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I received an email from Hasbro recently asking me if Mazen would like to test out some of their toys. I asked Mazen if he’d like to participate and he said an enthusiastic “JES!” Especially when he heard Elmo was involved.

The box included an assortment of both classic Playskool products and new items for Spring 2014. Here’s what we got:


Playskool Sesame Street Hugs Forever Friends

I’ll start with Mazen’s favorite – the Elmo! They had lots of fun playing slide all afternoon.



Elmo’s arms hook onto things like a slap bracelet which has been almost as fun for me as it has been for Mazen. I’ve hooked him on funny things like dinosaurs and Mazen’s bike!



Playskool Gloworm

In comparison, the Gloworm he was not into.


But luckily Elinor loved it!!!


I let her take it home and Alice said that she wouldn’t put it down for days.


Playskool Shapes ‘N Colors Turtle

I think Mazen was too much in a developmental black hole to enjoy this turtle. He isn’t focused enough to concentrate on the shapes and colors and is too old to be amused by the flashing lights.


But our friend Virginia loved it so we let her take it home!


Playskool Busy Ball Popper

This cute elephant shoots balls out of his trunk into the air and catches them with his ears. It’s quite exciting, but Mazen was a little scared of it. Once he figured it out he liked it but only for 5 minutes at a time. I keep it hidden and bring it out for a fun change on rainy days. I think it’s one of those toys that is best in small bursts – or for a group of kids to play with together.


Playskool Sesame Street Elmo Bath Adventure Steamboat

And finally, this cute Elmo steamboat has been a big hit in the bathtub. The Elmo squirts water and the back wheel comes off to suction to the side of the tub. M loves it!


Thanks for the fun times Hasbro!

9 thoughts on “Toys From Hasbro”

  1. I just recently found that exact gloworm on the clearance rack and decided to buy it for my daughter…I think only because it was cheap and I personally loved the idea of her having a nightlight that she could cuddle with.Well, let me tell you, she LOOOOOVes it! We leave for Italy in a month and I am SO tempted to bring it with us on the plane…the only downside is there is no way to adjust the volume! ;-(

  2. The Gloworm was a big hit here when Lucy was an infant. I grew up having one, so it was cool for her to have a similar toy. The Elmo bath toy looks fun! I’ll have to get one of those. Our selection of bath toys is pretty sad.

    The ball popper is cute, but I can definitely understand using it only in small bursts. That fan is LOUD. I had picked up a used one for only $5 and was easily able to resell it after I realized how loud it was. It was a bummer.

  3. I have to ask, what in the world is a developmental black hole?

    My sister has a glo worm from when she was an infant. She’s now 31 and it still works – original batteries :0 We joke that it must be radioactive! Our three kids all love their own glo worms now!

  4. Ohhh I understand now — was wondering the same thing. I don’t think “black hole” makes any sense in this context, though. Glad the toys M didn’t love found enthusiastic little homes of their own 🙂

  5. Is he really saying “jes”? The y sound is actually a really early sound and the j sound is a really late sound. Maybe he’s saying “des”?

  6. Do you know if Hasbro toys are chemical free? I know there are some American made toys that are deemed of higher quality than others, but I haven’t done much research. I don’t plan on buying toys for my baby because I figure they will all be given. The blessings and curses of being the first grandchild!

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