you mentioned, thank you! I look forward to more from BERF. 🙂

  15. What a beautiful post. That description is going to be very helpful to women. It also helps you remember what you went through if you have been pregnant. It is such a great experience when you are actually “trying” and so excited about everyday to come. Congratulations again!

  16. eeeeeee so flipping exciting for u! I bet with each test u got butterflies :)! i feel like i am reading a book and cant wait to get to the next chapter! 🙂 thank goodness u post a lot…no pressure though! lol

  17. eeeeeee so flipping exciting for u! I bet with each test u got butterflies :)! i feel like i am reading a book and cant wait to get to the next chapter 🙂 thank goodness u post a lot…no pressure though! lol

  18. Thanks so much for your new blog! My husb + I are just starting TTC and I really appreciate all the info you share! We bought the OPK you recommended 🙂 can’t wait to see the happy face on the stick

  19. I love how you documented all of this, lol. That’s awesome.

    I’m also happy to learn that O can occur virtually anytime during your cycle. I always thought normal was the 14-day rule, but apparently that’s not true. So much to learn! I need to fine-tune my body and get in the know. 🙂

  20. All those early symptoms are insane. I thought for sure I was pregnant on our first cycle. I felt them ALL. But with the cycle we got pregnant with Ada — my cramping was MAJOR. I ran a race that morning (actually PRed majorly on the 4 mile, but that’s not the point). We went to Panera afterward and I distinctly remember telling Stephen: If this isn’t implantation cramping, I don’t know WHAT is. The rest is history. Oh, and I also wrote everything down on a calendar — my symptoms — and I also felt like I had a cold. With some chills, etc. A couple days after that, I got my BFP! <3

  21. I read KERF every day and never comment (even though I love it), but I just have to tell you that I love, love, LOVE this new blog and am so happy that you are being so open and honest with it! Thank you! Best wishes to you with this pregnancy!

  22. Hey kath, I have a question about fertility friend since this is my first month using it. Does it only give you your ovulation “cross hair” once you record the start of your period or a positive pregnancy test? I’m trying to fig out if I’ve ovulated (unfortunately I don’t seem to get all the obvious signs and I took 3 bands of opks – got positives in one batch and negs in the others, so who knows). Anyway, just curious if you can tell me when FF makes the decision that you have ovulated. Thank you!

    1. I believe it waits until you have 3 high temps to add the cross hairs… Frustrating I know! And you really should keep… Doing it .. Until it’s confirmed

  23. If this at home technology and charting/temperature knowledge had been commonly available 23 years ago when I was conceiving, I would have been all over it! I am my own favorite science experiment!
    Within one week of conception, my earliest symptom was an overwhelming need to sleep. I couldn’t wait to get home from work and pass out cold on the couch by 6pm. All the morning sickness and boob issues came later.

  24. This is like a damn good book that you can’t put down…..or a great TV series that you can’t wait for the next episode…..I think BERF is my “Lost”!!!!! Again, thank you so much for sharing so much… really are wonderful.

  25. You realize that most of the symptoms were totally in your head, right? There’s no way you could be feeling true pregnancy symptoms that quickly. No way.

    Also, 14-year-olds get pregnant every day. It’s not that big of a deal.

    1. For all three of my pregnancies, I knew the moment at conception I was pregnant. Within 24 hours my uterus was hard and my breasts were like rocks and so so sore. So no, the symptoms were not in Kath’s head. Planned or unplanned, I had same exact symptoms each time.

      And as far as 14 y/o– they are way more fertile than us late twenty somethings so not quite sure your point.

      And Kath– congratulations on all fronts! So exciting! I know you prob are getting tons of advice, but I have researched coffee/caffeine for my pregnancies since I was a coffee junkie beforehand and was told by my ob and nutritionist to stick with regular coffee but limit to 300mg a day instead of decaf because it contains alot of harsh chemicals. Obv you will make your own decisions but wanted to let you know!:o)

      1. Interesting perspective on the decaf! I hadn’t though of it that way, but I did hear on a podcast a midwife recommend regular or swiss press decaf, so that’s probably why

      2. Decaf doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Whatever it would possibly contain would be evaporated off in the process or in the roaster anyways. Look into how decaffeination works and its actually a very simple idea. It’s too bad when people don’t understand something and assume the worst and before you know it there is a common misconception. The worst thing about decaf is the taste.

