To-Do List

Here is the original to-do list that I worked off of during my pregnancy! I added a few things along the way, but it was nice to know I had the bulk of tasks all in one place.



Complete a baby registry and figure out what I am going to buy sooner rather than later

Purchase and assemble crib and mattress

Finish making nursery décor decisions

Buy dresser, side table and some kind of rocker/chair/glider and assemble

Paint closet and figure out closet system of organization

Re-do ceiling fan

Hang curtains

Attend childbirth class, breastfeeding class, and baby care basics class (all scheduled!)

READ LOTS OF BOOKS!! I have about 5 I need to read, including Ina May Gaskin and Bradley Method

Hire doula

Write out birth wishes

Research baby health insurance

Research cord banking

Research local placenta encapsulation guru

Choose pediatrician

Buy things for postpartum – like nursing bras or nursing pads

Install car seat (once purchased!) and have it inspected

Wash all new things

Prepare cloth diaper system

Nest the crib (put on sheets and things when I have them)

Purchase and assemble stroller

Put together any gear that requires assembly (sleeper, swing, seats, pack n play etc) in preparation for baby arrival. At the very least, figure out how stuff works in advance.

Put all baby things like wipes, toiletries for baby and shampoos in a handy spot

Finish diaper changing station assembly

Pack a diaper bag ( <— not really necessary but I am too excited about this!)

Pack hospital bags

Buy/figure out diaper container to put wet bag in

Create contact list for baby’s arrival

Write post about baby’s name choice!

Schedule newborn photographer

Buy gift for doula

Buy lots of cards and stamps for thank you notes

Write all thank you notes

Go on a date

Freeze some meals

Take a nap


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