Warm N Snuggly


Baby it’s NOT cold outside!

Here are a few warm and snuggly items that are helping us get through the winter.

Bundle Me

First the JJ Cole Arctic Bundle Me. I knew I needed something really warm for Mazen to use in the BOB if I wanted to keep walking outside all winter. Blankets were fine in the fall, but when it’s 20* they just weren’t warm enough. I did quite a bit of research and ended up buying this stroller “muff” that is like a sleeping bag with holes in the back for the stroller straps.


It’s SUPER warm – when it’s zipped all the way up I don’t even need to put a coat on him (although I bring one in case he wants to get down). And surprisingly, he likes it! He doesn’t even mind the hood being on his head. The only complaint I have is that if he gets out to play his dirty shoes make a mess on the inside, but since it’s machine washable that’s not a huge deal. I love the fabric too – it’s nice and rugged feeling on the outside and soft fleece on the inside.


Sleep Sacks


We have two sleep sacks for winter. One was given to me to review and the other I bought.

The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Baby Sleeping Bag I got on Amazon first. It’s a big sleep sack for toddlers. I considered some of the fleece versions, but I was worried about M getting too hot, so I choose this one because it seemed softer and more breathable. It cost about $40. I also really like the look (the zipper glows in the dark!)


He doesn’t love putting it on, but once it’s on he’s happy. There are two straps that snap at the top. He has stepped on the bottom and popped these open once or twice at bedtime and the sack has slipped off. (In contrast to the next sack, which won’t fall down). His toes are never cold, and he seems to be very warm all night. I’ve never seen any signs of overheating or being too cold.



The second sack was sent to me to review: Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack For Babies 0-2 Years. It’s made from “luxuriously soft Woolmark-certified Superfine Merino” and organic cotton and you can tell it’s a quality product just by the velvety touch. {You can read a lot more about the features of the sack here.} It’s designed for rooms 64° to 80°, so we will be able to use it year round. (I suspect the Baby Deedee sack would be too warm for the spring and fall.) I do feel like the Baby Deedee is a little warmer, so we use that on our coldest nights. But with footie PJs (these are our favorite ones) or socks, his little toes have been fine in both.


I love that the shoulders have one snap and one permanent strap so it won’t slide down if the strap unsnaps. It is a bit trickier to put on a squirmy toddler, but not by much.


The fabric is the perfect weight and softness. At $99, you are paying for quality material, but I am considering buying a second one to have on laundry days I like it that much.




And lastly, we have a new line of beautiful baby clothing.


Endue sent me this outfit for Mazen along with a sleep sack and outfit that were for a younger infants so I am saving them for #2 : ) I call this Mazen’s rainy day outfit because it’s so soft and cozy and perfect for days when we stay inside. The pants are reversible so you can either match the top or contrast with navy and the cuffs rolled up. He gets lots of compliments on it!


Endue’s clothing is made from 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic Peruvian pima cotton and is super soft. It’s also a thoughtful company – with every product purchased they donate food to a child in need. Additionally, Endue supports fair labor practices and transparent manufacturing procedures. This line would make a perfect baby shower gift. 


And here’s a gift to one of you! Enter to win either a boys or girls bundle from Endue! Giveaway open to USA folks for a week’s time.

boys bundle girls bundle

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29 thoughts on “Warm N Snuggly”

  1. What is a sleep sack for? Is it just to keep them warm? My son is close in age to Mazen, born 9/3, and we just use fleece footie jammies. We did the same with our older son. I’m just curious.

  2. $99 for a sleep sack seems absurd to me, when you can get warm fleece footies for $10, if that. Do you keep the house cool at night? We keep our at 65 at night and the fleece footsies are plenty.

    1. I don’t like the idea of fleece because of overheating. I agree it’s expensive, but it’s very high quality and highly rated, so lots of families like it.

  3. The merino kids one is made in New Zealand, where I live! Merino wool is an amazing natural product, I love that it “breathes” so they won’t overheat like in fleece. Yes its more expensive but wool is something I dont mind paying extra for. Here in NZ we all wear a lot of wool in winter!!

    1. Yup! And providing the sleep sack is looked after and laundered correctly then they’re pretty indestructible!

      Merino is always a great fabric to use in term of reducing the SIDS risk, being a natural fibre it will breath if it rides up over LO’s face and it won’t overheat.