  26. Kath, Thank you so much for sharing all this info! The blog world is definitely the place to come for straight talking from people with personal experience. Thanks again 🙂

  27. I love reading about this stuff. I’ve been off the pill for 6 months now and have only been really charting and using OPKs for the past 3 months. Sometimes it can be frustrating but it is kind of fun I can’t lie. Well the trying part! I’m very excited for you! This blog addition was a good idea too. As you get closer and closer we get to bask in joy with the both of you 🙂

  28. Before I resorted to seeing a RE and taking fertility medication with IUI, I tried charting and mine were always all over the place as far as temperatures and cycle length so I sort of gave up on it and thought something was wrong with me (PCOS was diagnosed and then dis-proven and the only possibility now may be endo). Now that you are explaining it in a way I can understand and I realize now that temperatures can be wonky, cycles can be longer or shorter but that doesn’t mean you didn’t ovulate (I have CM increase and ov pain), I am more confident that I can get pregnant on my own this time (I mentioned on another post that we miscarried in January) if I am more diligent and pay attention to all the signs. I can at least try. Thanks for sharing your journey 🙂

  29. Hey Kath–just wanted to say THANKS for documenting all of this. We’re TTC, and I’m currently 10 DPO and have read this post basically every day for the last week. I find it so comforting! I’m about 90% sure I’m pregnant based on what seem to be classic symptoms, and coming back and reading what you were experiencing on each DPO helps me to feel like I’m right on track. “Little waves of nausea? Yeah, me too!” “Extremely sore lower abdomen? YEP!” Even Ashley’s comment above about her comment to her husband (“If this isn’t implantation cramping, I don’t know what is!”) has come out of my mouth a couple of times this week.

    Anyway. Just wanted to say THANKS–here’s hoping we get to meet our own little Mazen mid-June! 🙂

      1. Well–no dice last month, but this month, I’ve got TWO unmistakable BFPs! Looking forward to re-reading your awesome BERF posts from this new perspective. 😉

  30. I loved seeing the pics of your 10, 12, & 14 tests! I am 11 DPO and I got a light line like your 10 day test. Fingers crossed! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your pregnancy with us!

  31. I’m DPO 10 and also have been loving your blog! I’ve had 3 days of implantation spotting along with cramping that let up 2 days ago. I have never had that before so I am pretty sure that I must be pregnant. I also have had lots of symptoms. I so hope, as they say “this little bean sticks”. Haha. This is our first real try but I went off BC 4 cycles ago and have been monitoring my temps and CM quite religiously waiting for my husband to be ready to try (which he finally was). I’ve already had some food aversions so I am afraid of the nausea I may have ahead of me… but its for a great cause. Anyway, like I said. I have greatly enjoyed your blog! And Mazen is absolutely precious. Congrats! Your blog is getting me through. :’)

  32. This would be my second pregnancy(miscarried the first). I ovulated a day after my last period(the day i did it) i’ve been having the exact same symptoms don’t know if to test yet. I’m 10dpo.

    1. I read an article regarding a study that verified how early and how late in a cycle a woman can ovulate – because I believed I had O’d e day or 2 days after my period. The conclusion was that you cannot ovulate before CD 8. I don’t know how long your AF was, but if it is less than 7days, you likely didn’t O the day after your AF. I will look for the link to the study if you’d like.
      Baby dust to all of you who are TTC! I just suffered 2 back to back m/c’s – hoping this month the little bean sticks!!!!!

      1. I know this is a very old post but I’m running through posts and reading them now, just wanted to let you know I ovulate on my period, so yes it’s very possible to ovulate the day after your period. Most health professionals to this day say women ovulate mid cycle because all they do is take a “normal” cycle of 28 days and split it in half saying women are more likely to ovulate at cycle day 14, I’m a nurse and have been studying reproduction for years and women can actually ovulate at any given time during their cycles, everyone is different. And symptoms most def. Differ from woman to woman. Baby dust to all!!

