Welcome To The Family

No, we’re not expecting again Smile Just welcoming a few new products into the family of “things we love during baby’s first year.”


First, this truck and car. Mazen LOVES them and my mom bought from a store and from Amazon. {Here is the car and here is the truck.} He absolutely loves them because they’re so easy for him to hold and drive around. Froggie loves them too! The back of the truck flips up – little things are so cute.


Second, I found this awesome Slli Squeeze at our local consignment store called Kid To Kid. It’s kind of like the reusable pouches but made of silicone and with features like a connected cap and a more drinkable spout. So far it’s been great for smoothies and applesauce and is easier to clean than the Little Green Pouch, but I think it’s also a tiny bit harder for M to suck out. He has to squeeze more instead of just sucking.


These Tommee Tippee bibs have been great. We were using these Green Spouts brand ones for the longest time and they wouldn’t really stay open to catch the food, plus they were harder to clean. I’ve been so much happier with the Tommee Tippee bibs. They roll up neatly for the diaper bag too. I hear this OXO Tot one is really good as well.


Lastly on the food front, Lunchskins sent me two of their reusable pouches to try. So far I love them. Just as convenient and easy to use as a Ziploc bag without the trash at the end. The Velcro is very strong, so I didn’t worry about them opening up in my bag. They are dishwasher safe and quick drying. So many cute colors and designs too! I am partial to the bike one : ) I just bought 4 more!


This book is awesome! My mom brought it to us at her last visit and M loves it.


Lift the flaps for the win


And last but not least, these Osocozy cloth diaper liners have made cloth diapering an older baby so easy. I was not about to dunk my hand in a toilet, and the thought of a sprayer had me thinking about what would spray back out at me. The liners have been a fabulous compromise. A tip from a friend let me know that they are actually washing machine friendly, so if you just have a #1 diaper you can send them through the laundry. We re-use them until they are thrown in the diaper pail with the #2s (they are marketed as flushable, but I’ve been warned against that for the love of our pipes). So soft too! {These Bummis liners I did not like nearly as much, and they did not survive the laundry}


That’s all for now!

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  1. Check out Matthew Van Fleet’s books for more lift-the-flap fun. Dog and Tails are two of my daughter’s favorites. We use the Bummis liners and definitely flush them when they have a #2 (especially since you’re technically supposed to flush all human waste). We love them! Bumkins is another brand worth trying.

  2. I’ve just been able to plop my 11 months #2’s in the toilet from his diapers and then set them in the sun to get rid of any residual staining left behind and it’s been great. No need for the sprayer or liners. But I’ll keep these in mind for the next kiddo and the wonderful world of transitional solid food poop. Yuck.

    1. Yes to…plopping. haha. I don’t really get the need for the liners? I’ve also never heard of washing them?! I use Tide for washing and have zero stains. Now the early days BF poop is a whole other story but I don’t think liners would’ve ‘caught’ that.

      1. We usually only used them when my son’s #2s were getting – umm – not ploppable (depending on certain foods, when teething or sick). Other than that, we also had no need for a sprayer and I have to agree with Lauren above, sunning them is great for getting stains out, no need for bleach. Now I’m just wondering, why on earth would one keep the liners to go in the pail/landfill (with the poop attached?), if they are flushable. Isn’t the whole point for them to be flushed? Just curious, as I have never heard of that…

  3. We have that car! My son loves it too. Be careful not to let him clock you in the head with it though. I think everyone should keep a couple around, because it could take out an intruder any day of the week, especially if wielded by a toddler! 😉

  4. Love the car and truck! They’d make perfect little gifts for one of my good friends who just had a little boy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We have Kid to Kid out here too, and I LOVE it! You can find all sorts of fun treasures there. Great to know about the cloth diaper liners. We will be starting solids in the near future, and I’ve been thinking about how the cloth diapering is going to go with solid poops!

  6. Ok. So the title of this post totally had me going…thought you were sharing news about another baby. 🙂 Anyways…excited to check out some of these products! Love posts like this.

  7. We have a lot in common..I also LOVE the Tommee Tippee bib and have the same Peekaboo book! I LOVE that car and also need to get my hands on that cup! We’re transitioning my son to a cup, although he already knows how to drink from one obviously (he’s two) but the sippy cup is so convenient and saves me cleaning up a lot! The only problem is those contraptions are SO hard to clean! I’ve tried getting into all the grooves but end up having to throw them out after a few months because they get jammed with mildew! EWW!!

  8. We installed a sprayer for our #2’s. As long as you aim down into the water, and don’t press the nozzle too hard, nothing sprays back out. It takes 3 seconds once you get the hang of it 🙂 And it also makes cleaning the toilet that much easier..LOL

    We didn’t buy a commercial sprayer. My husband installed a kitchen sink sprayer to our toilet water line for like $15.

    I think the diaper liners are a good idea, though. I might get some for trips out and about.

  9. Thanks for the great recommendations kath!! Are you guys planning for baby #2 soon?!? What acute big brother mazen would be 🙂 thanks again

  10. We have a sili squeeze and I just add a straw to help my son (just two weeks older than yours) really suck it down. Also, as a nutritionist, how do you not get worried when Mazen goes on a veggie strike? And what’s your plan for weaning?

    1. I do worry about his vegetable consumption : ) But not that much. Kids diets are notorious for being sporadic, and we’re just doing our best putting veggies in things like No Bull Burgers and frittatas. He’s not on an all-out veggie strike, just not eating as much as he did a few months ago.

      Weaning plan: no idea. But sooner rather than later.

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