  4. I have a 5 month old and have been using the sleep sacks, which are great! So with maze tho…after it goes on he can’t walk right? He goes to bed rt after I’m assuming, but can he stand up in his crib if he wanted to?? Just curious for future reference:)

  5. We have a merino sleep sack too for our 1 year old – she sleeps in her pjs inside the sack and with no other covers and it keeps her really warm and I dont have to worry about her kicking her blankets off 🙂 merino is a bit more expensive but it is a natural fibre, lasts forever and wicks away sweat which means you can even use it in summer and that baby wont overheat. We love ours 🙂 disclosure: i am also a New Zealander!

  6. Our son gets warm easily, so we’re always afraid of putting him in a sleep sack (we have several though) and him being too hot at night. We just turn the heat up. I don’t like paying more for heating at night, but I don’t want to risk him being too hot or cold and waking up! I want him to sleep well and I don’t want to rock the boat! Mazen looks so cute in his sleep sacks! We have trouble getting some footie pajamas to fit but we don’t want to put him in a two-piece or feet-less jammies yet. Ah, parenthood. So many options! 🙂

  7. I love the idea of merino wool for a sleep sack. We use a fleece Halo one and it has been perfect. Our daughter gets upset if I forget to put it on her, so I think she likes it too! But I am totally curious about all of the new wool stuff for babes. Love the “rainy day” outfit, too.

  8. We love the Baby Deedee sleep sack – both the quilted and jersey material versions were given to us as gifts; I do agree that the shoulder snaps coming undone can be an annoyance but is also a safety measure once they get to the climbing stage. But Kath – I really curdle at spending $100 for a sleep sack that even generously sized will only last for about six months! I guess if you have the money to spend on organic, sustainably sourced products you should, in hopes of influencing price by means of supply/demand. In the meantime, I’ve found even the organic cotton Halo sleep sacks at consignment stores, Craigslist, etc.

  9. Personally I think a sleep sack is odd. Blankets and warm jammies worked for my kids when they were little. I live in upstate NY where it is can get extremely cold. -13 a week or so ago. Maybe I’m not with the times, but as long as you have heat, what’s the purpose? Do you and Matt sleep in them too 🙂

    1. I don’t think it’s safe for Mazen to sleep under a down comforter like us – so until he’s older, the sleep sacks are the safest option

  10. I hope I didn’t come off as mean. I didn’t mean to sound so. I just didn’t get it. Day 3 of not smoking. I think it’s making me second guess myself and perhaps making me snarky. No offense intended. I’d just never heard of them.

  11. Wow, I never even knew toddler sleep sacks existed! It gets pretty cold here in Maine and we keep the house about 63 at night. We used a space heater and fleece footies until my daughter turned 2, now she can stay under the bladnkets to stay warm. The wool one looks like a beautiful item!

  12. I’m no stranger to spending too much on baby stuff but $100 for a sleep sack!!!!! Omg. You’re lucky it was a freeie! It does look luxurious and soft but wow. I still sometimes second guess spending that much on an umbrella stroller, ha!

    We keep our house at 68* and my son’s room is a bit colder than ours. I put him in fleece jammies and a fleece Halo sleepsack most nights. I figure if I’m wearing PJ pants and a top, a flannel sheet, and a quilt and I am not overheated then my son won’t either. And I like knowing that with the sack he won’t be able to escape his crib 🙂

  13. Our baby boy is 10 weeks old and still uses the sleep sack that swaddles him. We have some regular Halo sleep sacks for when he is older.

  14. I looked up both sleep sacks on Amazon, the Merino one is SO expensive! It’s like 100 dollars. I really love the look of the baby deedee. Thanks for sharing

  15. We use the merino kids sack and love it. Yes, it is expensive, however, they are designed to fit for several years. If you were to invest in a halo sleep sack, they run about $30 each. My son was growing out of those every few months. The cost of one merino kids sack is about 3 halo sacks. And there’s no comparison in quality. We plan to use this same sack with our second child as well as its in perfect condition even after 8 months of daily use.

  16. I went for Baby deedee sleep sack after reading amazon reviews. I am highly satisfied and my son loves the bag too much. Wish i had found them sooner. great product worth every penny!

  17. Great products Kath, thanks for sharing! Checked both the sleepsacks and planning to buy a few when my baby arrives. While browsing I found these cute jammies which i am definitely going to order http://goo.gl/1EAihz.
    cute and irresistible 🙂

  18. Nice post, loved both the sleep sacks but baby deedee fits in my budget. We plan to buy this sack for my Christmas baby. It’s amazing to see they have more than 500 hundred positive reviews.

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