  33. Well, I have 2 children already, 13 yrs and 14 yrs. old. Now, I am trying for 1 more. My partner and I are wanting to TTC. He has no children. I am 39 years old and so I know it will be harder for me at my age. Based on calculations, I would have o’d on December 27th, which is also the day that we spent time together. We also did that a few days in a row after, just incase I didn’t O on that day. On 3dpo (if it was the 27th) I got dizzy/lightheaded, which isn’t normal for me. I am 7dpo and from about 5 dpo til now, I have been experiencing cramps like I will be starting my period soon, but it isn’t due until the 10th. I eat like I am starving but then feel nauseous after I eat. I am burping after I eat, every time. Not my norm. I got a lil anxious and tried a hpt but negative. I am hoping to try to test again soon. I have also been feeling pulling and discomfort in my pelvic area. I don’t remember having any of these symptoms with my older children, but then again, it was a long while ago. I keep thinking maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Any help would be great! Thanks!

    1. I almost forgot.. after the 27th (O day) I dried up real fast. Now, and for the past several days, I have had very watery CM. Can this mean anything?

  34. So Its been 3 weeks and 3 days now. I tested and i had a BFN. But I think it was too early, I’m supposed to get my period in 2 days..praying that I don’t. My head has been killing me,i get nauseous after eating now, my breast feel heavy and my veins are more pronounced, i’ve been having a lot of gas(tmi srry) and peeing like crazy!!! Also i’m soooo emotional now, I get teary for anything now and i’m one not to cry. I’m going crazy waiting! LOL. Good luck ladies, baby dust going ur way. 🙂

  35. Love the site!
    My bf and I have been trying for 3 months too, unfortunately he has retrograde ejaculation, and he can only take “his pills” for 2-3 days when I feel its ovulation time. I have paying so much attention to my body this past months, that I just have felt it all! hahaha. My period should come around April 6, or not 🙂

  36. Hello, as I was reading your post I notice that I’m having the same symptoms. Me and my boyfriend have been trying….My period is due till next week…and for about a couple of days I’ve been feeling very tired and queasy. My head has been hurting and I’ve been having cramps… Like little twinges… And today I seem my breast and I have these big veins I haven’t had before. Could it be?? Should I take a pregnancy test now or I should wait till next week??

  37. I’ve been having this weird off feeling the past 2 weeks. I got wut I thought was my period yesterday. It lasted one day. I’ve been spotting since Sunday. I’m not quite sure if I’m pregnant or not. Ive noticed a slight hardening of my lower abdomen. Not sure if I should take a test or wait it out till next month. What do you think I should do?

  38. Sorry I was trying to type while holding my youngest. My question was as follows
    When you refer to cramping, did your uterus feel heavy and crampy? Opposed to belly or even lower belly cramps. I’ve never experienced these symptoms. My lmp was on May 10-17. I had intercourse 20 21 23 and 23, the 27 and 28. According to my ovulation calendar I ovulated on the 24 th and started having uterine cramps on the 26 and have lasted for three days. I know it is too early for a pregnancy test, but I can’t help thinking that I am 6 dpo.. And my period isn’t until June 6. I only get cramping a couple of days before my period… Any insights?

  39. Nice page.. Love all the details.

    I’m 38 and ttc, I had an iud inserted to prevent pregnancy but close to 2 years later took it off,
    on Feb 18 to be exact.. tried right away and fell pregnant i guess sometime in March or April but lost it the end of May.
    I’ve been trying ever since without any luck, but i seriously have a feeling my husband got me this time…lol I have sore breast 8 dpo they are very sensitive which they always are but it normaly goes
    away about 2 dpo now yesterday I started to feel a bit of cramping just like I did when I got pregnat
    last March or April. I started a little bit of back pain and that is deff not usual, and never get headaches, but I started to… mild but i have them on and off..
    Not sure if I am pregnant or not because I do go thru this almost every month but the sore boobs is whats strange for this long. My husband and i already have grown kids the oldest is 22 the youngest is 14 so it’s been a while. ANYHOW! best of luck to everyone on here and patience is the mother of all deeds. btw everyone whos ttc take some 400mcg of folic acid this is very good for your bby.

