Video: New Tricks

Mazen recently began to curl up in a crunch like he really, really wanted to sit up. We started helping him up with our hands, and he decided he would rather bypass sitting and just stand! He absolutely loves this game and tells us so with a gaping wide open mouth smile and giggles.

He also really likes talking to us and the Duke fight song! Wait for the laugh at the end!

Just two parents obsessed with their child :mrgreen:

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  1. So cute!!! I’m due in 3 weeks and I can’t wait for this!!! He is absolutely adorable and I LOVE reading all of your posts. Right now I have your hospital bag post up and I am packing my bag pretty much exactly like yours 🙂 Your blog has been such a huge help to me. I was wondering, do you plan on writing a post about cloth diapers. I have purchased 8 of the Bum Genius (a couple different versions), but there are so many other brands out there. I know you got a lot of hand me downs and I was wondering if any other brands were working out. I hate to stock up on one kind and have them not be that great. I’m planning on using disposables until she is able to fit better into the cloth.

    1. 3 weeks – good luck!!

      I really like the Blueberry brand of the ones we have. Do not like the Baby Land ones (more prone to leaks)

    2. Sarah, I am due in 10 days, and I am right there with you…so exciting!! Kath’s blog has been amazingly helpful to me as I prepare too. I just wanted to weigh in on the cloth diaper thing, and say if I were you, I would wait to stock up. I have a few friends who use CDs and the “right” diaper to use really seems to depend a lot on the size and shape of your baby (short/round, tall/skinny, etc.)…I really want to cloth diaper, but I’m starting off with disposables until I can size up my little man. Just my two cents… 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for your input!! I totally agree with what you are saying. I have 8 of the Bum Genius and I figure I should stop there just in case they don’t work out. It get’s so overwhelming to read reviews on cloth diapers because of exactly what you are saying…every baby is different. I am also going to start out with disposables. The cloth diapers just seem so big and bulky for such a small baby, plus it’s one less thing to have to worry about with a newborn 🙂 Thanks for your input!! 🙂 And congrats on your baby! Such an exciting time!

        1. The one-size Bum Genius are a bit big for a newborn, and I had a HUGE baby. Ok, 8.1, but he wasn’t a peanut. He didn’t wear them for almost a month? That said, love them, and he’s still squeezing into them at 18 months (27 lbs)! (barely)

    3. My two cents on cloth diapers…I have 2 kids in cloth diapers right now (22 months and 3 months). The best bottom diapers are awesome! I can’t say enough about this company. It has saved us a ton of money and the shells are really stinkin’ cute!
      Also we used disposable until their little umbilical cords fell off!

      Another plug for best bottoms I watch twin boys a couple days a week, their in best bottoms too!

  2. so adorable! a little off topic, but how long does M nurse at each session? just wondering as my 13 week old seems to take forever!

    1. Post coming up on this 🙂 He’s still about 20-25 minutes, but he’s also spitting up a lot more so I’m trying to see if going for a little less time helps with that. This morning he went for 15 and was happy as a lark for 3 hours, so that tells me he might be fine on less. He also been doing this thing where he comes off smiling, and I think it means he’s done even though if I keep offering he’ll keep going.

  3. I can’t see the videos at work, but decided to come see your blog tonight since I’m having trouble sleeping. It’s so cute to see him in motion after seeing all these stills! 🙂 Such a sweet boy – and my husband is a huge Duke fan. I, of course, like UNC LOL. We have a flag that says ‘house divided.’

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