  40. Hi Kath, I have been having a really good read of your blog from over in the UK so thought I’d say hi and thanks for posting such great insights on your pregnancy journey. I am just starting my journey and I have learnt such a lot from your posts about what happens next. It’s a really refreshing blog, and love KERF too, food inspiration! Thank you 🙂

  41. Hi there ladies!
    Happy to have found ya 😉 I’m not sure when I ovulated but I thought I was safe to have unprotected sexy time with the hubby the day my period was ending. Apparently, from what I’m reading, there really are people that O right after their periods. I have lengthy periods, 8-10 days. Is it possible to have ovulated CD10- CD15/16. I think my cycle is about 28-30 days on average. I have all these symptoms I keep seeing over and over here. Heavy feeling uterus/crampy. My period isn’t due until about the 7th of Feb. I had a wave of nausea , just once so far, and I feel like I am coming down with a cold. If this isn’t implantation crampiness , I believe I will see a doctor. Don’t remember this feeling with my other two pregnancies , but I knew well before my missed cycle that I was PG with both of them. Insight? Can those of you with these symptoms follow up and let us know how things turned out for you?


  42. So knowing when I ovulate and trying to get prego is all very new to me. I have searched and searched online for woman that are going thru similar symptoms that I have been experiencing and haven’t found much that was helpful. But just like what you said about the cramping and that it lasted for three days and if you weren’t pregnant you would be worried, I have been experiencing the same cramping. I am 9 dpo today and have been having cramps the past 4 days. My body is sore shoulders back I’m really tired and I’m not doing much. Super hungry and bloated. I also feel that heavy feeling in my uterus area, I took a hpt a day ago and nothing. My period isn’t due for 6 more days so I think I will wait to see if it shows and rest around the same time. Feeling hopeful… If I’m not pregnant than I will definitely be worried because there is way to much going on with my body for something not to be up.

  43. Kath – thank you for posting this day-by-day account!!! This may sound really silly, but I’ve been using this as a reference for the past year while TTC, and its really helped! I know every woman is different, but it helps to really see what other women are experiencing. I’m 13 DPO today and just tested and I have a faint pink line !!! First time in over a year and a half of trying. Fingers crossed that this sticks..! I haven’t had any other symptoms other than mild dull cramping (consistent since 9 DPO) and occasional sleepiness. I can’t wait to test again in a few days. Thanks again! Love your blogs!! 🙂

  44. Hi,
    I’m glad you’re all here discussing this. I am five days past ovulation (I’ve been using ovulation test kits, so I know), and I’ve been cramping for 3 days now. At first they came and went but now its constant and intense. I’m struggling to get things done because of the discomfort and pain. My last pregnancy last year was successful and I have a beautiful baby girl. The two pregnancies before that did not work out. Surely it’s too early for implantation. Why the cramps? This has never happened to me before.

  45. Hi everyone. So nice to read blogs like this. Me and dh have been ttc#1 for quite some time now. And this was the first cycle we used opk and microscope for saliva testing. I have a very irregular cycle ranging from 18-30 days. Lmp was 28 days and based on previous cycle i think it will be short this time. CD9 march 2, 2014 i got ferning and positive opk that night first time seeing the ferning and opk lines were almost the same so we bd’d. Cd 10morning still positive opk but since we both work never got a chance to bd except cd12 and cd15 today these days i got partial ferning so we bd’d just in case ovulation was later than cd9 although opks since cd11 were all negative.

    Yesterday, CD 14 5dpo up until today 6dpo i had the worst sore boobs and they are so heavy. This is worst than before my af is due. But this is so early to be PMS. We still keep on holding off poas until we are 12 or maybe 14 dpo. Although im very sure it will be hard since i have pregnancy tests sitting in my room. I hope i can wait till af is due but this is killing me already..

  46. Love this website! I have no idea when i ovulated. I am 52, had my tubes tied 10 years ago after the birth of my 4th child by c section. My periods have been erratic, due to pre menopause Im guessing, but lately they have been coming every month. I had my last period about 3 weeks ago. Noticed pain when i had sexual relations with deep penetration about two weeks ago. Now starting yesterday and all day today I have had what feel like period cramps, lower backache, extreme achiness in my uterous, a feeling of fullness and stretching. Extremely tired and sleepy yesterday and today also. My breasts also started aching since yesterday. This fullness in my uterous feels so strange, like there is somthing in there! I get a twinge of nausea somtimes… Could I be pregnant? When should I take a test? I thought maybe my period was coming on, but nothing so far…

  47. I had my last period on the 7/01/2015…been having achy stomach pains for the past 4 days…and I also have sore boobs. I have taken 3 pregnancy test but all came back negative. Is there any chance I could be pregnant?

  48. This is very interesting, I have been observing my ovulation for about 3 months now andI have never felt tender breasts so far from my menstruation days. Well, not until now anyway, I am 5 Dpo anf my breasts feel so heavy and painful. I am hoping I will also get a positive result soon. Thanks for sharing your story.

  49. I had sex on my ovulation on the 16th of June and I have been cramping since the 22nd and it’s off and on which is unlike me, when I cramp I see my period or I have to take medication to stop it but this time I don’t and it stops. Nipples sore and I feel very weak….fingers crossed though….I cramped like during my first pregnancy also except that the blood never came. Will update you……I am so happy I found this blog, now I can learn from others…

  50. I’ve been having the same cramping feeling since about 2 dpo. I’ve also never had this in recent memory so far from af. This is the 3rd cycle of ttc and this cycle and the period I used an OPK. 2 dpo I woke up with a strong, severe cramping that jolted me awake. It died down after half hour and I went back to bed. The next day I began feeling cramping that are very similar to period cramps, though it was way too early for that. I had an additional feeling of pain when moving, like walking down steps and especially coughing. I had actually begun researching online, wondering if I should be concerned about possible gallstones or something, that’s how weird it was. I didn’t even think about it possibly being related to pregnancy until the following night when it died down to a dull menstrual-like cramping. It’s persisted since then, and i’m about 6 dpo. There are moment’s here and there that I forget I’m not actually having my period, that’s how similar it feels. Since 3 dpo I’ve had sore breasts, but this can happen for a while before af visits, though I’m not sure it’s usually this long. I’d have thought it was all ovulation related but I’ve never had this happen before and the timeline certainly doesn’t jive. I have no spotting, and it seems too early for implantation pains regardless. I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. I do wish other’s would keep us up to date on their experiences and whether they were pregnant or not. I will try to do this myself. Baby dust to all!

  51. I had an ectopic pregnancy 8 months ago and my husband and I had been ttc for the past 3 now. 1dpo I been feeling abdominal cramps and lower back pain esp in the evening which is not normal for me. I thought it was not possible to feel this way after a day of ovulating but reading this article gave me hope that I am really expecting. I will wait till wednesday to test, hoping for God’s best gift.Thank you for the day to day update of what you have experienced.

  52. I my cycle is 31 days. My last period was January 31st and ended on February 2nd. had egg white cm last week, and had sex the day before ovulation and day of ovulation. Im 3 dpo and I’ve had headaches, breast and lower abdomen aching on and off for the past two days. My next period is due March 2nd. Could I be pregnant?

  53. Hi this is a few years on now however I have a similar situation. I’m 21 so really was not TTC however I am on 4DPO and am experiencing cramps for two days now as well very sore and tender nipples since 2DPO. My question is when did you concieve(do the deed)? For me I had sex two days as well as the day before I was due to ovulate using Pull out method. Could I be pregnant

  54. Am here did my iui 5 days ago I just can’t stop doing research on it and thinking about if am pregnant am so worried and nervous.

  55. Hi I am 47 years old I have been having most of the symptoms you all spoke of minus sore breast …my son is 21 years ….I am tired and sleepy , feeling cramping , my lower stomach feels heavy ,periods came 9 days ago. Had sex 4 time since. Now I am feeling as if my period is coming again but no blood…

  56. Just wanted to send a quick thank you for these posts – they’re very helpful as someone who is trying to conceive. Right down to the, “On this day post ovulation I felt X,Y,&Z.”

  57. I just got Mirena out May 18th, had sex June 6( fertile day) Ovulation day was June 9th. Been having Ovary/ utures pain from about Monday, 11th to Wednesday 13th. Haven’t had any bleeding , or really any symptom from BC Removal. Suppost to start period on the 28th… We did the “pull-out” method. What do you ladies think, could I be pregnant…

  58. I’m currently on 6dpo and I am experiencing all of the symptoms so far but only I had the positive test dream last night!!!!
    So glad I came across this blog I’m currently say replying with cramps

  59. This is super helpful because I’ve been feeling the same way since 1dpo. Everyone online says it’s impossible to feel anything so early but I’ve had sore boobs since 1dpo like you and some of the other symptoms. I’m also having this “feeling” like I know I’m pregnant. Today is 8dpo I’m just waiting 2 more days to test. But I’m pretty convinced this is going to have a positive outcome. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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